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number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Tuesday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Rachel Pries*, Andrew Sutherland*
*contact for this listing

VaNTAGe is a virtual seminar on open conjectures in number theory and arithmetic geometry, with a focus on progress on unsolved problems. The purpose of the seminar is to provide a viable way for researchers to be involved with cutting-edge research without the expense and environmental impact of travel, and to advance understanding and interest in some of the most exciting open problems.

Speakers and participants will be expected to uphold the highest standards for clear exposition and respectful interactions.

Zoom meeting links are posted here and on the external website the night before each talk and also e-mailed to those on our mailing list . No password is required, but we do use a waiting room. Everyone in the waiting room will be admitted when the talk starts. Late arrivals will be admitted as soon as the host is available to do so, as will anyone who loses their connection and rejoins the meeting (but please be patient).

Video recording: Most lectures in this seminar are recorded and posted to our YouTube channel one week after the lecture. Participants who do not wish to be recorded should keep their video camera and microphone turned off (you can still ask questions via the chat).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueMay 0717:00Alex KontorovichPolymath-type projects in the age of formalized mathematics
TueApr 3017:00Kevin BuzzardOn the ingredients for Fermat
TueApr 2317:00Michael StollHow to translate a proof into Lean
TueApr 1617:00Maria Inés de Frutos-FernándezLocal fields in Lean
TueApr 0917:00Alex BestFormalization and Arithmetic Geometry; past, present, and future
TueFeb 2718:00Sara CheccoliOn fields with finitely many points of bounded height: around property (N)
TueFeb 2018:00Ziyang GaoSparsity of rational points on curves: What is known and what is expected
TueFeb 0618:00Philipp HabeggerConjectures on Unlikely Intersections: What is known and what is open?
TueJan 2318:00Hector PastenA criterion for algebraic degeneracy of integral points
TueDec 1918:00Noemie CombeAvatars of Grothendieck—Teichmuller groups and the absolute Galois group
TueDec 1218:00Andrew ObusAbhyankar's conjectures and fundamental groups
TueDec 0518:00Daniel LittGalois theory of local systems
TueNov 1418:00Jen PaulhusAutomorphism groups of compact Riemann surfaces
TueNov 0718:00Jesse WolfsonResolvent degree, Hilbert's 13th problem and geometry
TueOct 3117:00Sam SchiavoneIn search of 17T7: explicit realizations of Galois groups
TueOct 1717:00Lior Bary-SorokerOn the discriminant of random polynomials
TueOct 0317:00David HarbaterAn overview of the inverse Galois problem
TueMay 2317:00Abhishek OswalLifts of supersingular and almost ordinary abelian varieties
TueMay 0217:00Sug Woo ShinThe Langlands-Rapoport conjecture and related topics
TueApr 2517:00Maria FoxSupersingular loci of some unitary Shimura varieties
TueApr 1817:00Elena MantovanDensity of primes of ordinary reduction for abelian varieties with simple signature
TueApr 0417:00Bryden CaisIwasawa theory for class group schemes in characteristic $p$
TueDec 0618:00Damien RobertApplications of isogenies between abelian varieties to elliptic curves cryptosystems
TueNov 1518:00Luca de FeoProving knowledge of isogenies, quaternions and signatures
TueNov 0818:00Chloe MartindaleTorsion-point attacks on the supersingular isogeny Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol
TueOct 1817:00Wouter CastryckAn efficient key recovery attack on supersingular isogeny Diffie-Hellman
TueOct 0417:00Benjamin SmithIsogenies in genus 2 for cryptographic applications
TueSep 2020:00Steven GalbraithIsogeny graphs, computational problems, and applications to cryptography
TueSep 2017:00Kristin LauterSupersingular isogeny graphs in cryptography
TueJul 1217:00Robert Lemke OliverUpper bounds on number fields
TueJun 2817:00Stephanie ChanIntegral points in families of elliptic curves
TueJun 1417:00Ila VarmaCounting quartic number fields and predicting asymptotics
TueMay 3117:00Manjul BhargavaIntegers that are the sum of two rational cubes
TueMay 2417:00Ana CaraianiModularity over CM fields
TueMay 1017:00Ken RibetOgg's conjecture for $J_0(N)$
TueApr 2617:00Fred DiamondGeometric Serre weight conjectures and $\Theta$-operators
TueApr 1217:00Hanneke WiersemaMinimal weights of mod-$p$ Galois representations
TueApr 0517:00Chandrashekhar KhareSerre's conjecture and computational aspects of the Langlands program
TueMar 0118:00Everett HoweDeducing information about a curve over a finite field from its Weil polynomial
TueFeb 2218:00Jeff AchterEquidistribution counts abelian varieties
TueFeb 1518:00Christelle VincentExploring angle rank using the LMFDB.
TueFeb 0118:00Stefano MarsegliaComputing isomorphism classes of abelian varieties over finite fields
TueJan 1818:00Valentijn KaremakerMass formulae for supersingular abelian varieties
TueDec 1418:00Ben MoonenJacobians with complex multiplication
TueDec 0718:00Jacob TsimermanHeights and the André Oort conjecture
TueNov 2318:00Ananth ShankarPicard ranks of K3 surfaces and the Hecke orbit conjecture
TueNov 0918:00Wanlin LiA generalization to Elkies' Theorem on infinitely many supersingular primes
TueOct 2617:00Noam ElkiesSupersingular reduction of elliptic curves
TueOct 1217:00David RobertsHurwitz-Belyi maps
TueSep 2817:00Irene BouwBelyi maps in positive characteristic
TueSep 2117:00Sam SchiavoneBelyi maps: Computation and data
TueSep 1417:00Ozlem EjderDynamical Belyi maps
TueAug 3117:00Edray GoinsCritical points of toroidal Belyi maps
TueAug 1717:00John VoightBelyi maps in number theory: a survey
TueJun 2917:00Filip Najman$\mathbb Q$-curves over odd degree fields and sporadic points.
TueJun 2916:00Barinder BanwaitExplicit isogenies of prime degree over number fields
TueJun 2217:00Jeremy Rouse$\ell$-adic images of Galois for elliptic curves over $\mathbb Q$
TueJun 2216:00Pete ClarkThe torsion subgroup of a CM elliptic curve over a number field
TueJun 0817:00Lori WatsonOdd degree isolated points on $X_1(N)$ with rational $j$-invariant
TueJun 0816:00Ekin OzmanQuadratic points on modular curves and Fermat-type equations
TueMay 1817:00Damaris SchindlerDensity of rational points near/on compact manifolds
TueMay 1117:00Yuri TschinkelHeight zeta functions
TueMay 0417:00Will SawinThe freeness alternative to thin sets in Manin's conjecture
TueApr 2017:00Marta PieropanThe split torsor method for Manin’s conjecture
TueApr 0617:00Jordan EllenbergCounting points on (some) stacks: progress and problems
TueMar 2317:00Tony Várilly-AlvaradoDescent on K3 surfaces: Brauer group computations and challenges
TueMar 0918:00Francesca BalestrieriThe arithmetic of zero-cycles on products of K3 surfaces and Kummer varieties
TueFeb 2318:00Bianca VirayThe Brauer group and the Brauer-Manin obstruction on K3 surfaces
TueFeb 0918:00Alessandra SartiOld and new on the symmetry groups of K3 surfaces
TueJan 2618:00Edgar CostaFrom counting points to rational curves on K3 surfaces
TueDec 0818:30Manami RoyChallenges and usefulness of creating a database of groups in LMFDB
TueDec 0818:00Padma SrinivasanComputing exceptional primes associated to Galois representations of abelian surfaces
TueNov 2418:30David CorwinKim's conjecture and effective Faltings
TueNov 2418:00Jeremy BooherCan you hear the shape of a curve?
TueNov 1018:30Raymond van BommelCluster pictures of hyperelliptic curves
TueNov 1018:00Nicholas TriantafillouComputing isolated points on modular curves
TueOct 2717:00Arul ShankarOrdering elliptic curves by conductor
TueOct 1317:00Wei HoIntegral points on elliptic curves
TueSep 2917:00Alvaro Lozano-RobledoThe distribution of ranks of elliptic curves and the minimalist conjecture: reconciling conjectures and data
TueSep 1517:00Noam ElkiesRank speculation
TueSep 0117:00Bjorn PoonenHeuristics for the arithmetic of elliptic curves
TueJul 0717:00Nicole LooperThe ABC conjecture and arithmetic dynamics
TueJun 2317:00Joseph SilvermanModuli problems and moduli spaces in algebraic dynamics
TueJun 0917:00Patrick IngramThe critical height of an endomorphism of projective space
TueMay 2617:00Holly KriegerEquidistribution and unlikely intersections in arithmetic dynamics
TueMay 1917:00Alina BucurEffective Sato-Tate and applications
TueMay 0517:00David ZywinaComputing Sato-Tate and monodromy groups
TueApr 2817:00Andrew SutherlandArithmetic L-functions and their Sato-Tate distributions
WedApr 0800:00Francesc FitéSato-Tate groups of abelian varieties of dimension up to 3
TueMar 2417:00Kiran KedlayaThe Sato-Tate conjecture and its generalizations
TueMar 0318:00David Zureick-BrownModuli spaces and arithmetic statistics
TueFeb 1818:00Caroline Turnage-ButterbaughMoments of zeta and the vertical distribution of its zeros
TueFeb 0418:00Melanie Matchett WoodConjectures for number field counting
TueJan 2118:00Lillian PierceOn some questions in number theory, from the perspective of moments.
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