Bremen Online Dynamics Seminar

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dynamical systems

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Researchers from University of Bremen and Jacobs University Bremen
Curator: Anke Pohl*
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Talks are approx. 55 min plus discussion. Talks are not recorded.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonJul 1813:30Luca MarcheseTransfer operators and dimension of bad sets for non-uniform fuchsian lattices
MonMay 2313:30Jonathan Ben-ArtziDynamical systems lacking spectral gaps: functional inequalities and convergence rates
MonMar 2114:30Shayan AlikhanlooSelf-adjoint Laplacians, symmetric semigroups and diffusions on hyperbolic attractors
MonFeb 1414:30Claire BurrinWindings of closed geodesics and number theory
MonJan 3114:30Tushar DasDimension theory for infinite-alphabet conformal iterated function system limit sets
MonJan 1714:30Anja RandeckerInterval exchange transformations and translation surfaces in genus 2
MonJan 1014:30Mikhail HlushchankaCanonical decomposition of rational maps
MonNov 2914:30Jon AaronsonRenewal and ratio mixing properties of "nice" infinite ergodic transformations
MonSep 1313:30Sergey ZelikDeterministic and random attractors for a wave equation with sign changing damping
MonJul 2613:30Folkmar BornemannFinite size effects: random matrices, quantum chaos, and Riemann zeros
MonJul 1213:30Wael BahsounTransfer operators and BV spaces: from classic to anisotropic
MonJun 1408:00Seonhee LimBrownian motion in negative curvature
TueJun 0814:00Ilka AgricolaWhat are spinors and what should they be?
MonMay 3113:30Valérie BerthéMultidimensional continued fractions and symbolic codings of toral translations
MonMay 1713:30Rhiannon DougallComparison of entropy for infinite covering manifolds, and group extensions of subshifts of finite type
ThuMay 0614:00Vlad VicolShock formation for the 3d Euler equations
MonApr 1913:30Péter KoltaiCoarse-graining of transport in non-autonomous systems
MonMar 2214:30Giulio TiozzoThe fundamental inequality for random walks on cocompact Fuchsian groups
MonMar 1514:30Barbara SchapiraStrong positive recurrence for geodesic flows
MonMar 0814:30Ilya GekhtmanGibbs measures vs. random walks in negative curvature
ThuFeb 1815:30Andrew MitchellMeasure theoretic entropy of random substitutions
TueFeb 0913:00Carlangelo LiveraniMeasurements in Dynamical Systems
ThuJan 2815:30Amir MohammadiGeodesic planes in hyperbolic 3-manifolds
ThuJan 1415:30Giovanni PantiSlow continued fractions, Minkowski functions and the joint spectral radius
ThuNov 2615:30Boris SpringbornThe hyperbolic geometry of Markov's theorem on Diophantine approximation and quadratic forms
ThuNov 1215:30Laura MonkThe geometry and spectrum of random hyperbolic surfaces
ThuJul 0214:30Keivan Mallahi-KaraiLocally random groups
ThuJun 0414:30Sören PetratEffective Dynamics of the Mean-field Bose Gas
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