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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Thursday 13:00-13:50, 14:00-14:50, 15:00-15:50 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Quoc-Hung Nguyen*
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Past talks
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ThuFeb 2413:00Bogdan-Vasile MatiocThe two-phase quasi-stationary Stokes flow by capillarity in the plane
ThuFeb 1013:00Hongjie DongSobolev estimates for fractional PDEs
ThuJan 2713:00Susanna TerraciniFree boundaries in segregation problems
ThuDec 1613:00Minh Binh TranSome Recent Results On Wave Turbulence: Derivation, Analysis, Numerics and Physical Application
ThuDec 0213:00Helena J Nussenzveig Lopes2D Navier-Stokes equations on a bounded domain with holes and Navier friction boundary conditions
ThuNov 1813:00Giuseppe MingionePerturbations beyond Schauder
ThuNov 1113:00Luca Spolaor(Quasi-)conformal methods in two-dimensional free boundary problems
ThuNov 0413:00Jeremy Louis MarzuolaOn 4th order nonlinear thin-film like PDEs describing crystal surface evolution
ThuOct 2813:00Matthew RosenzweigGlobal solutions of aggregation equations and other flows with random diffusion
ThuMay 2013:00Zaher HaniFull derivation of the wave kinetic equation
ThuMay 1313:00Ian TiceTraveling wave solutions to the free boundary Navier-Stokes equations
ThuMay 0614:00Yan Yan LiRegular solutions of the stationary Navier-Stokes equations on high dimensional Euclidean space
ThuApr 0813:00David M. AmbroseGlobal existence results for the 2D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
ThuMar 2513:00Anna L. MazzucatoMixing, irregular transport, and enhanced dissipation
ThuMar 1114:00Ruixiang ZhangLocal smoothing for the wave equation in 2+1 dimensions
ThuJan 2113:00Stephen CameronGlobal Existence for the 3D Muskat problem
ThuJan 1413:00Francisco GancedoTwo global-in-time results for Muskat
ThuJan 0714:00Jose A. CarrilloThe Landau equation: Particle Methods & Gradient Flow Structure
ThuDec 1714:00Andreas SeegerLp improving bounds for spherical maximal operators
ThuDec 0313:00Peter ConstantinOn the Nernst-Planck-Navier-Stokes Equations
ThuNov 1913:00Frank MerleOn the implosion of a three dimensional compressible fluid
ThuNov 1213:00Renjun DuanThe Boltzmann equation for uniform shear flow
ThuNov 0514:00Alessio FigalliStable solutions to semilinear elliptic equations
ThuOct 2915:00Monica VisanRecent progress on well-posedness for integrable PDE
ThuOct 2214:00Patrick GérardIntegrability of the Benjamin--Ono equation and applications
ThuOct 2213:00Grenier EmmanuelOn the instability of viscous boundary layers
ThuOct 0814:00Jean-marc DELORTLong time dispersive estimates for perturbations of a kink solution of one dimensional cubic wave equations.
ThuOct 0813:00Andrea R. NahmodInvariant Gibbs measures and global strong solutions for periodic 2D nonlinear Schrödinger equations.
ThuOct 0115:00Eugenia MalinnikovaTBA
ThuOct 0114:00Hong WangSurvey on decoupling
ThuSep 2414:00Benjamin DodsonGlobal well-posedness for the cubic NLS with data in a critical Sobolev space
ThuSep 2413:00Helge HoldenA Lipschitz metric for the Camassa-Holm equation
ThuSep 1714:00Pierre GermainVortex filament solutions for the Navier-Stokes equations
ThuSep 1713:00Frédéric RoussetTBA
ThuSep 1014:00Joachim KriegerStability of critical Wave Maps blow up beyond the co-rotational setting
ThuSep 1013:00Luis VegaThe Vortex Filament Equation, the Talbot effect, and non-circular jets
ThuSep 0314:00David LannesFloating objects and dispersive perturbations of hyperbolic initial boundary value problems
ThuSep 0313:00Alex BlumenthalLagrangian Chaos, Scalar Mixing, and passive scalar turbulence for models in fluid mechanics
ThuAug 2714:00Mihaela IfrimTwo dimensional gravity waves at low regularity I: Energy estimates
ThuAug 2713:00Sylvia SerfatyMean-Field limits for Coulomb-type dynamics
ThuAug 2015:00Daniel TataruCompressible Euler with physical vacuum: an Eulerian approach
ThuAug 2014:00Chanwoo KimIncompressible Euler limit from Boltzmann equation with Boundary
ThuJul 3015:00Javier Gómez-SerranoSymmetry in stationary and uniformly rotating solutions of active scalars
ThuJul 3014:00Yao YaoAggregation-diffusion equation: symmetry, uniqueness and non-uniqueness of steady states
ThuJul 3013:00Toumo KuusiHigher-order linearization and regularity in nonlinear homogenization
ThuJul 2315:00Steve ShkollerShock Formation for the 3d Euler Equations
ThuJul 2314:00Shuang MiaoOn the free boundary hard phase fluid in Minkowski spacetime
ThuJul 2313:00Eduard FeireislErgodic theory for energetically open compressible fluid flows
ThuJul 1615:00Connor MooneyThe Bernstein problem for elliptic functionals
ThuJul 1614:00Aaron NaberRicci Curvature and Differential Harnack Inequalities on Path Space.
ThuJul 1613:00Omar LazarOn the Muskat problem with data in critical Sobolev spaces.
ThuJul 0915:00Philip IsettA Proof of Onsager’s Conjecture for the Incompressible Euler Equations
ThuJul 0914:00Bogdan-Vasile MatiocThe Muskat problem in subcritical Lp-Sobolev spaces
ThuJul 0913:00Xavier TolsaUnique continuation at the boundary for harmonic functions
ThuJul 0215:00Huy NguyenProof of modulational instability of Stokes waves in deep water
ThuJul 0214:00Nicolas BurqControl for wave equations: revisiting the geometric control condition 30 years later
ThuJul 0213:00Massimiliano BertiLong time dynamics of water waves
ThuJun 2515:00Sung-Jin OhOn the Cauchy problem for the Hall magnetohydrodynamics
ThuJun 2514:00Robert M. StrainGlobal mild solutions of the Landau and non-cutoff Boltzmann equation
ThuJun 2513:00Pierre Gilles Lemarié-RieussetOn weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations with infinite energy
ThuJun 1815:00Benoit PausaderStability of the Minkowski space for the Einstein-Klein-Gordon system
ThuJun 1814:00Max EngelsteinAn Epiperimetric Approach to Isolated Singularities
ThuJun 1813:00Fabio PusateriMultilinear Harmonic analysis for nonlinear PDEs with potentials
ThuJun 1115:00Luis SilvestreRegularity estimates for the Boltzmann equation without cutoff
ThuJun 1114:00Clément MouhotUnified approach to fluid approximation of linear kinetic equations with heavy tails
ThuJun 1113:00Zhifei ZhangTransition threshold for the 3D Couette flow in a finite channel
ThuJun 0415:00Phan Thanh NamDerivation of the Bose-Einstein condensation for trapped bosons
ThuJun 0414:00Thomas AlazardEntropies of free surface flows in fluid dynamics
ThuJun 0413:00Michele Coti ZelatiInviscid damping and enhanced dissipation in 2d fluids
ThuMay 2815:00Thomas Yizhao HouRecent Progress on Singularity Formation of 3D Euler Equations and Related Models
ThuMay 2814:00Pierre-Emmanuel JabinLarge stochastic systems of interacting particles
ThuMay 2813:00Toan T. NguyenLandau damping and Plasma echoes
ThuMay 2115:00Julian FischerWeak-strong uniqueness principles for interface evolution problems in fluid mechanics and geometry
ThuMay 2114:00Maria ColomboWeak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations may be smooth for a.e. time
ThuMay 2113:00Isabelle GallagherFrom Newton to Boltzmann, fluctuations and large deviations
ThuMay 1415:00Theodore DrivasQuasisymmetric plasma equilibria with small forcing
ThuMay 1414:00Alexandru IonescuNonlinear stability of vortices and shear flows
ThuMay 1413:00In-Jee JeongWell-posedness for the axisymmetric Euler equations
ThuMay 0715:00Didier BreschOn the stationary compressible Navier-Stokes equations
ThuMay 0714:00Guido De PhilippisRegularity of the free boundary for the two-phase Bernoulli problem
ThuMay 0713:00Pierre RaphaelOn blow up for the defocusing NLS and three dimensional viscous compressible fluids
ThuApr 3015:00Yu DengDerivation of the wave kinetic equation
ThuApr 3014:00Camillo De LellisThe oriented Plateau problem and a question of Almgren
ThuApr 3013:00Tobias BarkerQuantitative estimates for the Navier-Stokes equations via spatial concentration
ThuApr 2315:00Jacob BedrossianThe power spectrum of passive scalar turbulence in the Batchelor regime
ThuApr 2314:00Charles CollotOn the derivation of the homogeneous kinetic wave equation
ThuApr 2313:00Elio MarconiRegularity estimates for the flow of BV autonomous divergence-free planar vector fields
ThuApr 1615:00Hui YuRegularity of the singular set in the fully nonlinear obstacle problem
ThuApr 1614:05Xavier Ros-OtonGeneric regularity of free boundaries for the obstacle problem
ThuApr 1613:15Weiren ZhaoInviscid damping for a class of monotone shear flow
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