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representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 13:00-14:00
Organizers: Eleonore Faber, Gustavo Jasso*, Ryan Kinser, Julian Külshammer*, Rosanna Laking, Alexandra Zvonareva*
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Seminar on representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras and related topics.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuMay 0213:00Azzurra CilibertiCategorification of cluster algebras of type B and C through symmetric quivers and their representations
ThuApr 1113:00Edmund HengFusion-equivariant stability conditions and Morita duality
ThuMar 2114:00Markus LinckelmannGenerating functions for the Hochschild cohomology of symmetric groups
ThuMar 1414:00Nathan BroomheadConvex geometry for fans of triangulated categories
ThuFeb 2914:00Ben DavisonOkounkov's conjecture via BPS Lie algebras
ThuFeb 2214:00Lorna GregoryRepresentation Type and Pseudofinite-dimensional Modules over Finite-dimensional Algebras
ThuFeb 1514:00Michal HrbekTelescope conjecture via homological residue fields with applications to schemes
ThuFeb 0814:00Hankyung KoAtoms in Singularland
ThuFeb 0114:00Jasper van de KreekeNamikawa-Weyl groups of quiver varieties
ThuJan 2514:00Bethany MarshAn introduction to tau-exceptional sequences
ThuDec 1414:00Christof GeissMSW-bangle functions are generic bases for marked surfaces
ThuDec 0714:00Anna BarbieriMulti-scale stability conditions on A_n- Ginzburg categories
ThuNov 2314:00Martin GallauerOn dense cohomological invariants
ThuNov 1614:00Xiaofa ChenOn exact dg categories
ThuNov 0914:00Sebastian OpperDerived Picard groups of graded gentle algebras and integration of Hochschild classes
ThuNov 0214:00Isaac BirdCoherent and definable functors for triangulated categories
ThuOct 2613:00Matt BoothSingularity categories via the derived quotient
ThuOct 1913:00Giovanna Le GrosSerre’s conditions and the finite type of classes of modules of bounded projective dimension
ThuOct 1213:00Yilin WuRelative cluster categories and Higgs categories with infinite-dimensional morphism spaces
ThuOct 0513:00Calvin PfeiferOn $\tau$-representation types with examples from the representation theory of valued quivers
ThuSep 2813:00Matthew PresslandPositroid varieties via representation theory
ThuSep 2113:00Emily GunawanTriangulations and maximal almost rigid modules over gentle algebras
ThuSep 1413:00Yadira ValdiviesoSkew-Brauer algebras and admissible cuts
ThuSep 0713:00Tobias DyckerhoffComplexes of stable infinity-categories
ThuJun 2213:00Igor BurbanDerived-tame algebras
ThuJun 1513:00Jiarui FeiCrystal Structure of Upper Cluster Algebras
ThuJun 0813:00Erlend D. BørveTwo-term silting and τ-cluster morphism categories
ThuJun 0113:00Monica GarciaThick subcategories and semistability for projective presentations
ThuMay 2513:00Fabian HaidenAlgebras from surfaces: deformation, duality, quotients
ThuMay 1813:00Yu ZhouSurfaces with binary and skew-gentle algebras
ThuMay 1113:00Sondre KvammeIndecomposables in the monomorphism category
ThuMay 0413:00Karin Marie JacobsenCorrespondences from tilting theory in higher homological algebra
ThuApr 2713:00Alessio CiprianiHighest weight perverse sheaves
ThuApr 2013:00Maria Julia RedondoThe Ext-Algebra for infinitesimal deformations
ThuApr 1313:00Martina LaniniSymmetric quivers and symmetric varieties
ThuMar 0914:00Alastair KingTwisted surfaces and clusters of curves
ThuMar 0214:00Alex TakedaPre-Calabi-Yau structures and string topology
ThuFeb 2314:00Alicja Jaworska-PastuszakOn Krull-Gabriel dimension of cluster repetitive categories and cluster-tilted algebras
ThuFeb 0914:00Severin Barmeier$A_\infty$ deformations of extended Khovanov arc algebras and Stroppel’s Conjecture
ThuFeb 0214:00Hongxing ChenHomological theory of orthogonal modules
ThuJan 2614:00Yuya MizunoComplete $g$-fans of rank 2
ThuJan 1914:00Laertis VasoTBA
ThuDec 1514:00Volodymyr MazorchukGraded extensions of Verma modules
ThuDec 0814:00Lutz HillePolynomial Invariants for Triangulated Categories with Exceptional Sequences
ThuDec 0114:00Frederik MarksA functorial approach to rank functions on triangulated categories
ThuNov 2414:00Lleonard Rubio y DegrassiOn the Lie algebra structure of integrable derivations
ThuNov 1714:00Greg StevensonLife hacks for dgas with finite dimensional cohomology
ThuNov 1014:00Véronique Bazier-MatteQuasi-cluster algebras
ThuNov 0314:00Esther BanaianAlgebras from Orbifolds
ThuOct 2713:00Haibo JinRecollements and localisation theorems
ThuOct 2013:00Francesca FedeleUniversal localizations of d-homological pairs
ThuOct 1313:00José Simental RodríguezCluster structures on braid varieties
ThuOct 0613:00Raphael Bennett-TennenhausSemilinear clannish algebras
ThuSep 1513:00Lang MouLocally free Caldero-Chapoton functions
ThuSep 0813:00Cody GilbertModuli of Representations of Clannish Algebras
ThuSep 0113:00Pierre-Guy PlamondonOn some configurations spaces related to algebras of finite representation type
ThuJun 3013:00Liran ShaulFinitistic dimensions of differential graded rings
ThuJun 2313:00Daniel KaplanRelating properties of homological dimension two algebras
ThuJun 1613:00Nicholas WilliamsMutating cluster-tilting objects in (d + 2)-angulated cluster categories
ThuJun 0913:00Charles PaquetteFree products of semi-simple algebras via quivers
ThuJun 0213:00Rene MarczinzikDominant Auslander regular algebras and minimal Auslander-Cohen-Macaulay algebras
ThuMay 2613:00Francesco SentieriWide subcategories obtained from cosilting pairs
ThuMay 1913:00Markus ReinekeDimension expanders via quiver representations
ThuMay 1213:00Tiago CruzRelative dominant dimension and quasi-hereditary covers
ThuMay 0513:00Yu QiuGeometric classification of totally stable stability spaces
ThuApr 2813:00Asilata BapatBridgeland stability conditions, spherical objects, and autoequivalences
ThuApr 2113:00Sota AsaiTF equivalence classes constructed from canonical decompositions
ThuApr 1413:00Barbara GiuntiPersistence modules and amplitudes
ThuApr 0713:00Vladimir DotsenkoRational homotopy type of the moduli space of stable rational curves
ThuMar 3113:00Charlie BeilDimer quivers on genus g surfaces and noncommutative desingularizations
ThuMar 2414:00Charley CummingsLeft-right symmetry of the finitistic dimension
ThuMar 1714:00Yuta KimuraClassifying torsion classes of Noetherian algebras
ThuMar 1014:00Anna SchenfischAlgebraic K-Theory of Zig-Zag Persistence Modules
ThuMar 0314:00Zhengfang WangTBA
ThuFeb 2414:00Janina C. LetzTBA
ThuFeb 1714:00Alexei LatyntsevQuantum vertex algebras and cohomological Hall algebras
ThuFeb 1014:00Tsutomu NakamuraThe definable subcategory induced by a large canonical module
ThuFeb 0314:00Alfredo Nájera ChávezDeformation theory for finite cluster complexes
ThuJan 2714:00Francesco GenoveseA derived Gabriel-Popescu theorem for t-structures
ThuJan 2014:00Jon WoolfBridgeland stability conditions with massless objects
ThuJan 1314:00Catharina StroppelWeight structures and (geometric) representation theory
ThuDec 1614:00Michael WemyssLocal Normal Forms of Noncommutative Functions
ThuDec 0914:00Raquel Coelho SimõesFrom gentle to string algebras: a geometric model
ThuDec 0214:00Constanze RoitzheimHomotopy theory of finite total orders, trees and chicken feet
ThuNov 2514:00Federico BarbacoviDynamics in triangulated categories
ThuNov 1814:00Sira GratzThick Subcategories and Lattices
ThuNov 1114:00Emine YıldırımPeriodic actions on distributive lattices and counterparts in algebra
ThuNov 0414:00Changchang XiSymmetric subcategories and good tilting modules
ThuOct 2813:00Calin ChindrisSigma-critical quiver representations and applications to the Paulsen Problem in Frame Theory
ThuOct 2113:00Hiroki MatsuiPrime thick subcategories of derived categories associated with noetherian schemes
ThuOct 1413:00Yann PaluMutation in hereditary extriangulated categories
ThuOct 0713:00Martin HerschendDouble covers of quiver Heisenberg algebras as higher preprojective algebras
ThuSep 3013:00Timothy LogvinenkoThe Heisenberg category of a category
ThuSep 2313:00Steffen OppermannRank decompositions and associated exact categories for multi-parameter persistence modules
ThuSep 1613:00Alexander SistkoF1 Representations and Hall Algebras
ThuSep 0913:00Johanne HauglandHigher Koszul duality and connections with n-hereditary algebras
ThuSep 0213:00Hugh ThomasAn algebraic variety related to tau-tilting theory
ThuJul 2913:00Peter JørgensenAbelian subcategories of triangulated categories induced by simple minded systems
ThuJul 2213:00Merlin ChristGeometric models of Ginzburg algebras via local-to-global principles
ThuJul 1513:00Khrystyna SerhiyenkoMaximal green sequences for string algebras
ThuJul 0813:00Kent VashawNoncommutative Tensor Triangular Geometry and Cohomological Support Varieties
ThuJul 0113:00Ana García-ElsenerRigid indecomposable modules in Grassmannian cluster categories
ThuJun 2413:00Martin KalckA surface and a threefold with equivalent singularity categories
ThuJun 1713:00Thomas BrüstleOn length functions for an exact category
ThuJun 1013:00Vincent GelinasSome invariants related to the finitistic dimension
ThuJun 0313:00Gordana TodorovCluster Structures and Cluster Theories
ThuMay 1313:00Osamu IyamaPeriodic trivial extension algebras and fractionally Calabi-Yau algebras
ThuMay 0613:00Van NguyenQuantum symmetries through the lens of linear algebra
ThuApr 2913:00Magdalena BoosOn symmetric quivers and their degenerations
ThuApr 2213:00Zheng HuaCluster categories and rational curves
ThuApr 1513:00Agnieszka Bodzenta-SkibińskaAbelian envelopes of exact categories
ThuApr 0113:00Jan ŠťovíčekTBA
ThuMar 2514:00Sebastian EckertTBA
ThuMar 1814:00Vincent GelinasTBA
ThuMar 1114:00Hans FranzenTBA
ThuMar 0414:00Javad AsadollahiTBA
ThuFeb 2514:00İlke ÇanakçıTBA
ThuFeb 1814:00Hipólito TreffingerTBA
ThuFeb 1114:00Emily BarnardTBA
ThuFeb 0414:00Grzegorz BobińskiTBA
ThuJan 2814:00Teresa CondeTBA
ThuJan 2114:00Jason LoTBA
ThuJan 1414:00Chrysostomos PsaroudakisTBA
ThuJan 0714:00Henning KrauseThe category of local representations of a finite group
ThuDec 1714:00Lidia Angeleri HügelTBA
ThuDec 1014:00Fernando Muro (TBC)TBA
ThuDec 0314:00Mikhail GorskyExact structures and degeneration of Hall algebras
ThuNov 2614:00ICRA2020 Research SnapshotsTBA
ThuNov 1914:00ICRA2020 Research SnapshotsTBA
ThuNov 1214:00ICRA2020 Research SnapshotsTBA
ThuNov 0514:00Arne MertensLinear quasi-categories as templicial modules
ThuOct 2914:00Dmitri OrlovFinite-dimensional DG algebras and their properties
ThuOct 2213:00Vanessa MiemietzCategorification of representation theory with an application to Soergel bimodules
ThuOct 1513:00Joe GrantPreprojective algebras and fractional Calabi-Yau algebras
ThuOct 0813:00Matthew HabermannHomological mirror symmetry for invertible polynomials in two variables
ThuOct 0113:00Stephen Zitotau-Tilting Finite Algebras With Non-Empty Left Or Right Parts Are Representation-Finite
ThuSep 2413:00Xiao-Wu ChenLeavitt path algebras, B-infty-algebras and Keller’s conjecture for singular Hochschild cohomology
ThuSep 1713:00Jenny AugustGrassmanian categories of infinite rank
ThuSep 1014:00Shijie ZhuHopf algebras of discrete representation type
ThuSep 0313:00Bernhard KellerRelative Calabi-Yau completions and higher preprojective algebras
ThuJul 3013:00Špela ŠpenkoGKZ systems and perverse schobers
ThuJul 2313:00Cris NegronFinite generation of cohomology for Drinfeld doubles of finite group schemes
ThuJul 1613:00Karin BaurPostnikov diagrams and orbifolds
ThuJul 0913:00Andrea SolotarBounded extension algebras and Han's conjecture
ThuJul 0213:00Claire AmiotDerived equivalences for skew-gentle algebras
ThuJun 2513:00Ralf SchifflerA geometric model for the syzygies over certain 2-Calabi--Yau tilted algebras
ThuJun 1813:00Haruhisa EnomotoSimple objects in torsion-free classes over preprojective algebras of Dynkin type
ThuJun 1113:00Louis-Philippe ThibaultTBA
ThuJun 0413:00Daniel Labardini-FragosoSchemes of modules over gentle algebras and laminations of surfaces
ThuMay 2813:00David PauksztelloSimple-mindedness: negativity and positivity
ThuMay 2113:00Matthew PresslandCalabi–Yau properties of Postnikov diagrams
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