Vienna Geometry and Analysis on Groups Seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 13:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Christopher Cashen*
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Past talks
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TueJun 0413:00Bogdan NicaNorms of averaging operators on hyperbolic groups
TueJan 1614:00Stephen CantrellSparse spectrally rigid sets for negatively curved manifolds
TueNov 1414:00Pierre PansuComputing homology robustly: from persistence to the geometry of normed chain complexes
TueJun 0613:00Igor LysenokA sample iterated small cancellation theory for groups of Burnside type
TueMay 2313:00Monika KudlinskaProfinite rigidity and free-by-cyclic groups
TueMay 1613:00Lvzhou ChenThe Kervaire conjecture and the minimal complexity of surfaces
TueApr 1813:00Pierre GuillonDecidability and symbolic dynamics over groups
TueJan 2414:00David HumeThick embeddings of graphs into symmetric spaces
TueJan 1714:00Alon DogonHyperlinearity versus flexible Hilbert Schmidt stability for property (T) groups
TueJan 1014:00Pilar Páez GuillánCounterexamples to the Zassenhaus conjecture on simple modular Lie algebras
TueDec 1314:00Motiejus ValiunasBiautomatic and hierarchically hyperbolic groups
TueNov 2214:00Christopher CashenSnowflakes, cones, and shortcuts
TueNov 1514:00Thomas KoberdaModel theory of the curve graph
TueNov 0814:00William SlofstraGroup theory and nonlocal games
TueOct 2513:00Tullio Ceccherini-SilbersteinSofic entropy and surjunctive dynamical systems
TueOct 1813:00Xabier LegaspiConstricting elements and the growth of quasi-convex subgroups
TueOct 1113:00Pierre-Emmanuel CapraceNew Kazhdan groups with infinitely many alternating quotients
TueOct 0413:00Annette KarrerContracting boundaries of right-angled Coxeter and Artin groups
TueJun 2813:00Andrés NavasDistorted diffeomorphisms
TueJun 1413:00Sang-hyun KimCritical regularity of one-manifold actions by right-angled Artin groups and mapping class groups
ThuJun 0210:00Florin RadulescuDimension formulae of Gelfand-Graev, Jones and their relation to automorphic forms and temperdness of quasiregular representations
TueMay 3113:00Pallavi DaniDivergence, thickness, and hypergraph index for Coxeter groups
TueMay 2413:00Alex EvettsEquations, rational sets and formal languages
TueMay 1713:00Yves de CornulierNear group actions
TueMay 1013:00Alessandro SistoMorse boundaries are sometimes not that wild
TueMay 0313:00Joseph MaherRandom walks on WPD groups
TueApr 2613:00Emmanuel BreuillardRandom character varieties
TueApr 0513:00Marco LintonPrimitivity rank, one-relator groups and hyperbolicity
TueMar 2913:00Alexandra EdletzbergerQuasi-Isometries for certain Right-Angled Coxeter Groups
TueMar 2214:00Cameron CinelSofic Lie Algebras
TueMar 1514:00Adrian IoanaAlmost commuting matrices and stability for product groups
TueMar 0814:00Michele TriestinoDescribing spaces of harmonic actions on the line
TueJan 1814:00Benjamin SteinbergSimplicity of Nekrashevych algebras of contracting self-similar groups
TueJan 1114:00David KerrEntropy, orbit equivalence, and sparse connectivity
TueDec 0714:00Matt CordesCoxeter groups with connected Morse boundary
TueNov 3014:00Matt ZaremskyHigher virtual algebraic fibering of certain right-angled Coxeter groups
TueNov 2314:00Jean Pierre MutanguhaLimit pretrees for free group automorphisms
TueNov 1614:00Sahana BalasubramanyaActions of solvable groups on hyperbolic spaces
TueNov 0914:00Greg BellProperty A and duality in linear programming
TueOct 1913:00Elia FioravantiAutomorphisms and splittings of special groups
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