Point Distributions Webinar

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Florida State University / University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Tetiana Stepaniuk*, Ryan Matzke, Oleksandr Vlasiuk*
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Description: Webinar on Potential and Discrepancy Theory, and Point Distr.

This weekly seminar will cover topics related to point distributions, potential and discrepancy theory, and the adjacent areas. The target audience is young researchers working in the listed directions, but everyone is welcome!

In the Spring 2021, we will meet on Wednesdays 10am CST (Chicago)/11am EST (New York)/5pm CET (Paris, Berlin).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuMay 1915:00Damir FerizovićSpherical cap discrepancy of perturbed lattices under the Lambert projection
WedMay 1115:00Codina CotarEquality of the Jellium and Uniform Electron Gas next-order asymptotic terms for Coulomb and Riesz potentials
WedMay 0415:00Ruiwen ShuGeneralized Erdős-Turán inequalities and stability of energy minimizers
WedApr 2015:00Laurent BéterminMinimality results for the Embedded Atom Model
WedApr 0615:00Bence BordaA smoothing inequality for the Wasserstein metric on compact manifolds
WedMar 2315:00Lenny FukshanskyLattices from group frames and vertex transitive graphs
WedMar 0921:00Ian SloanPros and cons of lattice points for high-dimensional approximation
WedFeb 1616:00Galyna LivshytsAn efficient net construction and applications to random matrix theory, and to minimal dispersion estimation
WedFeb 0916:00Carlos BeltránDistributing many points in the complex Grassmannian an its application in communications
WedJan 2616:00Giancarlo TravagliniIrregularities of distribution and convex planar sets
WedSep 2915:00Kateryna PozharskaSampling recovery of functions from reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces in the uniform norm
WedSep 2215:00Daniel RudolfOn the spherical dispersion
WedSep 1515:00Nihar GargavaLattice packings through division algebras
WedSep 0815:00Jan VybíralDispersion of point sets in high dimensions
WedSep 0115:00Friedrich Pillichshammer$L_{2}$--star, extreme and periodic discrepancy
WedAug 2515:00Aicke HinrichsDispersion - a survey of recent results and applications
WedAug 1815:00Damir FerizovićThe spherical cap discrepancy of HEALPix points
WedAug 0415:00Jordi MarzoQuadrature rules, Riesz energies, discrepancies and elliptic polynomials
WedJul 2815:00Fátima LizarteA sequence of well conditioned polynomials
WedJul 2115:00Jonathan PassantConfigurations and Erdős style distance problems
WedJul 1415:00Alexander McDonaldVolumes spanned by k-point configurations in $\mathbb{R}^d$
WedJul 0715:00Giuseppe NegroIntermittent symmetry breaking for the maximizers to the Agmon-Hörmander estimate on the sphere
WedJun 3015:00Robert McCannMaximizing the sum of angles between pairs of lines in Euclidean space
WedJun 1615:00Assaf GoldbergerConfigurations, Automorphisms and Cohomology
WedJun 0915:00Alan LeggLogarithmic Equilibrium on the Sphere in the Presence of Multiple Point Charges
WedJun 0215:30Austin Anderson and Alex WhiteAsymptotics of Best Packing and Best Covering
WedMay 1915:00Johann BrauchartWeighted $L^2$ -Norms of Gegenbauer Polynomials — and more!
WedMay 1215:00William ChenThe Veech 2-circle problem and non-integrable flat dynamical systems
WedMay 0514:15Mario UllrichRandom matrices and approximation using function values
WedApr 2818:00Shujie KangOn the rank of non-informationally complete Gabor POVMs
WedApr 2115:00Doug HardinAsymptotics of periodic minimal discrete energy problems
WedApr 1415:00Peter DragnevBounds for Spherical Codes: The Levenshtein Framework Lifted
WedApr 0715:00Woden KusnerMeasuring chirality with the wind
WedMar 3115:00Oleg MusinMajorization, discrete energy on spheres and f-designs
WedMar 2415:00Ruiwen ShuDynamics of Particles on a Curve with Pairwise Hyper-singular Repulsion
WedMar 1716:00Xuemei ChenFrame Design Using Projective Riesz Energy
WedMar 1015:30Yeli NiuDiscretization of integrals on compact metric measure spaces
WedMar 0316:00Mircea PetracheSharp isoperimetric inequality, discrete PDEs and Semidiscrete optimal transport
WedFeb 2416:00Kasso OkoudjouCompleteness of Weyl-Heisenberg POVMs
WedFeb 1716:00Alex IosevichFinite point configurations and frame theory
WedFeb 1016:00Arno KuijlaarsThe spherical ensemble with external sources
WedFeb 0316:00David García-ZeladaA large deviation principle for empirical measures
WedDec 1615:00Laurent BéterminTheta functions, ionic crystal energies and optimal lattices
WedDec 0921:00Paul LeopardiDiameter bounded equal measure partitions of Ahlfors regular metric measure spaces
WedDec 0215:00Alexander BargStolarsky's invariance principle for the Hamming space
WedNov 1115:00Alexey GlazyrinMapping to the space of spherical harmonics
WedNov 0415:00Adrian EbertConstruction of (polynomial) lattice rules by smoothness-independent component-by-component digit-by-digit constructions
WedOct 2814:00Carlos BeltranSmale’s motivation in describing the 7th problem of his list
WedOct 2114:00Michelle MastrianniBounds for Star-Discrepancy with Dependence on the Dimension
WedOct 1414:00Peter GrabnerFourier-Eigenfunctions and Modular Forms
WedOct 0714:00Alex VlasiukAsymptotic properties of short-range interaction functionals
FriOct 0217:00Stefan SteinerbergerOptimal Transport and Point Distributions on Manifolds
WedSep 3017:00Stefan SteinerbergerOptimal Transport and Point Distributions on the Torus
WedSep 2314:00Alexander ReznikovMinimal discrete energy on fractals
WedSep 1614:00Dmitriy BilykStolarsky principle: generalizations, extensions, and applications
FriAug 2815:30David KriegOrder-optimal point configurations for function approximation
WedAug 1915:00Felipe GonçalvesSign Uncertainty
FriAug 1415:00Julian HofstadlerOn a subsequence of random points
WedAug 1215:00Louis BrownPositive-definite Functions, Exponential Sums and the Greedy Algorithm: a Curious Phenomenon
WedAug 0515:00Oscar QuesadaDevelopments on the Fourier sign uncertainty principle
FriJul 3115:00Mathias SonnleitnerUniform distribution on the sphere and the isotropic discrepancy of lattice point sets
WedJul 2915:00Tania StepaniukEstimates for the discrete energies on the sphere
WedJul 2215:00Giuseppe NegroSharp estimates for the wave equation via the Penrose transform
FriJul 1715:00Mateus SousaUncertainty principles, interpolation formulas and packing problems
WedJul 0815:00Matthew de Courcy-IrelandLubotzky-Phillips-Sarnak points on a sphere
WedJul 0115:00David de LaatHigh-dimensional sphere packing and the modular bootstrap
WedJun 2415:00Phillipe MoustrouExact semidefinite programming bounds for packing problems
WedJun 1715:00Maria DostertSemidefinite programming bounds for the average kissing number
WedJun 1015:00Josiah ParkOptimal measures for three-point energies and semidefinite programming
WedJun 0315:00Ujué EtayoAstounding connections of the logarithmic energy on the sphere
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