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analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs differential geometry dynamical systems functional analysis metric geometry numerical analysis optimization and control

RWTH Aachen University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 09:15-10:30 in your time zone, UTC
Curators: Sven Pistre*, Doris Rihlmann
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This series is the weekly seminar series of the research training school "Energy, Entropy, and Dissipative Dynamics" at RWTH Aachen University. Topics range from numerical analysis, control theory and continuous optimisation to (non-)local analysis of PDEs and geometric analysis. We will usually start the allotted time slot with an informal 15 min virtual coffee session before each talk.

The Zoom link should be visible one hour prior to the listed time.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuDec 1609:15Umberto HryniewiczSymplectic Field Theory
ThuDec 0209:15Michael WestdickenbergVariational principles in inference and learning
ThuDec 0209:15Michael WestdickenbergVariational principles in inference and learning
ThuNov 0409:15Martin GugatOptimal control problems and the turnpike property
ThuOct 2808:15Maria WestdickenbergLocal mins, saddle points, and Gamma-convergence in a Cahn-Hilliard problem: insights and challenges
ThuOct 1408:15Patrick KidgerOn Neural Differential Equations
ThuSep 2308:15Adrian KolbHigher–dimensional deterministic formulation of hyperbolic conservation laws with uncertain initial data
ThuAug 1908:30Felix OttoRegularity for optimal transportation and application to the matching problem
ThuJul 0108:15Walter SchachermayerTrajectorial Otto calculus
ThuJun 1008:15Sara DaneriOn the sticky particle solutions to the pressureless Euler system in general dimension
ThuMay 2008:15François BouchutEntropy satisfying multi well-balanced schemes for shallow water type systems
ThuMay 0608:15Flavien LégerFast computations of Wasserstein gradient flows
ThuApr 2208:15Luis EspathPhase-Field Gradient Theory: the geometry of gradient flows and its configuration mechanics
WedApr 2108:00Tim LauxDistributional solutions to mean curvature flow (3/3)
TueApr 2008:00Tim LauxDistributional solutions to mean curvature flow (2/3)
MonApr 1908:00Tim LauxDistributional solutions to mean curvature flow (1/3)
ThuApr 0808:15Giovanni SamaeyCoupled finite-volume/Monte-Carlo methods for plasma edge simulation in fusion reactors
WedJan 2709:15Jean Van SchaftingenSingular harmonic maps from planar domains into manifolds through Ginzburg–Landau and p–harmonic relaxations
ThuJan 2109:15Michael HertyUncertainty Quantification of Hyperbolic Problems and its Relation to Entropy
WedJan 2009:15Sebastian ReichStatistical inverse problems and affine-invariant gradient flow structures in the space of probability measures
ThuJan 1409:15Siegfried MüllerAdaptive multiresolution discontinuous Galerkin schemes for conservation laws
ThuDec 1709:15Giovanni SamaeyCoupled finite-volume/Monte-Carlo methods for plasma edge simulation in fusion reactors
ThuDec 0309:15Peter GladbachHomogenization of continuous and discrete dynamic transport costs
ThuNov 2609:15Reza PakzadThe geometry of weakly regular isometric immersions
ThuNov 1909:15Nikolay A. GusevOn the structure of divergence-free vector measures on the plane
ThuNov 1209:15Umberto HryniewiczSymplectic Field Theory and topological entropy in Hamiltonian systems
ThuNov 0509:15Mária Lukácová-MedvidováK-convergence of numerical solutions of the Euler equations
ThuOct 1508:00Christian KlingenbergFinding solutions of the multi-dimensional compressible Euler equations
ThuOct 0110:15Paul CreutzArea minimizing surfaces for singular boundary values
ThuSep 1711:15Albert WoodSingularities of Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow
ThuAug 0610:15Sascha EichmannCanham-Helfrich energy and geometric measure theory
ThuJul 3010:15Wolfgang MaurerCurvature Bounds for Mean Curvature Flow of Complete Graphical Hypersurfaces
ThuJul 1610:15Amina MecherbetOn the correction to Einstein's formula for the effective viscosity
TueJul 0708:15Philipp ReiterA bending‐twist model for elastic rods
ThuJul 0210:15Cintia PacchianoVariational solutions to the total variation flow on metric measure spaces
ThuJun 2510:15Sascha KnüttelNew diffuse Approximations of the Willmore Energy
ThuJun 1810:15Gabriel SattigNon-Uniqueness for the Transport equation and ODEs with rough Coefficients
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