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Korea Institute for Advanced Study

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 07:00-08:00, Tuesday 02:00-03:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Sunjin Choi*
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MonJun 0307:00Fedor PopovHolography on the Quantum Disk
MonJun 1007:00Dongwook GhimTBA
MonJun 1707:00Ki-Hong LeeTBA
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MonMay 2007:00Hee-Joong ChungTBA
MonMay 1307:00Matteo LotitoThe Weak Gravity conjecture in Perturbative String Theory
TueApr 3007:00Nobuyoshi OhtaQuantum Improved Kerr Black Holes and Thermodynamics
MonApr 2907:00Yi ZhangUnderstanding Fermionic Generalized Symmetries
ThuApr 1107:00Ryo SuzukiTensionless Limit of Pure-Ramond-Ramond AdS3/CFT2
MonApr 0807:00Ki-Seok KimOn the monotonicity of the renormalization group flow in both nonequilibrium thermodynamics and geometrical perspectives
MonMar 2507:00Alexander VikmanMore on Stable Ghosts
TueMar 1907:00Viatcheslav MukhanovResolving Singularities in Gravity
MonMar 1807:00Changhyun AhnOn Celestial Holography
FriMar 1502:00Nathan BenjaminHigh dimension operators of high dimension CFTs
WedFeb 2802:00Changha ChoiExact results for surface defect in N=4 SYM
MonFeb 2607:00Mohammad Akhond5d SCFTs and their non-supersymmetric cousins
ThuFeb 1501:30Albrecht KlemmCalabi-Yau period motives in quantum field theory and general relativity
WedJan 1707:00Saebyeok JeongQ-operators as surface defects; bispectral duality and separation of variables by surface defect transition
MonDec 1808:00Marija TomasevicThe correspondence between rotating black holes and fundamental strings
ThuDec 0707:00Georgios LinardopoulosHolographic correlators of semiclassical states in defect CFTs
MonNov 2707:00Nick DoreyBuilding a Black Hole in Quantum Mechanics
MonNov 2007:00Ram BrusteinWhat’s inside a black hole?
MonNov 0607:00Kang-Sin ChoiRenormalization and the Hierarchy Problem
TueOct 3105:00Takuya OkudaNarain CFTs and Chern-Simons theories for quantum codes
MonOct 3007:00Kohki KawabataSupersymmetric conformal field theories from quantum stabilizer codes
TueOct 2402:00Ruben MinasianAnomalies and beyond - some modern applications
MonOct 1607:00Jaewon SongEmergent N=4 Supersymmetry from N=1
MonSep 2507:00Norton LeeSeparation of variables and bispectral duality via surface instanton
MonSep 1807:00Yein LeeSymmetry Breaking and Consistent Truncations from M5-branes Wrapping a Disc
MonSep 0407:00Changha ChoiDeconfinement in 3d gauge theories
MonAug 2807:00Manki KimRecent progress and challenges in moduli stabilization
FriAug 2505:00Manki KimRecent progress and challenges in moduli stabilization
TueAug 2205:00Ashish ShuklaHydrodynamic transport with broken translation invariance
WedJul 1207:00Max HubnerGeneralized Global Symmetries and Gravity
TueJul 1107:00Si LiElliptic Chiral Index and Holomorphic Anomaly
ThuJun 2907:00Sergei KuzenkoNon-compact duality, super-Weyl invariance and effective actions
WedJun 2807:00Muyang LiuBack to Heterotic Little String Theories on ALE Spaces
FriJun 2307:00Tadashi OkazakiAsymptotic degeneracies of M2-brane SCFTs
WedJun 1407:00Karapet MkrtchyanActions for (twisted) self-duality equations, their abelian interacting generalizations and applications
MonJun 0507:00Yunqin ZhengRevisiting bosonization and fermionization
MonMay 2207:00Masahito YamazakiRevisiting the Gauge/Bethe Correspondence
MonMay 1507:00Chiming ChangMeromorphic Celestial Amplitudes
MonMay 0807:00Jung-Wook KimFrame-dragging effects in scattering amplitudes
MonMay 0107:00Sangmin LeeClassical observables from partial wave amplitudes
MonApr 2408:00Amir-Kian Kashani-PoorElliptic genera of non-critical strings and the worldsheet
TueApr 1802:00Justin KaidiNon-Supersymmetric Heterotic Branes
MonApr 1707:00Frank FerrariRandom Disks of Constant Curvature
MonApr 1007:00Michèle LeviModern QFT for Real-World Gravity (II)
ThuApr 0603:00Michèle LeviModern QFT for Real-World Gravity (I)
MonApr 0307:00Cyril ClossetThe Witten index of 3d N=2 supersymmetric SQCD, revisited: Dualities, moduli spaces and quantum K-theory
MonMar 2707:00Wei GuHeisenberg Spin Chains And Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
MonMar 2007:00Minyoung YouMTC/RCFT correspondence: the fermionic story
MonMar 1307:00Matteo LotitoExtended operators in 4d N=2 SCFTs and vertex algebras
TueMar 0701:30Lorenz EberhardtEvaluating one-loop string amplitudes
MonFeb 2707:00Emily NardoniProbing Anomalies of Non-Invertible Symmetries with Symmetry TFTs
MonFeb 2008:00Rishi MoulandBlack Holes in the Dual of Quantum Mechanics
MonFeb 1307:00Zhenghao ZhongHiggsing SCFTs in d=3,4,5,6
WedFeb 0807:00Hossein YavartanooNull Surface Thermodynamics
MonFeb 0607:00Deliang ZhongLine Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and Bosonization in Three Dimensions
MonDec 1907:00Julio, Parra MartinezCausality constraints on gravitational effective theories
TueDec 1307:00Brandon C. RayhaunClassification of Unitary Rational Conformal Field Theories with Small Central Charge and Few Primaries
MonDec 0507:00Yasuyuki HatsudaFermi-gas approach to supersymmetric localization
MonNov 2107:00Aaron PooleCharges, conserved quantities, and fluxes in de Sitter spacetime
MonNov 0707:00Simone GiacomelliA journey through Argyres-Douglas theories
MonOct 3107:00Chiung HwangRethinking 3d Mirror Symmetry
MonOct 2407:00Yuta HamadaMonopole-fermion scattering and varying Fock space
TueOct 1801:00Sahand SeifnashriRepresentation theory for non-invertible symmetries and asymptotic density of states
MonSep 1907:00Hongfei ShuWall-crossing of TBA equations and WKB periods for the higher order ODE
MonSep 0507:00Usman Naseer7d SYM, negative coupling and instantons
TueAug 3007:00Heeyeon KimFour-manifold invariants and Seiberg-Witten theory (4/4)
FriAug 2607:00Heeyeon KimFour-manifold invariants and Seiberg-Witten theory (3/4)
ThuAug 2507:00Heeyeon KimFour-manifold invariants and Seiberg-Witten theory (2/4)
WedAug 2407:00Yi ZhangGravitational anomalies of higher-spin fields
TueAug 2307:00Heeyeon KimFour-manifold invariants and Seiberg-Witten theory (1/4)
MonAug 2207:00Haowu WangFinite groups and automorphic products
WedAug 1707:00Edwan PreauChern-Simons term and baryons in holographic QCD
WedAug 1007:00Thorsten SchimannekCounting BPS states with discrete charges in M-theory
MonAug 0107:00Fengjun XuTopological Defect Lines in Two Dimensional Fermionic CFTs
TueJul 1202:00Fabrizio Del MonteSupersymmetric partition functions and isomonodromic tau functions
MonJul 0407:00Changha ChoiSupersymmetry and trace formulas
ThuJun 3003:00Sungwoo HongNew Anomalies, TQFTs, and Confinement in Bosonic Chiral Gauge Theories
MonJun 2007:00Junho HongLarge N Topologically Twisted Indices, Holography, and Black Holes
MonJun 1307:00Ying-Hsuan LinTopological modular forms and Monstrous Moonshine
TueMay 3102:00Zhenbin YangFirewalls from Wormholes
MonMay 3007:00Seung-Joo LeeThe fate of not being minimal
MonMay 2308:00Oleg ChalykhTwisted Ruijsenaars models
TueMay 1701:00Manki KimD-instanton superpotential in string theory
MonMay 0908:00Michele Del ZottoBack to Heterotic Instantons on ALE spaces: F-theory, 2-groups, and T-duality
MonApr 2507:00Ki-Hong LeeHiggs, Coulomb and Hall-Littlewood
MonApr 1807:00Byoungjoon AhnHolographic teleportation and traversable wormholes
MonApr 1107:00Christopher CouzensMulti charge Discs and Spindles
MonApr 0407:00Yuya TanizakiSemiclassical description of confinement via center vortices and anomaly-preserving T^2 compactifications
TueMar 2901:00Du PeiHolomorphic CFTs and topological modular forms
MonMar 2807:00Sung-Soo Kim6d Seiberg-Witten curves from 5-brane webs
TueMar 1501:00Theodore D. BrennanCallan Rubakov Effect and Higher Charge Monopoles
MonMar 1407:00Kanghoon LeeQFT from Recursions
ThuFeb 2407:00Hee-Joong ChungBPS Invariants for a Knot in Seifert Manifolds
TueFeb 2201:00Yuya KusukiAnalytic Bootstrap in 2D Boundary Conformal Field Theory
MonFeb 2108:00Paul-Konstantin OehlmannTwisted Affine Algebras in F/M-theory
MonFeb 1407:00Yiwen PanExact Schur Index in Closed Form
TueJan 2501:00Yifan WangBootstrapping Boundaries and Branes
MonDec 2707:00Jie GuResurgent structure in Chern-Simons theory
MonDec 2007:00Hidenori FukayaA physicist-friendly reformulation of the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index
FriDec 1001:00Andreas KarchExploring continuum quantum field theories of fracton order
MonDec 0607:00Yuji HironoCounting Nambu-Goldstone modes of higher-form global symmetries
TueNov 1607:00Haowu WangRecent results on Jacobi forms of lattice index
MonNov 1507:00Yosuke ImamuraFinite-N superconformal index via the AdS/CFT correspondence
MonNov 0108:00Murat KologluFactorization in Quantum Gravity and Supersymmetry
TueOct 2601:00Irene ValenzuelaNon-Invertible Global Symmetries and Completeness of the Spectrum in the Swampland Program
MonOct 1808:00Lorenzo Di Pietro5d gauge theories from the epsilon expansion
TueOct 1201:00Nathan BenjaminHarmonic analysis of 2d CFT partition functions
TueOct 0504:00Miguel MonteroThe anomaly that was not meant IIB
MonSep 2708:00Junho HongThe topologically twisted index of N=4 SU(N) SYM theory and a black hole Farey tail
WedSep 1508:00Matteo BertoliniThe Octagon and the Non-Supersymmetric String Landscape
MonSep 1308:00Christopher CouzensBlack string near-horizons, 2d quiver SCFTs and fractional branes
MonJul 1208:00Yutaka YoshidaMonopole bubbling and BPS 't Hooft operators in three, four and five dimensions
MonJun 2808:00Minsung Kim5d/6d Wilson loops from blowups
TueJun 2208:00Rajesh Gopakumar[Date Changed] The String dual to Free $\mathcal{N}=4$ Super Yang-Mills theory
MonJun 2108:00Jie GuResurgence and BPS invariants
ThuJun 1005:00Rajesh Gopakumar[KIAS Lecture Series] Lecture 3: Deriving the $AdS_3/CFT_2$ correspondence
WedJun 0905:00Rajesh Gopakumar[KIAS Lecture Series] Lecture 2: Deriving the $AdS_3/CFT_2$ correspondence
TueJun 0805:00Rajesh Gopakumar[KIAS Lecture Series] Lecture 1: Deriving the $AdS_3/CFT_2$ correspondence
MonJun 0708:00Seung-Joo LeeTensionless Strings and the Swampland in Four Dimensions
MonMay 3108:00Francesco BeniniSuperconformal Index and Gravitational Path Integral
MonMay 2408:00Julius GrimmingerBranes, Quivers, and the affine Grassmannian
MonMay 1708:00Jeong-Hyuck ParkString Theory and Non-Riemannian Geometry
MonMay 1008:00Prem KumarIslands and Hawking radiation correlations of evaporating black holes
MonMay 0308:00Monica Jinwoo Kang6d (1,0) SCFTs on a torus and Class S
MonApr 2608:00Jeff MuruganA 4-dimensional duality web
MonApr 1908:00Davide CassaniEffective field theory for the 4d N=1 index on the second sheet
MonApr 1202:00Per Kraus3d gravity in a box
MonMar 2901:00Leopoldo A. Pando ZayasAdS BH entropy and the Kerr/CFT correspondence
WedMar 2405:30Ashoke SenD-instanton amplitudes in string theory - Lecture 3/3
TueMar 2305:30Ashoke SenD-instanton amplitudes in string theory - Lecture 2/3
MonMar 2208:00Tadashi OkazakiOperator Algebras in 3d N=4 gauge theories and their applications
MonMar 2205:30Ashoke SenD-instanton amplitudes in string theory - Lecture 1/3
MonMar 1508:00Dan XieMixed hodge module and N=2 Coulomb branch solution
MonMar 0808:00Diego Rodriguez GomezCorrelation functions in finite temperature CFT and black hole singularities
MonFeb 0108:00Pietro Longhi(Beyond) BPS counting with Exponential Networks
MonJan 1108:00Yi-Nan Wang5d and 4d SCFTs from canonical threefold singularities
MonDec 1408:00Takuya OkudaJanus interface entropy and Calabi's diastasis in four-dimensional N=2 superconformal field theories
TueDec 0808:00Ofer AharonyA derivation of AdS/CFT for vector models
MonNov 3008:00Gabriel WongEntanglement entropy and edge modes in topological string theory
MonNov 2308:00Robert de Mello KochWhy deep networks generalize
MonNov 1608:00R LoganayagamInteracting Hawking Radiation and Open QFTs
MonNov 0905:30Christopher HerzogTractable models of boundary conformal field theory: The case of O($N$) $\phi^6$ theory in three dimensions
MonNov 0208:00Matthias GaberdielAn exact AdS/CFT duality
MonOct 1208:00Lavneet JanagalCANCELLED
MonSep 2808:00Matti JarvinenHolographic Dense QCD and Neutron Stars
MonAug 1708:00Junya YagiWilson-'t Hooft lines as transfer matrices
MonAug 1008:00Noppadol MekareeyaSupersymmetry enhancement in the 3d S-fold theories
MonAug 0308:00Sara PasquettiFree field correlators, kernel functions and 4d mirror symmetry
MonJul 1308:00Andy O'BannonCentral charges of two-dimensional boundaries and defects
MonJul 0608:00Seyed Morteza HosseiniAnomalies, Black strings and the charged Cardy formula
MonJun 2908:00Chiara ToldoSpinning BPS black holes in AdS4 and their CFT duals
MonJun 1508:00Wei LiQuiver Yangian from crystal melting
MonJun 0808:00Seok KimMicrostates of AdS black holes
MonJun 0108:00Nakwoo KimUpdates on Precision Holography
MonMay 2508:00Carlos NunezAspects of gauge-strings duality
MonMay 1808:00Vasilis NiarchosMatching type-B conformal anomalies
MonMay 1108:00Dongsu BakTraversable wormholes and quantum gravity lab on the tabletop
WedMay 0608:00Yu NakayamaSupersymmetric CP-violating Weyl anomaly
MonApr 2008:00Dongmin GangTwisted indices in 3d-3d correspondence
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