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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
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SMRI Seminars

This seminar series gives visitors and staff members the opportunity to explain the context and aims of their work. These research talks cover any field in the mathematical sciences, and should be presented in a way that is understandable and interesting to a broad audience.

Seminar information and recordings can be found under “Past Seminars” below and in the SMRI Seminar YouTube playlist:

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuMay 0203:00Dave FuterThe generalized knot complement problem
ThuApr 1103:00Will DonovanMcKay correspondence and toric geometry
ThuMar 2102:00Salil VadhanDerandomizing Algorithms via Spectral Graph Theory
ThuMar 1402:00Francis SuSperner's Lemma: a generalization with surprising applications
ThuMar 0702:00Shane G. HendersonA Tutorial and Perspectives on Monte Carlo Simulation Optimization
ThuFeb 2902:00Victor ElviraState-space models as graphs
ThuFeb 2202:00Daryl CooperSymmetry, old and new
ThuAug 3103:00Zoe WyattStability problems in general relativity
ThuAug 2403:00Franz PeditMinimal Lagrangian surfaces of high genus in $CP^2$
ThuAug 1003:00Peng LuConformal Bach flow
ThuJul 2003:00Jose A. CarrilloNonlocal Aggregation-Diffusion Equations: fast diffusion and partial concentration
ThuMay 1103:00Bob RinkWhat is the parametrization method in dynamical systems?
ThuMay 0403:00Robert GraySubgroups of inverse monoids via the geometry of their Cayley graphs
ThuApr 2703:00Jonathan James WylieUnexpected Behaviour in Dilute Granular Materials
ThuApr 2003:00Sándor KovácsTricking the Devil
ThuMar 2302:00Greg YangThe unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in large scale deep learning
ThuMar 0202:00Simon FoucartNonstatistical Learning Theory: the View from Optimal Recovery
ThuDec 0102:00Francisco CrespoRelative equilibria in the full N-body problem
ThuNov 1702:00Changfeng GuiSome New Inequalities in Analysis and Geometry
ThuNov 1700:00Jeroen SchillewaertConstructing highly regular expanders from hyperbolic Coxeter groups
ThuNov 1004:00Matthew ConderDiscrete two-generator subgroups of PSL(2,Q_p)
ThuNov 1002:00Rafał KulikDisjoint and sliding blocks estimators for heavy tailed time series
ThuSep 0803:00Jana de WiljesSequential Bayesian Learning
FriAug 2604:00Henri GuenanciaOn the invariance of plurigenera
TueMay 1005:00Clara GrazianFinding structures in observations: consistent(?) clustering analysis
TueMar 0804:00Theodore VoCanards, Cardiac Cycles, and Chimeras
TueFeb 2204:00Ivan GuoStochastic Optimal Transport in Financial Mathematics
MonDec 1303:00Alexei DavydovCondensation of anyons in topological states of matter and structure theory of E_2-algebras
TueOct 2603:00Vladimir BazhanovQuantum geometry of 3-dimensional lattices
ThuJun 0305:30Uri OnnBase change and representation growth of arithmetic groups
ThuMay 2005:30Stephan TillmannOn the space of properly convex projective structures
ThuApr 2205:30Marcy RobertsonExpansions, completions and automorphisms of welded tangled foams
ThuApr 0806:00Murray ElderWhich groups have polynomial geodesic growth?
ThuApr 0805:00Adam PiggottStubborn conjectures concerning rewriting systems, geodesic normal forms and geodetic graphs
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