IAS Seminar Series on Theoretical Machine Learning

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bioinformatics game theory information theory machine learning neural and evolutionary computing classical analysis and ODEs optimization and control statistics theory

Institute for Advanced Study

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Tuesday 17:30-18:45, Thursday 20:00-21:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Ke Li*, Sanjeev Arora
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Description: Seminar series focusing on machine learning. Open to all.

Register in advance at forms.gle/KRz8hexzxa5P4USr7 to receive Zoom link and password. Recordings of past seminars can be found at www.ias.edu/video-tags/seminar-theoretical-machine-learning

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuAug 2719:00Inderjit DhillonMulti-Output Prediction: Theory and Practice
TueAug 2516:30Piotr IndykLearning-Based Sketching Algorithms
ThuAug 2019:00Jason EisnerEvent Sequence Modeling with the Neural Hawkes Process
TueAug 1816:30Li DengFrom Speech AI to Finance AI and Back
ThuAug 1319:00John LangfordLatent State Discovery in Reinforcement Learning
TueAug 1116:30John Shawe-TaylorStatistical Learning Theory for Modern Machine Learning
ThuAug 0619:00Eric XingA Blueprint of Standardized and Composable Machine Learning
TueAug 0416:30Aapo HyvärinenNonlinear independent component analysis
ThuJul 3019:00Peter StoneEfficient Robot Skill Learning via Grounded Simulation Learning, Imitation Learning from Observation, and Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning
TueJul 2816:30Arthur GrettonGeneralized Energy-Based Models
ThuJul 2319:00Yoshua BengioPriors for Semantic Variables
TueJul 2116:30Max WellingGraph Nets: The Next Generation
TueJul 1416:30Jeffrey NegreaRelaxing the I.I.D. assumption: Adaptive mnimax optimal sequential prediction with expert advice
ThuJul 0919:00Anima AnandkumarRole of Interaction in Competitive Optimization
TueJul 0716:30Jennifer ListgartenMachine learning-based design (of proteins, small molecules and beyond)
ThuJun 2519:00Sanjeev AroraInstance-Hiding Schemes for Private Distributed Learning
TueJun 2316:30Soheil FeiziGeneralizable Adversarial Robustness to Unforeseen Attacks
ThuJun 1819:00Csaba SzepesváriThe challenges of model-based reinforcement learning and how to overcome them
TueJun 1619:00Avrim BlumOn learning in the presence of biased data and strategic behavior
ThuJun 1119:00Michael I. JordanOn Langevin Dynamics in Machine Learning
TueJun 0916:20Aleksander MadryWhat do our models learn?
ThuMay 2119:00Roni RosenfeldForecasting epidemics and pandemics
TueMay 1916:00Maxim RaginskyNeural SDEs: deep generative models in the diffusion limit
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