Trimester Programs on Triangle Groups, Belyi Uniformization and Modularity at BP, Pune, India.

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Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Tuesday 10:30-14:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune, India.*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueDec 0713:30Juanita Duque RoseroEnumeration of Low Genus Triangular Modular Curves
TueDec 0711:30Chaitanya AmbiFarey Symbols and Finite Index Subgroups of Modular Groups
TueNov 3013:30John VoightSome Problems and Questions.
TueNov 3010:30Leila SchnepsGrothendieck's path from Topology to Arithmetic
TueNov 2313:30Samuel SchiavoneComputing a database of Belyi maps
TueNov 2312:00Hartmut MonienCalculation of Three-point Branched Cover of Projective Line
TueNov 1610:30John ParkerFundamental domains and Poincar\'e's polygon theorem"
TueNov 0912:00Claire Burrin.Belyi's Theorem and Grothendieck dessin d'enfant
TueNov 0210:30Anand DeopurkarAlgebraic Curves and Belyi's theorem
TueOct 2613:30Pete ClarkTriangular Modular Curves-II
TueOct 2612:00Pete ClarkTriangular Modular Curves-I
TueOct 1912:00Yifan YangHypergeometric Functions as Modular forms on Shimura Curves.
TueOct 1910:30John ParkerArithmeticity and Takeuchi's Theorem
TueOct 1212:00Bram PetriThe Klein quartic.
TueOct 1210:30Bram PetriArithmetic Fuchsian Groups Through Quaternion Algebras
TueOct 0512:00Gianluca FaracoRegular Tessellations
TueOct 0510:30Mihir ShethModular curves: Analytic and Algebraic Aspects
TueSep 2813:30Neelima BoradeHyperbolic Tessellation
TueSep 2812:00Sudarshan GurjarRiemann-Roch Theorem for Compact Riemann Surfaces
TueSep 2113:30Sudarshan GurjarDivisors and Line bundles on Compact Riemann Surfaces
TueSep 2112:00Alexander MednykhThe Ten Euclidean Three-Dimensional Forms and Their Coverings.
TueSep 2110:30Alexander MednykhEnumeration of Maps and Coverings
TueSep 1412:00John ParkerThe Hyperbolic Plane, Isometries and Triangle Groups
TueSep 1410:30Alexander MednykhGraphs as Riemann surfaces: Cyclic group action
WedSep 0811:30Prof. T. N. VenkatramanaMonodromy of Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
TueSep 0712:00Prof John ParkerElliptic Functions and the Modular Group
TueSep 0710:30Prof. Alexnder MednykhGraphs as Riemann surfaces: Hurwitz type bound and Hyperelliptic Graphs
WedSep 0111:30Prof. Ravi S. KulkarniTopological Underpinnings of the Modular Group
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