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University of Nottingham

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Livia Campo, Johannes Hofscheier*, Alexander Kasprzyk*
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Online geometry seminar, typically held on Thursday. This seminar takes place online via Microsoft Teams on the Nottingham University "Algebraic Geometry" team.

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Past talks
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ThuNov 2510:00Ana Ros CamachoComputational aspects in orbifold equivalence
ThuNov 1813:00Nicholas AndersonPaving tropical ideals
ThuNov 1113:00Diana Torres ValenciaCANCELLED - On accumulation points of volumes of stable surfaces with one cyclic quotient singularity
ThuNov 0410:00Fatemeh MohammadiCANCELLED - Matroid stratifications of hypergraph determinantal varieties and their realization spaces
ThuOct 2809:00Andrea BriniQuantum geometry of log-Calabi Yau surfaces
ThuOct 2109:00Anne-Sophie KaloghirosThe Calabi problem for Fano 3-folds
ThuOct 1410:00Alastair CrawHyperpolygon spaces: beyond the movable cone
ThuOct 0709:00Tom CoatesRigid maximally mutable Laurent polynomials
ThuSep 3009:00Julius GieslerKanev and Todorov type surfaces in toric 3-folds
ThuSep 2315:00Nicolas AddingtonHodge number are not derived invariants in positive characteristic
ThuSep 1613:00Nikita NikolaevAbelianisation of Meromorphic Connections
ThuSep 0215:00Hunter SpinkLog-concavity of matroid h-vectors and mixed Eulerian numbers
ThuAug 2609:00DongSeon HwangCascades of singular rational surfaces of Picard number one
ThuAug 1209:00Ollie ClarkeCombinatorial mutations and block diagonal polytopes
ThuAug 0512:00Dhruv RanganathanToric contact cycles in the moduli space of curves
ThuJul 2913:00Matthias NickelLocal positivity and effective Diophantine approximation
ThuJul 2215:00Kristin DeVlemingK moduli of quartic K3 surfaces
ThuJul 1512:00Sergey GalkinGraph potentials and combinatorial non-abelian Torelli
ThuJul 0814:00Chengxi WangVarieties of general type with small volume
ThuJul 0113:00Pedro MonteroOn the liftability of the automorphism group of smooth hypersurfaces of the projective space
ThuJun 2409:00Yusuke NakajimaCombinatorial mutations and deformations of dimer models
ThuJun 1712:00Laura EscobarWall-crossing phenomenon for Newton-Okounkov bodies
ThuJun 1009:00Anne LonjouAction of Cremona groups on CAT(0) cube complexes
ThuJun 0312:00Martin UlirschParabolic Higgs bundles on toric varieties
ThuMay 2709:00Helge RuddatPolytopes, periods, degenerations
ThuMay 2009:00Hannah MarkwigCounting bitangents of plane quartics - tropical, real and arithmetic
ThuMay 1315:00Roger CasalsPositroid links and braid varieties
WedMay 0514:00Travis MandelQuantum theta bases for quantum cluster algebras
ThuApr 2909:00Michael WemyssJacobi algebras on the two-loop quiver and applications
ThuApr 2212:00Ben WormleightonA tale of two widths: lattice and Gromov
ThuApr 1512:00Johannes NordstromExtra-twisted connected sum $G_2$-manifolds
ThuApr 0809:00Tim GräfnitzTropical correspondence for smooth del Pezzo log Calabi-Yau pairs
ThuApr 0112:00Jiarui FeiTropical $F$-polynomials and Cluster Algebras
ThuMar 2510:00Michał KapustkaNikulin orbifolds
ThuMar 1810:00Taro SanoConstruction of non-Kähler Calabi-Yau manifolds by log deformations
ThuMar 1113:00Diane MaclaganToric and tropical Bertini theorems in arbitrary characteristic
ThuMar 0410:00Fatemeh RezaeeWall-crossing does not induce MMP
ThuFeb 1810:00Francesco ZucconiFujita decomposition and Massey product for fibered varieties
ThuFeb 1111:00Enrica MazzonNon-archimedean approach to mirror symmetry and to degenerations of varieties
ThuFeb 0410:00Pieter BelmansHochschild cohomology of partial flag varieties and Fano 3-folds
ThuJan 2810:00Matej FilipThe miniversal deformation of an affine toric Gorenstein threefold
ThuJan 2110:00Michel Van GarrelStable maps to Looijenga pairs
ThuJan 1415:00Lawrence BarrottLog geometry and Chow theory
ThuDec 1016:30Christopher EurTautological bundles of matroids
ThuDec 0313:30Timothy MageeConvexity in tropical spaces and compactifications of cluster varieties
ThuNov 2613:30Okke van GarderenRefined Donaldson-Thomas theory of threefold flops
FriNov 2010:00Ana Peón-NietoPure codimensionality of wobbly bundles
ThuNov 1910:00Naoki FujitaNewton-Okounkov bodies arising from cluster structures
ThuNov 1213:30Arkadij BojkoOrientations for DT invariants on quasi-projective Calabi-Yau $4$-folds
WedNov 1110:00Enrico FatighentiFano varieties from homogeneous vector bundles
ThuNov 0513:30Federico BarbacoviUnderstanding the flop-flop autoequivalence using spherical functors
ThuOct 2915:00Catherine CannizzoTowards global homological mirror symmetry for genus 2 curves
ThuOct 2214:00Tyler KellyWhat is an exoflop?
ThuOct 1512:00Daniel KaplanExceptional collections for invertible polynomials using VGIT
WedOct 0713:00Hiroshi IritaniQuantum cohomology of blow-ups: a conjecture
ThuOct 0114:00Maxim SmirnovResidual categories of Grassmannians
ThuSep 2414:00Navid NabijouDegenerating tangent curves
ThuSep 1709:00Ronan TerpereauActions of connected algebraic groups on rational 3-dimensional Mori fibrations
ThuSep 1015:00Lara BossingerFamilies of Gröbner degenerations, Grassmannians, and universal cluster algebras
FriSep 0414:00Andrew HarderLog symplectic pairs and mixed Hodge structures
ThuSep 0314:00Renato ViannaSharp ellipsoid embeddings and almost-toric mutations
ThuAug 2712:30Andrea Petracci$K$-moduli stacks and $K$-moduli spaces are singular
ThuAug 2013:00Man-Wai "Mandy" CheungPolytopes, wall crossings, and cluster varieties
ThuAug 1315:00Nathan IltenType D associahedra are unobstructed
ThuAug 0609:00Yang-Hui HeUniverses as Big Data: Superstrings, Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Machine-Learning
ThuJul 3014:00Benjamin BraunThe integer decomposition property and Ehrhart unimodality for weighted projective space simplices
FriJul 2415:00Elana KalashnikovConstructing Laurent polynomial mirrors for quiver flag zero loci
ThuJul 1612:30Hendrik SüßNormalised volumes of singularities
WedJul 1509:00Chris LazdaA Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for $K3$ surfaces
WedJul 0812:30Ed SegalSemi-orthogonal decompositions and discriminants
ThuJul 0212:30Gregory SmithGeometry of smooth Hilbert schemes
ThuJun 2509:00Klaus AltmannDisplaying the cohomology of toric line bundles
ThuJun 1812:30Leonid MoninInversion of matrices, a $\C^*$ action on Grassmannians and the space of complete quadrics
ThuJun 1109:00Karin SchallerPolyhedral divisors and orbit decompositions of normal affine varieties with torus action
ThuJun 0412:30Giuliano GagliardiThe Manin-Peyre conjecture for smooth spherical Fano varieties of semisimple rank one
ThuMay 2809:00Tom SutherlandMirror symmetry for Painlevé surfaces
ThuMay 2112:30Jesús Martinez GarciaThe moduli continuity method for log Fano pairs
TueMay 1913:00Tim LogvinenkoSkein-triangulated representations of generalised braids
ThuMay 1409:00Alan ThompsonThreefolds fibred by sextic double planes
WedMay 1312:00Tom DucatA Laurent phenomenon for $\mathrm{OGr}(5,10)$ and explicit mirror symmetry for the Fano $3$-fold $V_{12}$
WedMay 0609:00Livia CampoOn a high pliability quintic hypersurface
ThuApr 3008:30Florian KohlUnconditional Reflexive Polytopes
ThuApr 2312:00Tim LogvinenkoCANCELLED - Skein-triangulated representations of generalised braids
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