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algebraic geometry combinatorics rings and algebras representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Tuesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Emily Norton*
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Past talks
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WedMar 3115:00Karina BatistelliTBA
WedMar 2416:00Charlotte ChanFlag varieties and representations of p-adic groups
WedMar 1716:00Peter TingleyTBA
WedMar 1016:00Jiuzu HongTBA
WedMar 0316:00Pedro VazTBA
WedFeb 2416:00Simon RicheTBA
WedFeb 1716:00José SimentalTBA
WedFeb 1016:00Daniel K. NakanoA new Lie theory for simple Lie superalgebras
WedFeb 0316:00Inna Entova-AizenbudSuperdimensions of simple modules for the periplectic Lie superalgebra
WedJan 2710:00Asilata BapatA Thurston compactification of Bridgeland stability space
WedJan 2016:00Angela TabiriTBA
WedJan 1316:00Eoghan McDowellTBA
WedDec 1616:00Julia PevtsovaTBA
WedDec 0916:00Xuhua Heflag varieties and semifields
WedDec 0216:00Eleonore FaberTBA
WedNov 2516:00Lucas Mason-BrownTBA
WedNov 1816:00Andrea AppelTBA
WedNov 1116:00Alexandre MinetsTBA
WedNov 0416:00Alastair CrawGale duality and the linearisation map for quiver moduli
WedOct 2816:00Amit HaziPath isomorphisms between quiver Hecke and diagrammatic Bott-Samelson endomorphism algebras
WedOct 2115:00Dave BensonSome exotic tensor categories in prime characteristic
WedOct 1415:00Bea SchumannParametrizations of canonical bases of representations of algebraic groups via cluster duality
WedOct 0715:00Julian KuelshammerTBA
WedSep 3015:00Vanessa MiemietzTBA
WedSep 2315:00Francesco Sala2-dimensional cohomological hall algebras
TueAug 0415:00Laura ColmenarejoAn insertion algorithm for diagram algebras
TueJul 2815:00Leonardo PatimoExtending Schubert calculus to intersection cohomology
TueJul 2115:00Gunter MalleTBA
TueJul 1415:00Andrew SnowdenThe representation theory of Brauer categories
TueJul 0715:00Laura RiderCentralizer of a regular unipotent element and perverse sheaves on the affine flag variety
TueJun 3015:00Meinolf GeckWhat is bad about bad primes?
TueJun 2315:00Jacinta TorresA positive combinatorial formula for symplectic Kostka-Foulkes polynomials I: Rows
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