Geometric Analysis: Past, Present and Future

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differential geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Hojoo Lee*, Yangyang Li, Jesse Madnick, Fabian Rupp, Yakov Berchenko-Kogan
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GAPPF Season 1 (Spring 2022) Organizers: Yakov Berchenko-Kogan, Jesse Madnick, Hojoo Lee, Yangyang Li, Fabian Rupp.

Introduction Videos:

Recorded Lecture Videos:


Special Sessions:

Mean Curvature Flow (organized by Yakov Berchenko-Kogan)

Minimal Submanifolds (organized by Yangyang Li)

Special Holonomy: Calibrated Geometry and Gauge Theory (organized by Jesse Madnick)

Higher Order Variational Problems in Geometry (organized by Fabian Rupp)

Isoperimetric Problems and Geometric Inequalities (organized by Hojoo Lee)

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJul 0114:00Q and AMarius Müller, Tobias König, Alvaro Pampano, Erin Griffin
ThuJun 3021:00Q and ASascha Eichmann, Jorgen Olsen Lye, Juan Carlos Fernandez
WedJun 1505:00Q and AMarco Pozzetta, Tatsuya Miura, Katharina Brazda, Thomas Körber
ThuJun 0915:00Gabin BallAssociative submanifolds of the Berger space
SatJun 0415:00Sascha EichmannGeometric measure theory and the Helfrich energy
ThuJun 0215:00Juan Carlos FernándezOptimal partitions and critical polyharmonic systems
TueMay 3115:00Introduction 08Juan Carlos Fernández, TBA, Sascha Eichmann
SunMay 2915:00TBATBA
SatMay 2815:00Katharina BrazdaModeling biological membranes with curvature varifolds
FriMay 2715:00Erin GriffinAmbient Obstruction Solitons and Homogeneous Gradient Bach Solitons
ThuMay 2615:00Udhav FowdarSymmetries and instantons on special holonomy manifolds
WedMay 2500:00Q and AReto Buzano, Letian Chen, Brian Harvie, John Ma
TueMay 2415:00Introduction 07Udhav Fowdar, Erin Griffin, Katharina Brazda, TBA
SunMay 2215:00Jinyu GuoStability for a second type partitioning problem
FriMay 2015:00Tobias KönigReverse conformally invariant Sobolev inequalities on the sphere
ThuMay 1915:00Spiro KarigiannisA variational characterization of certain calibrated submanifolds
TueMay 1715:00Introduction 06Spiro Karigiannis, Tobias König, TBA, Jinyu Guo
SunMay 1515:00Hung TranOn the Morse Index with Constraints
SatMay 1415:00Reto BuzanoNoncompact self-shrinkers for mean curvature flow with arbitrary genus
FriMay 1315:00Thomas KörberLarge area-constrained Willmore surfaces in asymptotically Schwarzschild 3-manifolds
ThuMay 1215:00Jason LotayDeformed G2-instantons
TueMay 1015:00Introduction 05Jason Lotay, Thomas Körber, Reto Buzano, Hung Tran
SunMay 0815:00Anna SkorobogatovaInterior regularity of area-minimizing currents with high codimension
SatMay 0715:00Letian ChenRotational symmetry of mean curvature flows coming out of a double cone
FriMay 0615:00Jørgen Olsen LyeYamabe Flow on Singular Spaces with Positive Yamabe Constant
ThuMay 0515:00Daniel PlattConstruction of G2-instantons
TueMay 0315:00Introduction 04Daniel Platt, Jørgen Olsen Lye, Letian Chen, Anna Skorobogatova
SunMay 0115:00Dong-Hwi SeoOn Free Boundary Minimal Annuli in a Half-ball
SatApr 3015:00Brian HarvieDynamical Stability in the Inverse Mean Curvature Flow
FriApr 2915:00Tatsuya MiuraComplete classification of planar p-elasticae
ThuApr 2815:00Jan SegertPainlevé VI Solutions From Equivariant ADHM Instanton Bundles
TueApr 2615:00Introduction 03Jan Segert, Tatsuya Miura, Brian Harvie, Dong-Hwi Seo
SunApr 2415:00Ben LoweScalar Curvature, Minimal Surfaces, and Hyperbolizable Riemannian Manifolds
FriApr 2215:00Marius MüllerAn obstacle problem for the p-elastic energy
ThuApr 2115:00Ragini SinghalDeformations of G2-instantons on nearly G2 manifolds
TueApr 1915:00Introduction 02Ragini Singhal, Marius Müller, Ben Lowe
SunApr 1715:00Ruojing JiangMinimal Surface Entropy in Negatively Curved N-manifolds and Rigidity
SatApr 1615:00John MaEntropy bounds for Embedded self-shrinkers with rotational symmetry
FriApr 1515:00Marco PozzettaOn the convergence of geometric flows
ThuApr 1415:00Federico TrincaCayley fibrations in the Bryant-Salamon Spin(7) manifolds
TueApr 1215:00Introduction 01Federico Trinca, Marco Pozzetta, John Ma, Ruojing Jiang
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