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general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - theory mathematical physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 12:00-13:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Iñaki García Etxebarria*
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Past talks
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FriOct 1512:00Ivano BasileBroken spacetime from broken supersymmetry
FriMay 0712:00Marcus BergPlane gravitational waves and automorphic forms
FriApr 2312:00Evgeny SkvortsovQuantum Higher Spin Gravity and three-dimensional bosonization duality
FriMar 1913:00Jaewon SongClassification of large N superconformal gauge theories
FriMar 1213:00Jacob McNamaraGravitational Solitons and Abelianization
FriMar 0513:00Radu Tatarde Sitter in the String Landscape
FriFeb 2613:00Elli PomoniType-B Anomalies on the Higgs Branch
FriFeb 1913:00Diego HofmanOn the Stress Tensor Light-ray Operator Algebra
FriFeb 1213:00Agnese BissiTowards all loop supergravity amplitudes
FriFeb 0513:00Joe DavighiAnomaly interplay in even dimensions
FriJan 2913:00Fabian RuehleModuli-dependent Calabi-Yau and SU(3)-structure metrics from Machine Learning
FriJan 2213:00Guido FestucciaTwisting with a flip
FriDec 1113:00Thomas MertensLiouville and JT quantum gravity - holography and matrix models
FriDec 0413:00Pietro Benetti GenoliniInstantons, symmetries and anomalies in five dimensions
FriNov 2713:00Sebastian MizeraFeynman Integrals and Intersection Theory
FriNov 2013:00Yuya TanizakiTopological aspects of oblique confinement in the Cardy-Rabinovici model
FriNov 1313:15Federico CartaSupersymmetry Enhancement
FriNov 0613:00Andrea FerrariA pedestrian introduction to the geometry of 3d twisted indices
FriOct 3013:00Akash JainNon-universality of hydrodynamics
FriOct 2312:00Tommaso MacrelliBV formalism, QFT and Gravity: a Homotopy perspective
FriOct 1612:00Domenico OrlandoIntroduction to the large charge expansion
FriOct 0212:00Edgar ShaghoulianLooking for islands
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