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computer science theory combinatorics

Institute for Basic Science

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Wednesday 08:00-09:00, Thursday 01:00-02:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: O-joung Kwon*
Curator: Sang-il Oum*
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Past talks
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WedAug 1808:00Petr HliněnýTwin-width is linear in the poset width
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WedJul 2806:00Maria ChudnovskyInduced subgraphs and tree decompositions
WedJul 1408:00Stefan WeltgeInteger programs with bounded subdeterminants and two nonzeros per row
WedJun 3008:00Florian Gut and Attila JoóLarge vertex-flames in uncountable digraphs
WedJun 1608:00Alan LewRepresentability and boxicity of simplicial complexes
WedJun 0208:00Adam Zsolt WagnerConstructions in combinatorics via neural networks
WedMay 2608:00Dimitrios M. ThilikosBounding Obstructions sets: the cases of apices of minor closed classes
FriMay 2108:00Benjamin BumpusDirected branch-width: A directed analogue of tree-width
WedMay 1208:00Johannes CarmesinA Whitney type theorem for surfaces: characterising graphs with locally planar embeddings
ThuMay 0601:00Raul LopesAdapting the Directed Grid Theorem into an FPT Algorithm
WedApr 2108:00Reinhard DiestelTangles of set separations: a novel clustering method and type recognition in machine learning
WedApr 1408:00István TomonRamsey properties of semilinear graphs
WedApr 0708:00Michał PilipczukStructural properties of powers of sparse graphs
ThuApr 0101:00Sophie SpirklPure pairs in ordered graphs
WedMar 2408:00Édouard BonnetTwin-width and ordered binary structures
WedMar 1708:00Yixin CaoRecognizing (unit) interval graphs by zigzag graph searches
WedFeb 1701:00David WoodTree densities of sparse graph classes
WedFeb 1007:30Jie MaNon-repeated cycle lengths and Sidon sequences
WedFeb 0307:30Ron AharoniColorful KKM and multiple cakes division
WedJan 2701:00Dong Yeap KangA proof of the Erdős-Faber-Lovász conjecture
WedJan 2007:30Yusuke KobayashiAn FPT Algorithm for Minimum Additive Spanner Problem
WedJan 1301:00Rose McCartyTBA
WedDec 3001:00Paul SeymourThe Erdős-Hajnal conjecture is true for excluding a five-cycle
ThuDec 1701:00Jaiung JunOn the Hopf algebra of multi-complexes
WedDec 0907:30Karl HeuerEven Circuits in Oriented Matroids
ThuDec 0307:30Deniz SarikayaWhat means Hamiltonicity for infinite graphs and how to force it via forbidden induced subgraphs
ThuNov 2601:00Da Qi ChenBipartite saturation
ThuNov 1907:30Yijia ChenGraphs of bounded shrub-depth, through a logic lens
WedNov 1107:30Meike HatzelConstant congestion bramble
ThuNov 0501:00Daniel CranstonVertex Partitions into an Independent Set and a Forest with Each Component Small
ThuOct 2201:00Chun-Hung LiuAsymptotic dimension of minor-closed families and beyond
ThuSep 2401:00Zihan TanTowards Tight(er) Bounds for the Excluded Grid Theorem
ThuSep 1701:00Luke PostleFurther progress towards Hadwiger’s conjecture
ThuSep 1008:10Sebastian SiebertzRank-width meets stability
WedAug 2601:30Nick BrettellOn the graph width parameter mim-width
WedAug 1907:30Gwenaël JoretPacking and covering balls in graphs excluding a minor
WedAug 0507:30Robert GanianSolving Integer Linear Programs by Exploiting Variable-Constraint Interactions
WedJul 2907:30Akanksha AgrawalPolynomial Kernel for Interval Vertex Deletion
WedJul 2207:30Paloma T. LimaGraph square roots of small distance from degree one graphs
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