Theory of Markov Semigroups and Schrödinger Operators

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 08:15-09:15 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Krzysztof Bogdan*, Kamil Kaleta*
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Description: Zoom webinar on stochastic processes and their applications

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJun 1808:15Tomasz KomorowskiDiffusive and superdiffusive limits for a kinetic equation with a boundary condition
FriJun 1108:15Łukasz LeżajTransition densities of spectrally positive Lévy processes
MonMay 2408:15ConferenceProbability and Analysis 2021 online conference, May 24–28, 2021
FriMay 1408:15Jacek MałeckiArchimedes principle for ideal gas
FriApr 3008:15Andrea PascucciOn stochastic Langevin and Fokker-Planck equations
FriApr 2308:15Zbigniew PalmowskiExtreme positions of regularly varying branching random walk in random environment
FriApr 1608:15Longmin WangIsotropic alpha-self-similar Markov process with a skew-product structure
FriApr 0908:15Julia LenczewskaOptimal Hardy inequality for the fractional Laplacian on L^p
MonMar 2209:00WorkshopNonlocal Operators and Markov Processes II workshop, Mar 22–26, 2021
FriMar 1909:15Alain-Sol SznitmanExcess deviations for points disconnected by random interlacements
FriMar 1209:15Zbigniew PalmowskiOn the renewal theorem for maxima on trees
FriMar 0513:00Daesung KimHardy–Stein identity and Fourier multipliers
FriJan 2909:15Lorenzo ToniazziCensored stable subordinators and relaxation
FriJan 2209:15Radosław AdamczakModified log-Sobolev inequalities, Beckner inequalities and moment estimates
FriJan 1509:15René SchillingSome Remarks on the Liouville Theorem for Generators of Lévy Processes
FriDec 1809:15Martin HairerAveraging of non-Markovian SDEs
FriDec 1109:15Yehuda PinchoverOn families of optimal Hardy-weights for linear second-order elliptic operators
FriDec 0411:00Damir KinzebulatovFractional Kolmogorov operator and desingularizing weights
FriNov 2709:15Dariusz BuraczewskiOn the branching random walk and the derivative martingale
FriNov 2009:15Stefan GeissOn Riemann–Liouville operators, BMO, and gradient estimates in the Lévy–Itô space
ThuNov 1217:15Krzysztof BurdzyFleming–Viot processes and $X=AX+B$ equation
FriNov 0609:15Karol SzczypkowskiNon-symmetric Lévy processes
MonOct 2614:00WorkshopNonlocal Operators and Markov Processes, Oct 26–30, 2020
FriOct 2308:15Nicolas PerkowskiMass asymptotics for the 2d parabolic Anderson model with white noise potential
FriOct 1608:15Zbigniew J. JurekCompositions of some random integral mappings (and a conjecture)
FriOct 0908:15Jan SwartRecursive tree processes and the mean-field limit of stochastic flows
FriMay 2908:15Mateusz KwaśnickiSpectral theory for non-symmetric Lévy processes in the half-line
FriMay 2208:15Toshihiro UemuraOn symmetric stable-type processes with singular/degenerate coefficitents
FriMay 1508:15Wojciech NiemiroEstimation of the growth rate for Lévy processes with bounded positive jumps
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