MIST High-Energy Theory Seminar

general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - theory mathematical physics

Texas A&M University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Falk Hassler*, Daniel Butter*, Aritra Saha*
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Past talks
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MonDec 0520:00Michael GutperleHolographic Co-dim 2 Defects in 7d Supergravity and Their Uplifts
MonNov 2820:00Eduardo CasaliTBA
MonNov 2120:00Finn LarsenThe Attractor Mechanism in Gauged Supergravity
MonNov 1420:00Andeas HelsetGeometry in Scattering Amplitudes
MonNov 0720:00Ben HeidenreichWeak Gravity Conjecture, BPS states and Geometry
MonOct 2419:00Miguel MonteroNew String Theories from Discrete Theta Angles
MonOct 1719:00Sera CremoniniBlack Holes and Long Range Forces
MonOct 0319:00Andreas KarchA Top-Down Dictionary for Double Holography
MonSep 2619:00Radu RoibanDynamics of Spinning Binaries from an Effective Field Theory Perspective.
MonSep 1919:00Thomas VandermeulenTrivially-Acting Symmetries as Topological Operators
MonSep 1219:00Tim WraseType IIB Flux Compactifications with $h^{1,1} = 0$
MonAug 2919:00Ana-Maria RaclariuCelestial Amplitudes from Flat Space Limits of AdS/Witten Diagrams
MonMay 0219:00Lara AndersonDiscrete Symmetries and Twisted Dimensional Reductions in F-theory
MonApr 2519:00Gary ShiuComplex Saddles and Euclidean Wormholes in the Lorentzian Path Integral
MonApr 1819:00Daniele PranzettiAsymptotic Einstein’s Equations and Celestial Symmetries
MonApr 1119:00Luca IlliesiuBPS and Near-BPS Black Holes in $AdS_5$ and Their Spectrum in N=4 SYM
FriMar 2518:00Hermann NicolaiNews on supermembrane theory
MonMar 2119:00Dominik NeuenfeldConstraining Couplings of End-of-the-World Branes
MonMar 0720:00Riccardo PencoHidden Symmetries and Static Response of Black Holes
MonFeb 2820:00Robert BrandenbergerEmergent Cosmology from Matrix Theory
MonFeb 2120:00Henriette ElvangBootstrap of the KLT Double-Copy
MonFeb 1420:00Mihalis DafermosStrong Cosmic Censorship Versus $\Lambda$
MonFeb 0720:00Yiming ChenAspects of the Black Hole/String Transition
MonJan 3120:00Kurt HinterbichlerSymmetries and Anomalies at the IR fixed point of gravity
MonJan 2420:00Sridip PalAutomorphic Spectra and the Conformal Bootstrap
MonNov 2221:00Mirjam CveticTowards Exact matter spectra of F-theory Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Models
TueNov 1621:00Grégoire JosseGeneralised Geometry and consistent truncation
MonNov 1521:00Gabriel LariosLessons and surprises from Kaluza-Klein spectra
MonNov 0821:00Djordje MinicFrom quantum spacetime to string theory and quantum gravity phenomenology
MonNov 0120:00Daniel RobbinsDecomposition in orbifolds, quantum symmetries, and anomalies
MonOct 2520:00Jonathan HeckmanDisorder Averaging and its UV (Dis)Contents
MonOct 1820:00James LiuT-duality and string alpha' corrections
MonOct 1120:00Geoff PeningtonQuantum minimal surfaces from quantum error correction
MonOct 0420:00Severin LüstThe Tadpole Problem
MonSep 2720:00Lorenz EberhardtWorldsheet correlators in AdS3
MonSep 2020:00Anindya SenguptaLinearized Supergeometry of 11D, N=1/8 Superspace
MonSep 1320:00Andy RoystonAccelerating Solitons
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