Fudan International Seminar on Analysis, PDEs, and Fluid mechanics

mathematical physics analysis of PDEs

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Zhen Lei, Mikhail Korobkov*, Adele Ferone, Remigio Russo, Konstantin Pileckas
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Dear Colleagues! We are starting a new International Seminar “Fudan International Seminar on Analysis, PDEs, and Fluid Mechanics”. The seminar is organized by Fudan University (Shanghai, China) with the collaboration of Universita degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" (Caserta, Italy) and Vilnius University (Vilnius, Lithuania). This seminar is meant to gather renowned experts working on Geometric and Real Analysis with applications to PDEs and Mathematical Physics and represents an opportunity for presenting high-impact research, as well as facilitating the exchange of ideas between researchers. In this regard, we would be delighted if you could accept our invitation to join the seminar. Lectures are scheduled on Thursdays (once every two weeks), by ZOOM, with 60 minutes for every talk.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuApr 2513:00Professor Maria SpecoviusSome special aspects on the decomposition of vector fields
ThuApr 1113:00Professor Jan BurczakEuler-driven scalar anomalous dissipation
ThuMar 1413:00Professor Alexander TyulenevTraces of Sobolev spaces to irregular subsets and Whitney problem
ThuFeb 2913:00Professor Michael WinklerCan simple nutrient taxis interaction generate spatial structures?
ThuFeb 0113:00Professor Ludovic RiffordOn the minimizing Sard Conjecture in sub-Riemannian geometry
ThuJan 1813:00Professor Ana Leonor SilvestreFar-field behavior of fluid flows and applications
ThuDec 1413:00Professor Chunjing XieThe uniqueness and existence of steady solutions of incompressible Navier-Stokes system in a nozzle
ThuJun 1513:00Professor Tai-Peng TsaiGradient estimates for the non-stationary Stokes system with the Navier boundary condition
ThuJun 0113:00Professor Pier Domenico LambertiSpectral representation of the trace spaces and the solutions of the Dirichlet biharmonic problem on Lipschitz domains via multi-parameter Steklov problems
ThuMay 1813:00Professor Grigory PanasenkoAsymptotic analysis and method of partial asymptotic dimension reduction for thin tube structures
ThuMay 0413:00Professor Andrea CianchiDistortion of Hausdorff measures under Orlicz-Sobolev maps
ThuApr 2013:00Professor Vladimír ŠverákOn the motion of vortex rings in low viscosity fluids
ThuMar 0913:00Professor Milan PokornýHomogenization of Navier-Stokes-Fourier system in domains with tiny holes
ThuFeb 2313:00Professor Vincenzo FeroneSymmetrization for linear and nonlinear fractional elliptic problems
ThuJan 1913:00Professor Reinhard FarwigThe Navier-Stokes System with Moving Boundaries - From Bounded to Unbounded Domains
ThuJan 0513:00Professor Patrick TolksdorfL^p-extrapolation of the generalized Stokes operator
ThuDec 1513:00Professor Piotr B MuchaA new construction of weak solutions to compressible Navier-Stokes equations
ThuDec 0113:00Professor Eduard Marušić-PalokaMathematical model of heat transfer through a conductive pipe
ThuNov 1713:00Professor Pavel PlotnikovIsothermal coordinates on surfaces with a square-integrable second fundamental form. Existence and counterexamples
ThuNov 0313:00Professor Stefano ModenaNon-uniqueness for the transport equation with Sobolev vector fields
ThuOct 2013:00Professor Piotr HajłaszApproximation of mappings with derivatives of low rank
ThuJun 0213:00Professor Anvar MeirmanovOn the classical solution to the macroscopic model for in-situ leaching of rare metals
ThuMay 1913:00Professor Gisella CroceOn the quantitative isoperimetric inequality in the plane
ThuMay 0513:00Professor Tobias BarkerFailure of Liouville type theorems and potential 'type I' singularities of the Navier-Stokes equations
ThuApr 2813:00Professor Filippo GazzolaLong-time behavior of partially damped systems modeling degenerate plates with piers
ThuApr 2113:00Professor Dallas AlbrittonNon-uniqueness of Leray solutions of the forced Navier-Stokes equations
ThuApr 0713:00Professor Timofey ShilkinSurprising properties of weak solutions to elliptic equations with a singular drift
ThuMar 2413:00Professor Giovanni Paolo GaldiNavier-Stokes Equations around a Rigid Body: Three Remarkable Open Problems
ThuMar 1013:00Professor David Gomes-CastroConcentration phenomena in Aggregation-Diffusion Equations
ThuFeb 2413:00Xiao RenExistence and uniqueness for plane stationary Navier–Stokes flows with compactly supported force
ThuJan 2713:00Professor Alexander NazarovThe Hopf-Oleinik Lemma for the divergence-type equations
ThuJan 1313:00Professor Igor PazaninThe effective boundary condition on a porous wall
ThuDec 1613:00Professor Semyon DyatlovQuantum chaos: advances and perspectives
ThuNov 1813:00Professor Andrej ZlatosEuler Equations on General Planar Domains
ThuNov 0413:00Prof. Yosef YomdinEstimating high order derivatives of a function through geometry and topology of its zero set
ThuOct 1413:00Prof. Grigory SereginA Slightly Supercritical Condition of Regularity of Axisymmetric Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations
ThuJun 0313:00Professor Ping ZhangGlobal existence and decay of solutions to Prandtl system with small analytic and Gevrey data
ThuMay 2713:00Professor Yasunori MaekawaGevrey stability of Rayleigh boundary layer in the inviscid limit
ThuMay 2013:00Julien GuillodStationary Navier–Stokes equations in the plane
ThuMay 1313:00Xiao RenLeray's plane stationary solutions have the prescribed limit at infinity in the case of small Reynolds numbers
ThuMay 0613:00Professor Eduard FeireislObstacle problem, Euler system, and turbulence
ThuApr 2913:00Professor Antonin NovotnyOn the weak solvability of some compressible bi-fluid models with general in/out-flow boundary data
ThuApr 2213:00Professor Toshiaki HishidaOptimal boundary control for steady motions of a self-propelled body in a viscous incompressible fluid
ThuApr 1513:00Jiri NeustupaNew regularity criteria for weak solutions to the MHD equations in terms of an associated pressure
ThuApr 0813:00Professor Pavel PlotnikovConcentrations and singularities of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations of compressible isentropic flows
ThuMar 2513:00Professor Anvarbek MeirmanovMathematical models of oil reservoir
ThuMar 1813:00Professor Andrea CianchiSymmetric gradient Orlicz-Sobolev spaces
ThuMar 1113:00Professor Hideo KozonoLr-Helmholtz-Weyl decomposition in two dimensional exterior domains
ThuFeb 2513:00Jan KristensenGarding inequalities and their impact on regularity and uniqueness
ThuFeb 1813:00Professor Paolo MaremontiOn the uniqueness of a suitable weak solution to the Navier-Stokes Cauchy problem
ThuJan 2113:00Professor Reinhard FarwigThe Navier-Stokes Equations in Bounded Domains with Moving Boundaries
ThuJan 1413:00Yoshihiro ShibataR-bounded solution operators and mathematical fluid dynamics
ThuDec 1713:00Gianmarco SperoneExplicit bounds for the generation of a lift force exerted by steady-state Navier-Stokes flows over a fixed obstacle
ThuDec 1013:00Alexander ShnirelmanTurbulent weak solutions of the Euler equations
ThuDec 0313:00Grigory PanasenkoAsymptotic coupling of models of different dimensions: MAPDD
ThuNov 2613:00Xiao Ren (任潇)The uniqueness of Plane Stationary Navier-Stokes Flow Past an Obstacle
ThuNov 1913:00Alexander VolbergRemovable singularities for Lipschitz harmonic functions, Geometric Measure Theory, and fine structure of harmonic measure
ThuNov 1213:00G.Paolo GaldiOn the Self-Propelled Motion of a Rigid Body in a Viscous Liquid by Time-Periodic Boundary Data
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