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differential geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Hojoo Lee*
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GAPPF Season 2 (Autumn 2022) Organizers: Marcos Petrúcio Cavalcante, Simone Cecchini, Beomjun Choi, Sven Hirsch, Demetre Kazaras, Hojoo Lee, José Miguel Manzano, Wei-Bo Su, Albert Wood, Rudolf Zeidler.

GAPPF Season 1 (Spring 2022) Organizers: Yakov Berchenko-Kogan, Jesse Madnick, Hojoo Lee, Yangyang Li, Fabian Rupp.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SunNov 2715:00Yen-Chang HuangPappus-Guldin theorem and constant mean curvatures in the flat pseudo-hermitian manifolds
SatNov 2615:00Zhongshan AnThe Bartnik boundary data for stationary vacuum Einstein equations
FriNov 2515:00Albert WoodCohomogeneity-One Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow
SatNov 1915:00Yevgeny LiokumovichGeneralizations of the Isoperimetric Inequality in Higher Codimensions and Their Applications
FriNov 1815:00Gabor SzekelyhidiSingularities along the Lagrangian mean curvature flow
SunNov 1315:00Giuseppe TinagliaThe geometry of constant mean curvature surfaces in Euclidean space
SatNov 1215:00Kyeongsu ChoiNoncollapsed ancient mean curvature flow
FriNov 1115:00Wei-Bo SuImmersed special Lagrangians and Lagrangian mean curvature flow
WedNov 0915:00Francisco TorralboStability and index of compact minimal submanifolds of Berger spheres
TueNov 0815:00Andrea Del PreteA Jenkins-Serrin theorem in 3-manifolds with a Killing vector field}
MonNov 0715:00Xianfeng WangSelf-similar solutions to fully nonlinear curvature flows by high powers of curvature
SunNov 0615:00Gudrun SzewieczekCMC-1 surfaces in hyperbolic space
SatNov 0515:00Christopher EvansLagrangian mean curvature flow in the complex projective plane
TueNov 0115:00David BranderMaximal surfaces in the Lorentzian Heisenberg group
MonOct 3115:00Giuseppe PipoliConstant mean curvature hypersurfaces in H^n x R with small planar boundary
SunOct 3015:00Marcio BatistaMinimal hypersurfaces with low index in the real projective space
SatOct 2915:00Thorsten HertlPositive Scalar Curvature from a Concordance Viewpoint
FriOct 2815:00Yu-Shen LinConstruction of Special Lagrangian Fibrations on Log Calabi-Yau Surfaces
FriOct 2803:00Renato BettiolBifurcating minimal surfaces with symmetries
ThuOct 2715:00Antonio Luis Martínez TriviñoGlobal Geometry of [\varphi,\vec{e}_{3}]-minimal surfaces in R^3
ThuOct 2703:00David Moya HinojosaExistence and index of rotational free boundary minimal hypersurfaces in the Schwarzschild space
WedOct 2615:00Toru KajigayaHamiltonian stable Lagrangian tori in complex hyperbolic spaces
WedOct 2603:00Peter ConnorThe Construction of Doubly Periodic Minimal Surfaces via Balance Equations
TueOct 2515:00Atsufumi HondaSingularities of spacelike mean curvature one surfaces in de Sitter space
TueOct 2503:00Dorel FetcuSimons type formulas for surfaces in {Sol}_3 and applications
MonOct 2415:00Isabel FernándezWeingarten surfaces: Classification of graphs and multigraphs
MonOct 2403:00Siyuan LuOn the asymptotic Plateau problem in hyperbolic space
SunOct 2315:00Thomas RaujouanConstruction of constant mean curvature surfaces in space forms
SatOct 2215:00Penelope GehringConstructing charged Riemannian manifolds with prescribed asymptotics and controlled mass
FriOct 2115:00Akifumi OchiaiLagrangian mean curvature flows with generalized perpendicular symmetries
FriOct 2103:00Jie ZhouQuantitative rigidity for CMC surfaces in R^3
ThuOct 2015:00Diptaishik ChoudhuryConstant mean curvature foliations of quasi-Fuchsian manifolds near the Fuchsian locus and Hamiltonian paths in cotangent of Teichmüller space
ThuOct 2003:00Akashdeep DeyExistence of multiple closed CMC hypersurfaces with small mean curvature
WedOct 1915:00Franco Vargas PalleteRenormalized volume and isoperimetric profiles
WedOct 1903:00Aaron TyrrellRenormalized Area for Minimal Hypersurfaces of 5-Dimensional Poincaré-Einstein Spaces
TueOct 1815:00Aleks JevnikarOn the uniqueness of spherical metrics with conical points
TueOct 1803:00Luigi De MasiMin-max construction of minimal surfaces
MonOct 1715:00Maria AndradeSome gap results for free boundary CMC surfaces
MonOct 1703:00Vanderson LimaA two-piece property for free-boundary minimal hypersurfaces
SunOct 1615:00Adrian ChuA free boundary minimal surface via a 6-sweepout
SatOct 1515:00Jonathan GlöckleEnlargeability obstruction for spacetimes with both big bang and big crunch
FriOct 1415:00Jaehoon LeeClosed Lagrangian self-shrinking surfaces with reflection symmetry
FriJul 0114:00Q and AMarius Müller, Tobias König, Alvaro Pampano, Erin Griffin
ThuJun 3021:00Q and ASascha Eichmann, Jorgen Olsen Lye, Juan Carlos Fernandez
WedJun 1505:00Q and AMarco Pozzetta, Tatsuya Miura, Katharina Brazda, Thomas Körber
ThuJun 0915:00Gabin BallAssociative submanifolds of the Berger space
SatJun 0415:00Sascha EichmannGeometric measure theory and the Helfrich energy
ThuJun 0215:00Juan Carlos FernándezOptimal partitions and critical polyharmonic systems
TueMay 3115:00Introduction 08Juan Carlos Fernández, TBA, Sascha Eichmann
SunMay 2915:00TBATBA
SatMay 2815:00Katharina BrazdaModeling biological membranes with curvature varifolds
FriMay 2715:00Erin GriffinAmbient Obstruction Solitons and Homogeneous Gradient Bach Solitons
ThuMay 2615:00Udhav FowdarSymmetries and instantons on special holonomy manifolds
WedMay 2500:00Q and AReto Buzano, Letian Chen, Brian Harvie, John Ma
TueMay 2415:00Introduction 07Udhav Fowdar, Erin Griffin, Katharina Brazda, TBA
SunMay 2215:00Jinyu GuoStability for a second type partitioning problem
FriMay 2015:00Tobias KönigReverse conformally invariant Sobolev inequalities on the sphere
ThuMay 1915:00Spiro KarigiannisA variational characterization of certain calibrated submanifolds
TueMay 1715:00Introduction 06Spiro Karigiannis, Tobias König, TBA, Jinyu Guo
SunMay 1515:00Hung TranOn the Morse Index with Constraints
SatMay 1415:00Reto BuzanoNoncompact self-shrinkers for mean curvature flow with arbitrary genus
FriMay 1315:00Thomas KörberLarge area-constrained Willmore surfaces in asymptotically Schwarzschild 3-manifolds
ThuMay 1215:00Jason LotayDeformed G2-instantons
TueMay 1015:00Introduction 05Jason Lotay, Thomas Körber, Reto Buzano, Hung Tran
SunMay 0815:00Anna SkorobogatovaInterior regularity of area-minimizing currents with high codimension
SatMay 0715:00Letian ChenRotational symmetry of mean curvature flows coming out of a double cone
FriMay 0615:00Jørgen Olsen LyeYamabe Flow on Singular Spaces with Positive Yamabe Constant
ThuMay 0515:00Daniel PlattConstruction of G2-instantons
TueMay 0315:00Introduction 04Daniel Platt, Jørgen Olsen Lye, Letian Chen, Anna Skorobogatova
SunMay 0115:00Dong-Hwi SeoOn Free Boundary Minimal Annuli in a Half-ball
SatApr 3015:00Brian HarvieDynamical Stability in the Inverse Mean Curvature Flow
FriApr 2915:00Tatsuya MiuraComplete classification of planar p-elasticae
ThuApr 2815:00Jan SegertPainlevé VI Solutions From Equivariant ADHM Instanton Bundles
TueApr 2615:00Introduction 03Jan Segert, Tatsuya Miura, Brian Harvie, Dong-Hwi Seo
SunApr 2415:00Ben LoweScalar Curvature, Minimal Surfaces, and Hyperbolizable Riemannian Manifolds
FriApr 2215:00Marius MüllerAn obstacle problem for the p-elastic energy
ThuApr 2115:00Ragini SinghalDeformations of G2-instantons on nearly G2 manifolds
TueApr 1915:00Introduction 02Ragini Singhal, Marius Müller, Ben Lowe
SunApr 1715:00Ruojing JiangMinimal Surface Entropy in Negatively Curved N-manifolds and Rigidity
SatApr 1615:00John MaEntropy bounds for Embedded self-shrinkers with rotational symmetry
FriApr 1515:00Marco PozzettaOn the convergence of geometric flows
ThuApr 1415:00Federico TrincaCayley fibrations in the Bryant-Salamon Spin(7) manifolds
TueApr 1215:00Introduction 01Federico Trinca, Marco Pozzetta, John Ma, Ruojing Jiang
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