Geometric and functional inequalities and applications

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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs differential geometry functional analysis geometric topology spectral theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 13:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Joshua Flynn*, Nguyen Lam*, Guozhen Lu*, Jianxiong Wang
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This is a Weekly Online Seminar in the areas of geometric and functional inequalities and closely related areas of partial differential equations, geometric analysis, etc. It is usually held between 9:00-11:00am US Eastern Time on Mondays.

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MonSep 0914:00Xiumin DuTBA
MonSep 1613:00Allan GreenleafTBA
MonSep 2314:00Ovidiu SavinTBA
MonSep 3014:00Xueying YuTBA
MonOct 0714:00Francois GolseTBA
MonOct 1414:00Isabel FernandezTBA
MonOct 2114:00Eugenia MalinnikovaTBA
MonNov 0415:00Camillo De LellisTBA
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MonMay 0614:00Jeremy TysonHorizontal polar coordinates and H-type stability of step two Carnot groups
MonApr 2914:00Xiaodong WangGeometric inequalities on asymptotically Poincaré-Einstein manifolds
MonApr 1514:00Daniela De SilvaAn energy model for harmonic graphs with junctions
MonApr 0814:00Alberto Setti${\bf L^{p}}$-parabolicity of Riemannian manifolds
MonMar 1814:00Daniel TataruFree boundary problems for Euler type flows
MonMar 0415:00Francesco MaggiPlateau's laws for soap films, the Allen--Cahn equation, and a hierarchy of Plateau-type problems
MonFeb 2615:00Zhiqin LuThe Spectrum of Laplacian on forms over open manifolds
MonFeb 1915:00Debdip GangulySharp Quantitative stability of Poincar\'e-Sobolev inequality in the hyperbolic space
MonFeb 1215:00Yifeng YuExistence and nonexistence of effective burning velocity under the curvature G-equation model
MonFeb 0515:00Yannick SireEigenvalue estimates and a conjecture of Yau
MonJan 2915:00Yumeng OuNew improvement to Falconer’s distance set conjecture in higher dimensions
MonJan 2215:00Mihaela IfrimThe small data global well-posedness conjecture for 1D defocusing dispersive flows
MonDec 0415:00Malabika PramanikPoints and distances
MonNov 2015:00Wilhelm SchlagOn continuous time bubbling for the harmonic map heat flow in two dimensions
MonOct 2314:00Lei NiComplex Monge-Ampère equations, Grauert tube and estimate of Betti numbers
MonOct 0914:00Lu WangA mean curvature flow approach to density of minimal cones
MonOct 0214:00Hong WangFurstenberg sets estimate in the plane
MonSep 2515:10Irene FonsecaFrom Phase Separation in Heterogeneous Media to Learning Training Schemes for Image Denoising
MonSep 1814:00Donatella DanielliObstacle problems for fractional powers of the Laplacian
MonSep 1114:00Leonard GrossInvariance of intrinsic hypercontractivity under perturbation of Schrodinger operators.
MonMay 0814:00Silvia CingolaniOn the planar Schrödinger-Newton system
MonMay 0114:00Jie QingPotential theory in conformal geometry
MonApr 2414:00Marí­a del Mar GonzálezSpectral properties of Levy Fokker-Planck equations
MonApr 1714:00Luca CapognaThe Neumann problem and the fractional p-Laplacian in measure metric spaces
MonApr 1014:00Pierre-Damien ThizyLarge blow-up sets for Q-curvature equations.
MonMar 2713:00No TalkTBA
MonMar 2014:00Rowan KillipFrom Optics to the Deift Conjecture
MonMar 1313:00No Talk (Spring Break)TBA
MonMar 0615:00Benjamin SchleinGross-Pitaevskii and Bogoliubov theory for trapped Bose-Einstein condensates.
MonFeb 2715:00Walter StraussInstability of Water Waves (even small ones)
MonFeb 2015:00Monica VisanThe derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equation
MonFeb 1315:00Michael RoysdonIntersection Functions
MonJan 3015:00Wenchuan TianOn a family of integral operators on the ball
MonJan 2315:00Deping YeThe $L_p$ surface area measure and related Minkowski problem for log-concave functions
MonNov 2115:00Alessio FalocchiSome results on the 3D Stokes eigenvalue problem under Navier boundary conditions
MonNov 1415:00Philipp ReiterElasticity models with self-contact
MonNov 0715:00Xiaolong HanFractal uncertainty principle for discrete Fourier transform and random Cantor sets
MonOct 3114:00Alexandru KristalyLord Rayleigh’s conjecture for clamped plates in curved spaces
MonOct 2414:00Joshua FlynnSharp Uncertainty Principles for Physical Vector Fields and Second Order Derivatives
MonOct 1714:00Jianxiong WangSymmetry of solutions to higher and fractional order semilinear equations on hyperbolic spaces
MonOct 1014:00Tobias KönigMultibubble blow-up analysis for the Brezis-Nirenberg problem in three dimensions
MonOct 0314:00Mimi DaiNavier-Stokes equation: determining wavenumber, Kolmogorov’s dissipation number, and Kraichnan’s number
MonSep 1914:00Bianca StroffoliniTaylor formula and regularity properties for degenerate Kolmogorov equations with Dini continuous coefficients
MonMay 2314:00Galia DafniLocally uniform domains and extension of nonhomogeneous BMO spaces
MonMay 1614:00Fritz GesztesyContinuity properties of the spectral shift function for massless Dirac operators and an application to the Witten index
MonMay 0913:00Andrea MondinoOptimal transport and quantitative geometric inequalities
MonMay 0214:00Pei-Yong WangA Bifurcation Phenomenon Of The Perturbed Two-Phase Transition Problem
MonApr 2513:00Alina StancuOn the fundamental gap of convex sets in hyperbolic space
MonApr 1814:00Jiaping WangSpectrum of complete manifolds
MonApr 1113:00Eric CarlenSome trace inequalities related to quantum entropy
MonApr 0413:00Michael LossWhich magnetic fields support a zero mode?
MonMar 2813:00Carolyn GordonInverse spectral problems on compact Riemannian orbifolds
MonMar 0714:00Jérôme VétoisStability and instability results for sign-changing solutions to second-order critical elliptic equations
MonFeb 2814:00Enno LenzmannSymmetry and symmetry-breaking for solutions of PDEs via Fourier methods
MonFeb 2114:00Xiaodan ZhouQuasiconvex envelope in the Heisenberg group
MonFeb 1415:00Jian SongPositivity conditions for complex Hessian equations
MonFeb 0715:00Paul YangSturm comparison for Jacobi vector fields and applications
MonJan 3114:00Vitali KapovitchMixed curvature almost flat manifolds
MonJan 2415:00Luis VegaNew Conservation Laws and Energy Cascade for 1d Cubic NLS
MonDec 2015:00Robert McCannInscribed radius bounds for lower Ricci bounded metric measure spaces with mean convex boundary
MonDec 1315:00Linhan LiComparison between the Green function and smooth distances
MonDec 0615:00Qing HanA Concise Boundary Regularity for the Loewner-Nirenberg Problem
MonNov 2214:00Jyotshana PrajapatGeodetically convex sets in Heisenberg group $H^n$
MonNov 0815:00Eric ChenIntegral curvature pinching and sphere theorems via the Ricci flow
MonNov 0114:00Guofang WangGeometric inequalities in the hyperbolic space and their applications.
MonOct 2514:00Stefan SteinerbergerMean-Value Inequalities for Convex Domains
MonOct 1113:00Gabriele GrilloNonlinear characterizations of stochastic completeness
MonOct 0413:00Sundaram ThangaveluOn the extension problem for the sublaplacian on the Heisenberg group
MonSep 2713:00Yoshikazu GigaOn the Helmholtz decomposition of BMO spaces of vector fields
MonSep 2014:00Jill PipherBoundary value problems for p-elliptic operators
MonSep 1314:00Luis SilvestreRegularity estimates for the Boltzmann equation without cutoff
MonJul 0513:00Lorenzo D'AmbrosioLiouville theorems for semilinear biharmonic equations and inequalities
MonJun 2813:00Susanna TerraciniFree boundaries in segregation problems
MonJun 2113:00Roger MoserThe infinity-elastica problem
MonJun 1414:00Svitlana MayborodaGreen Function vs. Geometry
MonJun 0714:00Sun-Yung Alice ChangOn bi-Lipschitz equivalence of a class of non-conformally flat spheres
MonMay 3114:00No Talk (Memorial Day)TBA
MonMay 2413:00Xiaojun HuangRevisit to a non-degeneracy property for extremal mappings
MonMay 1714:00No talkTBA
MonMay 1014:00Michael StruweNormalized harmonic map flow
MonMay 0314:00Jungang LiSharp critical and subcritical Moser-Trudinger inequalities on complete and noncompact Riemannian manifolds
MonApr 2614:00Carlos KenigWave maps into the sphere
MonApr 1913:00Yanyan LiRegular solutions of the stationary Navier-Stokes equations on high dimensional Euclidean space
MonApr 1213:00Spring Recess (No Talk)TBA
MonApr 0514:00Jingzhi TieCR analogue of Yau’s Conjecture on pseudo harmonic functions of polynomial growth.
MonMar 2913:00Brian StreetMaximal Hypoellipticity
MonMar 2214:00Wenxiong ChenAsymptotic radial symmetry, monotonicity, non-existence for solutions to fractional parabolic equations
MonMar 1514:00Man Wah WongSpectral Theory and Number Theory of the Twisted Bi-Laplacian
MonMar 0114:00Manuel Del PinoDynamics of concentrated vorticities in 2d and 3d Euler flows
MonFeb 1514:00Yehuda PinchoverOn families of optimal Hardy-weights for linear second-order elliptic operators.
MonFeb 0814:00Martin DindosOn p-ellipticity and connections to solvability of elliptic complex valued PDEs
MonFeb 0114:00Yunfeng ZhangSchr\"odinger equations on compact globally symmetric spaces
MonJan 2515:00Zhen-Qing ChenStability of Elliptic Harnack Inequality
MonJan 1814:00Matthew GurskyExtremal Eigenvalues of the conformal laplacian
MonJan 1114:00Gilles CarronEuclidean heat kernel rigidity
MonDec 1415:00Betsy StovallFourier restriction to degenerate hypersurfaces
MonDec 1414:00Almut BurchardRearrangement inequalities on spaces of bounded mean oscillation
MonDec 0714:00Giovanna CittiDegree preserving variational formulas for submanifolds
MonNov 3014:00Annalisa BaldiPoincaré and Sobolev inequalities for differential forms in Euclidean spaces and Heisenberg groups
MonNov 1614:00Emmanuel HebeySchrödinger-Proca constructions in the closed setting
MonNov 0914:00David JerisonRescheduled to Spring Semester 2021
MonNov 0914:00Ling XiaoEntire spacelike constant $\sigma_{n-1}$ curvature in Minkowski space
MonNov 0215:00Joshua FlynnSharp Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg Inequalities for Grushin Vector Fields and Iwasawa Groups.
MonOct 2614:00William MinicozziMean curvature flow in high codimension
MonOct 1914:00Jiuyi ZhuThe bounds of nodal sets of eigenfunctions
MonOct 1213:00Cristian CazacuOptimal constants in Hardy and Hardy-Rellich type inequalities
MonOct 0514:00Laurent Saloff-CosteHeat kernel on manifolds with finitely many ends
MonSep 2813:00Jungang LiHigher order Brezis-Nirenberg problems on hyperbolic spaces
MonSep 2113:00Phan Thành NamLieb-Thirring inequality with optimal constant and gradient error term
MonSep 1413:00Jean DolbeaultStability in Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequalities
MonSep 0713:00Yi WangRigidity of local minimizers of the $\sigma_k$ functional
MonAug 3114:00Pengfei GuanA mean curvature type flow and isoperimetric problem in warped product spaces
MonAug 1714:00Juncheng WeiRigidity Results for Allen-Cahn Equation
MonAug 1014:00Fengbo HangConcentration compactness principle in critical dimensions revisited
MonAug 0314:00Dongmeng XiAn isoperimetric type inequality via a modified Steiner symmetrization scheme
MonAug 0313:00Yiming ZhaoReconstruction of convex bodies via Gauss map
MonJul 2713:00Xavier CabreStable solutions to semilinear elliptic equations are smooth up to dimension 9
MonJul 2014:00Andrea MalchiodiOn the Sobolev quotient in sub-Riemannian geometry
MonJul 2013:00William BecknerSymmetry in Fourier Analysis – Heisenberg to Stein-Weiss
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