International seminar on automorphic forms

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Yingkun Li*, Markus Schwagenscheidt
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The password is the first Fourier coefficient of the modular j-function (as digits).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueMay 3114:00Nikos DiamantisL-series associated with harmonic Maass forms and their values
TueJun 0707:00Arvind KumarTBA
TueJun 1414:00Paul NelsonTBA
TueJun 2114:00Jeff ManningTBA
TueJun 2814:00Yichao ZhangRationality of the Petersson Inner Product of Generally Twisted Cohen Kernels
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TueMay 1707:00Sudhir PujahariSato-Tate conjecture in arithmetic progressions for certain families of elliptic curves
TueMay 1014:00Jaclyn LangA modular construction of unramified p-extensions of $\mathbb{Q}(N^{1/p})$
TueMay 0314:00Brandon WilliamsFree algebras of modular forms on ball quotients
TueApr 2614:00Weibo FuGrowth of Bianchi modular forms
TueFeb 0114:00Vesselin DimitrovThe unbounded denominators conjecture
TueJan 2514:00Márton ErdélyiMatrix Kloosterman sums
TueJan 1814:00Isabella NegriniA Shimura-Shintani correspondence for rigid analytic cocycles
TueJan 1113:00Luis GarciaEisenstein cocycles and values of L-functions
TueDec 1414:00Patrick BiekerModular units for orthogonal groups of signature (2,2) and invariants for the Weil representation
TueDec 0714:00Manami RoyDimensions for the spaces of Siegel cusp forms of level 4
TueNov 3014:00Riccardo ZuffettiTBA
TueNov 2314:00William ChenTBA
TueNov 1614:00Paul KieferOrthogonal Eisenstein Series of Singular Weight
TueNov 0914:00Lindsay DeverDistribution of Holonomy on Compact Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
TueNov 0214:00Nils MatthesMeromorphic modular forms and their iterated integrals
TueOct 2613:00Jan BruinierArithmetic volumes of unitary Shimura varieties
TueJul 0613:00Lennart GehrmannRigid meromorphic cocycles for orthogonal groups
TueJun 2913:00Claudia Alfes-NeumannSome theta liftings and applications
TueJun 2208:00YoungJu ChoieA generating function of periods of automorphic forms
TueJun 1513:00Chao LiBeilinson-Bloch conjecture and arithmetic inner product formula
TueJun 0813:00Claire BurrinRademacher symbols on Fuchsian groups
TueJun 0113:00Yuya MurakamiExtended-cycle integrals of the $j$-function for badly approximable numbers
TueMay 2513:00James RickardsCounting intersection numbers on Shimura curves
TueMay 1813:00Sebastián HerreroThere are at most finitely many singular moduli that are S-units
TueMay 1113:00Michael MertensWeierstrass mock modular forms and vertex operator algebras
TueMay 0413:00Moni KumariNon-vanishing of Hilbert-Poincaré series
TueApr 2713:00Amanda FolsomEisenstein series, cotangent-zeta sums, and quantum modular forms
TueApr 2013:00Andreas MonoOn a twisted version of Zagier's $f_{k, D}$ function
TueApr 1313:00Tiago FonsecaThe algebraic geometry of Fourier coefficients of Poincaré series
WedJan 2715:00Tom OliverTwisting moduli, meromorphy and zeros
WedJan 2015:00Jolanta MarzecAlgebraicity of special L-values attached to Jacobi forms of higher index
WedJan 1315:00Johann FrankeRational functions, modular forms and cotangent sums
WedDec 1615:00Eugenia RosuTwists of elliptic curves with CM
WedDec 0915:00Ariel Pacetti$\mathbb{Q}$-curves, Hecke characters and some Diophantine equations
WedDec 0215:00Gabriele BogoExtended modularity arising from the deformation of Riemann surfaces
WedNov 2515:00Kathrin MaurischatExplicit construction of Ramanujan bigraphs
WedNov 1809:00Toshiki MatsusakaTwo analogues of the Rademacher symbol
WedNov 1115:00Christina RöhrigSiegel theta series for indefinite quadratic forms
WedNov 0415:00Michael GriffinClass pairings and elliptic curves
WedOct 2815:00Alessandro LägelerContinued fractions and Hardy sums
WedOct 2114:00Yunqing TangReductions of K3 surfaces via intersections on GSpin Shimura varieties
WedOct 1414:00Haowu WangRoot systems and free algebras of modular forms
WedJul 2211:00Anna von PippichAn analytic class number type formula for the Selberg zeta function
WedJul 1511:00Nikos DiamantisTwisted L-functions and a conjecture by Mazur, Rubin and Stein
WedJul 0813:00Shaul ZemelShintani Lifts of Nearly Holomorphic Modular Forms
WedJul 0113:00Hao ZhangElliptic cocycle for $\mathrm{GL}_N(\mathbb{Z})$ and Hecke operators
WedJun 2413:00Sven MöllerEisenstein Series, Dimension Formulae and Generalised Deep Holes of the Leech Lattice Vertex Operator Algebra
WedJun 1013:00Martin RaumDivisibilities of Hurwitz class numbers
WedJun 0313:00Dan Fretwell(Real Quadratic) Arthurian Tales
WedMay 2713:00Olivia BeckwithPolyharmonic Maass forms and Hecke L-series
WedMay 2013:00Larry RolenPeriodicities for Taylor coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms
WedMay 1313:00Peter HumphriesSparse equidistribution of hyperbolic orbifolds
WedMay 0608:00Soma PurkaitLocal Hecke algebras and new forms
WedApr 2914:00Nick AndersenZeros of GL2 L-functions on the critical line
WedApr 2213:00Jan VonkSingular moduli for real quadratic fields
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