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‘Analytic solutions for nonlinear problems in biology’ Bronwyn Hajek (University of South Australia) TBA Register here:

Abstract: Classical and nonclassical Lie point symmetry analysis are powerful techniques that can sometimes be used to construct analytic solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations. In this talk, I’ll outline both the classical and nonclassical methods in some detail. I’ll then describe a number of problems from math biology where the nonclassical symmetry technique has yielded useful analytic solutions. In particular, I’ll describe problems involving determining the minimum size for a nature reserve, tumour modelling, calcium fertilisation waves on amphibian eggs, and mammalian fertilisation waves. I’ll also talk briefly about compactly supported analytic solutions.

Biography: Bronwyn’s research interests lie in developing and solving mathematical models using nonlinear partial differential equations. She is motivated by many areas of application, including biological invasions, cell biology, viscous flow, and physical chemistry. She has a particular focus on the use of Lie symmetry techniques to construct analytic solutions of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations.

Note: This seminar will be recorded (participants only when asking questions) and uploaded to the SMRI YouTube Channel

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