Webinar on Diophantine approximation and homogeneous dynamics

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dynamical systems number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Victor Beresnevich, Erez Nesharim, Lei Yang*
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Please send an email to one of the organizers to get access.

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Past talks
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FriDec 1714:30Demi AllenAn inhomogeneous Khintchine-Groshev Theorem without monotonicity
FriDec 0314:30Jiyoung HanHigher moment formulas for Siegel transforms and applications to limit distributions of functions of counting lattice points
FriNov 1914:30Yitwah CheungInvariants of Diophantine Approximation
FriNov 0514:30Jimmy TsengShrinking target and horocycle equidistribution
FriOct 2214:00Alex GorodnikProducts of linear forms and distribution of translated measures
FriOct 0814:00Anthony Poels and Damien RoySimultaneous rational approximation to successive powers of a real number
WedMay 2613:30Andrew ScoonesOn the abc Conjecture in Algebraic Number Fields
WedMay 1915:30Nattalie TamamWhen can we find a simple description of the divergence of trajectories?
WedMay 1213:30Damaris SchindlerDensity of rational points near/on compact manifolds with certain curvature conditions
WedMay 0513:30Henna KoivusaloLinear repetitivity in polytopal cut and project sets
WedApr 2813:30Pratyush SarkarGeneralization of Selberg's 3⁄16 theorem for convex cocompact thin subgroups of SO(n, 1)
WedApr 2113:30Natalia JurgaRandom matrix products and self-projective sets
WedApr 1413:30Lifan GuanDivergent trajectories on products of homogenous spaces
WedMar 1714:30Minju LeeOrbit closures of unipotent flows for hyperbolic manifolds with Fuchsian ends.
WedMar 1016:30Pablo ShmerkinBeyond Furstenberg's intersection conjecture
WedFeb 2410:00Dmitry BadziahinDiophantine approximation on the Veronese curve
WedFeb 1714:30Boris AdamczewskiFurstenberg's conjecture, Mahler's method, and finite automata
WedFeb 1014:30Manos ZafeiropoulosInhomogeneous Diophantine Approximation on $M_0$ Sets with restricted denominators
WedDec 1616:00Svetlana JitomirskayaInhomogeneous Diophantine approximation in the coprime setting
WedDec 0914:30Shahriar MirzadehUpper bound for the Hausdorff dimension of exceptional orbits in homogeneous spaces
WedDec 0214:30Shreyasi DattaRecent progress in p-adic Diophantine approximation
WedNov 2514:30Han YuRational points near self-similar sets
WedNov 1814:30Michael BersudskyOn the image in the torus of sparse points on expanding analytic curves
WedNov 1113:30Alan HaynesHigher dimensional gap theorems in Diophantine approximation
WedNov 0414:30Antoine MarnatDirichlet is not just Bad and Sing
WedOct 2814:30Alessandro PezzoniSimultaneous Diophantine approximation on manifolds by algebraic numbers
WedOct 2113:30Jialun LiDecay of Fourier transforms of fractal measures
WedOct 1413:30Mishel SkenderiSmall values at integer points of generic subhomogeneous functions
WedSep 3013:30Ralf SpatzierHyperbolic Actions of Higher Rank Abelian Groups
WedSep 2313:30Damien RoySimultaneous rational approximation to exponentials of algebraic numbers
WedSep 1613:30Sam ChowA fully-inhomogeneous version of Gallagher's theorem
WedAug 2613:30Kaisa MatomäkiHigher order uniformity of the Liouville function
WedAug 1913:30Denis KoledaThe distribution of conjugate algebraic numbers: a random polynomial approach
WedAug 1213:30Anish GhoshDiophantine approximations, large intersections and geodesics in negative curvature
WedAug 0513:00Anurag RaoSome problems in uniform Diophantine approximation
WedJul 2913:30Pengyu YangDirichlet Improvability, Equidistribution, and Grassmannians
WedJul 2213:30Baowei WangMass transference principle from rectangles to rectangles in Diophantine approximation
WedJul 0813:30Nikolay MoshchevitinSingular vectors: from Khintchine to nowadays
WedJul 0113:30Lei YangWinning property of badly approximable points on curves
WedJun 1713:00James MaynardOn the Duffin-Schaeffer Conjecture
WedJun 1012:30Barak WeissNew bounds on the covering density of a lattice
WedJun 0314:00Osama KhalilRandom walks, spectral gaps, and Khintchine's theorem on fractals
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