New York City Category Theory Seminar

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Computer science logic

The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 23:00-00:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Noson Yanofsky*
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The zoom information to log on will be posted on the Seminar Web page on the day of the talk.

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Past talks
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WedMay 0523:00Juan OrendainHow long does it take to frame a bicategory?
WedApr 1423:00Ross StreetAbsolute colimits for differential graded categories.
WedMar 2423:00Tobias FritzCategorical Probability and the de Finetti Theorem
WedMar 1723:00Tobias FritzCategorical Probability and the de Finetti Theorem
ThuMar 0400:00Joshua SussanCategorification and quantum topology.
ThuFeb 1800:00Richard BluteFiniteness Spaces, Generalized Polynomial Rings and Topological Groupoids.
ThuFeb 1100:00Peter HinesShuffling cards as an operad.
ThuFeb 0400:00Jason ParkerIsotropy Groups of Quasi-Equational Theories.
WedDec 1618:00Arthur ParzygnatA functorial characterization of classical and quantum entropies.
ThuDec 1000:00Dan ShieblerFunctorial Manifold Learning and Overlapping Clustering.
ThuDec 0300:00Andrew WinklerFunctors as homomorphisms of quivered algebras.
ThuNov 1900:00Enrico GhiorziInternal enriched categories.
ThuNov 1200:00Noah ChreinYoneda ontologies.
ThuNov 0500:00Luis ScoccolaLocally persistent categories and approximate homotopy theory.
WedOct 2823:00Larry MossCoalgebra in Continuous Mathematics.
WedOct 2123:00Andrei V. RodinVladimir Voevodsky’s Unachieved Project
WedOct 1422:00Jonathon FunkPseudogroup Torsors.
WedSep 3023:00David EllermanThe Logical Theory of Canonical Maps: The Elements & Distinctions Analysis of the Morphisms, Duality, Canonicity, and Universal Constructions in Sets.
WedSep 1623:00Rick JardinePosets, metric spaces, and topological data analysis.
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