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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Sakura Schafer-Nameki*, Lakshya Bhardwaj, Apoorv Tiwari
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Weekly seminar on generalized symmetries in QFT, string theory and related topics.

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Past talks
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TueJun 1814:00Tyler EllisonTBA
TueJun 2514:00Apoorv TiwariTBA
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TueMay 2813:00Hao ZhangK-theoretic Global Symmetry in String-constructed QFT and T-duality
TueMay 2115:00Xingyang Yu2D Non-invertible Symmetries and Anomalies from String Theory
TueMay 1414:00Arkya ChatterjeePhases and Phase Transitions of Spin Chains with Non-invertible Symmetries
TueApr 3014:00Jingxiang WuMTC[M3, G]: 3d Topological Order Labeled by Seifert Manifolds
TueApr 1614:00Sahand SeifnashriCluster state as a non-invertible SPT phase
TueMar 2615:00Shota KomatsuNon-Invertible Symmetries, Anomalies and Scattering Amplitudes
TueMar 1215:00Chong WangMixed-state quantum anomaly and multipartite entanglement
TueMar 0515:00Matt ReeceInstanton Number as a Symmetry
TueFeb 2715:00Lukasz FidkowskiQuantum cellular automata and quantum phases of matter
TueFeb 2015:00Max HubnerOn the Holographic Dual of a Topological Symmetry Operator
TueFeb 1315:00Zhengdi SunSelf-duality under gauging non-invertible symmetries in 2d CFT
TueFeb 0615:00Lea BottiniGapped phases and phase transitions from the SymTFT
TueJan 3015:00Riccardo ArgurioSpontaneous non-invertible symmetry breaking
TueJan 2315:00Giovanni RiziNon-Invertible Symmetries in Calabi-Yau Conformal Field Theories
TueJan 1615:00Nat TantivasadakarnNon-invertible SPT order in a group-based cluster state
TueDec 0515:00Ryohei KobayashiHigher-group symmetry of (3+1)D Z2 gauge theory and non-Clifford logical gates of toric codes
TueNov 2815:00Xie ChenSequential circuit as string operator for topological defects
TueNov 2115:00Rajath RadhakrishnanConstraints on non-invertible symmetries in 2+1D
TueNov 1415:00No Symmetry SeminarTBA
TueNov 0717:00Ryan ThorngrenNOTE UNUSUAL TIME: The Symmetry Breaking Long Exact Sequence
TueOct 3115:00Meng ChengA defective look at quantum phases of matter
TueOct 2413:00Kantaro OhmoriNon-supersymmetric Heterotic Branes
TueOct 1714:00Kansei InamuraFusion surface models: 2+1d lattice models from fusion 2-categories
TueOct 1014:00Shu-Heng ShaoNon-invertible lattice translation
TueOct 0314:00Marieke van BeestMonopoles, Scattering, and Generalized Symmetries
TueSep 2614:00Sal PaceEmergent generalized symmetries in ordered phases and their spontaneous breaking.
TueSep 1914:00Andrea AntinucciAnomalies of non-invertible self-duality symmetries: fractionalization and gauging"
TueMay 2314:00Gregory MooreFinite Symmetries Of Field Theories From TQFT
TueMay 1614:00Clement DelcampHigher categorical symmetries and gauging on the lattice
TueMay 0914:00Ruben VerresenHiggs condensates are symmetry-protected topological phases: from cluster states to superconductors
TueMay 0214:00Simone GiacomelliComments on Non-invertible Symmetries in Argyres-Douglas Theories
TueApr 1114:00Pavel PutrovNon-invertible symmetries and mixed gravitational anomalies
TueApr 0414:00Daniel BrennanCoupling a Cosmic String to a TQFT
TueMar 2814:00Wenjie JiRecent progress in the symmetry/topological order correspondence
TueMar 2115:00Zohar KomargodskiLine Operators, RG Flows, and One-Form Symmetry
TueFeb 2815:00Miguel MonteroThe Chronicles of IIBordia
TueFeb 2114:00Emily NardoniProbing Anomalies of Non-Invertible Symmetries with Symmetry TFTs
TueFeb 1415:00Clay CordovaNeutrino Masses from Generalized Symmetry Breaking
TueJan 3115:00Lakshya BhardwajNon-Invertible Theta Symmetries
TueJan 2415:00Nathan SeibergSymmetries and Anomalies in the Continuum and on the Lattice
TueJan 1714:00Lian KongGlobal Quantum Many-body Theory
TueDec 0615:00Matthew YuGauging noninvertible surface operators, and the 2-Deligne theorem.
TueNov 2915:00Fabio ApruzziNon-invertible symmetries from holography and branes
TueNov 2215:00Christian CopettiZoology of duality defects: the view from class S
TueNov 1515:00Javier ManganGeneralized symmetries, Noether and Weinberg-Witten
TueNov 0815:00Xiao-Gang WenA classification of 3+1D topological orders and non-degenerate unitary braided fusion 2-category
TueNov 0115:00David ReutterHigher fusion categories and their fusion rings
TueOct 2514:00Fiona BurnellSubsystem symmetry protected phases and anomalies in higher-form gauge theories
TueOct 1814:00Andrea FerrariNon-invertible Symmetries and Higher Representation Theory
TueOct 1114:00Maissam BarkeshliDefects and higher symmetries in (3+1)D topological phases of matter
TueOct 0414:00Theo Johnson-FreydA 4D TQFT which is not (quite) a gauge theory
TueJul 2615:00Ben GripaiosGeneralized symmetries of topological field theories
TueJun 2814:00Irene ValenzuelaWhat can we learn from the absence of global symmetries?
TueJun 2115:00Yunqin ZhengTBA
TueMay 3115:00Yichul ChoiHigher Berry Phase of Free Dirac Fermions
TueMay 1715:00Craig LawrieGlobal Structures in 6d (1,0) SCFTs and Their Implications for 4d
TueMay 1015:00Dongmin GangInfrared phases of 3D class R theories
TueMay 0315:00Lorenzo di PietroFactorization and Global symmetry in holography
TueApr 2615:00Apoorv TiwariTopological Holography: Unifying Conventional and Unconventional Quantum Phase Transitions
TueApr 1915:00Du PeiOn Symmetries of 2d TQFTs and the Equivariant Verlinde Formula
TueApr 1215:00Ho Tat LamNon-invertible Condensation, Duality and Triality Defects in 3+1d
TueApr 0515:00Ibou BahGeometry of decoupled fields
TueMar 2215:00Ibrahima BahTBA
TueMar 1514:00Justin KaidiKramers-Wannier-like duality defects in (3+1)d gauge theories
TueMar 0815:00Michele Del ZottoGlobal structures from the infrared
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