MIT Infinite Dimensional Algebra Seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 19:00-21:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: André Lee Dixon*, Pavel Etingof, Andrei Negut
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Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriDec 0920:00Alexey BorodinTitle to be announced
FriDec 0220:00Ilya DumanskyTitle to be announced
FriNov 1820:00Iva HalachevaCotangent Schubert calculus and Lagrangian correspondences
FriNov 0419:00Brian WilliamsDolbeault AGT and infinite dimensional exceptional super Lie algebras
FriOct 2819:00Arun KanaanSymmetric Tensor Categories and New Constructions of Exceptional Simple Lie
FriOct 2119:00Ben DavisonTitle to be announced
FriOct 1419:00Maria Gorelik and Vladimir HinichRoot groupoid and related Lie superalgebras.
FriOct 0719:00Vasily KrylovSubregular nilpotent orbits and explicit character formulas for modules over affine Lie algebras.
FriMay 1319:00Nate HarmanOligomorphic Groups and Pre-Tannakian Categories
FriMay 0619:00Roman BezrukavnikovNew geometric approaches to the small quantum group
FriApr 2919:00Ben WebsterNoncommutative resolutions and Coulomb branches
FriApr 2219:00Aleksandra UtiralovaHarish-Chandra bimodules in complex rank
FriApr 1519:00Zhiwei YunConjugacy classes in the Weyl group and nilpotent orbits
FriApr 0819:00Dennis GaitsgoryScreening operators revisited
FriApr 0119:00Ralf KöhlTopological Kac-Moody groups -- Discussing the topology proposed by Kac and Peterson
FriMar 1819:00Alexander "Sasha" TsymbaliukTitle to be announced
FriMar 1120:00Quoc HoTitle To Be Announced
FriMar 0414:00Sylvain CarpentierQuantization of integrable differential difference equations
FriFeb 2521:00Steven SamCurried Lie Algebras
FriFeb 1820:00Andrei NegutGenerators and relations for quantum loop groups
FriFeb 1120:00Jethro van EkerenChiral homology, the Zhu algebra and identities of Rogers-Ramanujan type
FriFeb 0420:00Catharina StroppelMotivic Springer theory
FriDec 0320:00Michela VaragnoloK theoretic Hall algebras and coherent categorification of quantum groups
FriNov 1920:00Kent VashawOn the spectrum and support of a finite tensor category
FriNov 1220:00Pavel EtingofIntroduction to the analytic Langlands correspondence
FriNov 0519:00Yi-Zhi HuangVertex operator algebras and tensor categories
FriOct 2919:00Anton MellitAffine Springer fibers, open Hessenberg varieties, and nabla positivity.
FriOct 2214:00Anne MoreauNilpotent orbits arising from admissible affine vertex algebras
FriOct 1519:00Reimundo HeluaniFinite dimensionality of conformal blocks on the torus
FriOct 0819:00Eugene GorskyTautological classes and symmetry in Khovanov-Rozansky homology
FriOct 0114:00Michael FinkelbergKazhdan-Lusztig conjecture via zastava spaces
FriSep 2419:00Alexander GoncharovSpectral description of non-commutative local systems on
FriSep 1719:00Milen YakimovRoot of unity quantum cluster algebras: discriminants, Cayley-Hamilton algebras, and Poisson orders
FriSep 1019:00Dennis GaitsgoryFactorization of the minimal model CFT and Langlands duality
FriSep 0319:00Dennis GaitsgoryFactorization of the minimal model CFT and Langlands duality
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