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general relativity and quantum cosmology

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Marcelo Rubio, Silke Pranzetti*, Jaumila Gonzalez*
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ThuFeb 1509:00Alessia FranchiniAPP Seminar/ Room 128: Electromagnetic emission from gravitational waves sources
ThuFeb 0813:30Tim LindenAPP Seminar
ThuJan 2514:00Jieshuang WangRoom 128: Multi-messenger astrophysics: neutron star mergers and active galactic nucleus jet
TueJan 2309:00Silvia CelliRoom 128: Supernova remnants and star clusters as candidate cosmic-ray accelerators
FriJan 1909:00Stefano AscenziRoom 128: Gamma-ray bursts and neutron stars in the multimessenger era
ThuJan 1813:30Ramit DeyOnline APP Seminar Host: Stefano Liberati
ThuJan 1809:00Arianna RenziniRoom 128: Searching for Gravitational-wave Backgrounds: targets, methods, and broad implications
ThuJan 1114:00Enrico BarausseGravitational Waves / Room 135
WedNov 2314:00Mario Herrero-ValeaTBA
WedNov 1614:00Stefano RinaldiTBA
WedOct 1213:00Boris GoncharovA recipe for detecting the gravitational-wave background with pulsar timing arrays
WedOct 0513:00Joao RosaObservational signatures of isotropically emitting sources orbiting bosonic stars
ThuSep 2913:00Adrien KuntzThree-body problem in General Relativity
TueJan 1114:00Laura BernardSome aspects of gravitational wave modelling in general relativity and scalar-tensor theories
ThuDec 0209:00Alexander VikmanDark Matter via Inverse Phase Transition: going beyond freeze-in with observable Gravitational Waves
TueNov 3014:00Alexander VikmanFrozen Axions and Global Dynamics for Newton and Planck
TueNov 0914:00Matteo BonettiThe massive black hole binary path to coalescence
TueOct 2613:00Christian KrügerFast Rotating Neutron Stars: Spectra and Stability without Approximation
ThuJun 2412:00Pedro CunhaConstraining ultralight scalar fields around the M87 black hole using the EHT shadow
FriJun 1812:00Maximilliano IsiTesting general relativity with LIGO and Virgo
ThuJun 1012:00Valeriya KorolGalactic Astronomy with LISA
ThuJun 0312:00Marija TomasevicTime in traversable wormholes
ThuMay 2712:00Dominik SchleicherFormation of the first supermassive black holes
ThuMay 2012:00Christopher BerryOn the origin of binary black holes
WedMay 1212:00Macarena LagosInteracting Gravitational Waves
ThuMay 0611:00Stephen GreenSimulation-based inference for compact binaries
ThuApr 1512:00Andreas MantzirisCosmological implications of electroweak vacuum instability: constraints on the Higgs curvature coupling from inflation
FriApr 0912:00Salvatore VitalePhysics and astrophysics with gravitational waves
ThuApr 0112:00Sébastien Renaux-PetelProbing primordial features with the Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background
ThuMar 2515:00Miguel ZumalacarreguiGravitational Wave lensing beyond Einstein’s General Relativity
ThuMar 1813:00Anna A. TokarevaNonlocal self-healing of Higgs inflation
ThuMar 1115:30Felix-Louis JulieGravitational radiation from a binary black hole coalescence in Einstein-scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
ThuMar 0413:00Steven LieblingNeutron Stars Colliding with Compact Objects
ThuFeb 2513:00Antoine LehébelOnset of spontaneous scalarization in generalized scalar-tensor theories
FriFeb 1913:00William EastEvolving Binary Black Hole Spacetimes Beyond Einstein
ThuFeb 1113:00Elisa MaggioHow does a dark compact object ringdown?
ThuFeb 0409:00Shahin Sheikh JabbariTemperature of Black Holes in Horndeski Gravity Theories
ThuJan 2813:00Nicolas Sanchis-GualLight in the dark: GW190521 as a Proca star merger
ThuJan 2110:00Frank OhmeThe Binary Universe In Gravitational Waves
ThuJan 1413:00Christian WuthrichBeyond the limits of analogue experiments
ThuJan 0713:00Alejandro Cárdenas-AvendañoExperimental gravity with electromagnetic and gravitational waves
ThuDec 1714:00Maria OkounkovaBinary Black Hole Mergers beyond General Relativity
ThuDec 1013:00Lorenzo AnnulliStirred and shaken: dynamical behavior of boson stars and dark matter cores
ThuDec 0310:00Eugeny BabichevDisforming the Kerr metric
ThuNov 2613:00Andrea MaselliExtreme mass ratio inspirals as probes of scalar fields
ThuNov 1910:00Claudia de RhamCausality in Curved Spacetimes
ThuNov 1210:00Diego BlasQuenching or detecting BH rotational superradiances
FriNov 0613:00Sergey SibiryakovQuantum gravity with anisotropic scaling: Past, Present, Future
ThuOct 2915:00Arthur G. SuvorovBuilding a theory around a given spacetime
ThuOct 2214:00Jose Maria EzquiagaCosmology and fundamental physics with binary black-hole mergers
ThuOct 1514:00Raissa F. P. MendesNeutron stars and screening mechanisms
ThuOct 0814:00Daniele ViganòTurbulent dynamos in binary neutron star mergers
ThuOct 0114:00Clare BurrageScreening of fifth forces in scalar tensor theories
ThuSep 2409:30Katsuki AokiGravitational positivity bounds
FriSep 1114:00Alberto SesanaSupermassive black hole astrophysics with pulsar timing arrays
ThuJul 1614:00Pantelis PnigourasSecular instabilities in neutron stars
ThuJul 0914:00Luis LenherExtensions to GR: Roadblocks & potential way through
ThuJul 0213:00Xisco JimenezRingdown overtones, black hole spectroscopy, and no-hair theorem tests with overtones and angular modes
ThuJun 2514:00Jorge BellorinHorava gravity in canonical formalism
ThuJun 1814:00Aron KovacsWell-posed formulation of scalar-tensor effective field theory
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