Monthly Global Diffeology Seminar

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algebraic topology category theory differential geometry

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Enxin Wu*
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FriJun 1412:00Atsushi YamaguchiA theory of plots
FriOct 0412:00Patrick Iglesias-ZemmourWhat is a symplectic diffeological space?
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FriMay 1012:00Francois ZieglerFrobenius reciprocity: symplectic, prequantum, diffeological
FriApr 1212:00Jordan WattsWhen is a symplectic quotient a diffeological orbifold?
ThuDec 2112:00Paolo GiordanoHow to deal with continuous functions as if they were smooth: generalized smooth functions
WedNov 1511:00David MiyamotoLeaf spaces of Killing foliations
WedJul 1912:00Hugo Cattarucci BotosOrbifolds and orbibundles in complex hyperbolic geometry
WedJun 1412:00Alireza AhmadiCech cohomology in diffeology from another perspective
WedMay 1712:00Katsuhiko KuribayashiOn the cohomology algebras of the free loop space of the real projective space and its diffeological version
WedApr 1912:00Norio IwaseConcatenations and reflexivity
FriMar 1713:00James StasheffHow I became a so-called cohomological physicist
FriFeb 0312:00Yael KarshonSmooth maps on convex sets
FriJan 0612:00Dmitri PavlovThe smooth Oka principle and model structures on diffeological spaces and smooth sets
FriDec 0212:00Luigi AlfonsiClassical BFV-BV theory as derived n-plectic geometry
FriNov 0412:00Urs SchreiberTwisted equivariant differential (TED) K-theory via diffeological stacks
FriOct 0712:00Severin BunkOn homotopy types of smooth spaces
ThuSep 0112:00Philip SavilleDiffeological spaces as a model for differentiable programs: a tutorial
ThuJul 0712:00Elisa PratoSymplectic toric quasifolds
ThuJun 0212:00Konrad WaldorfDiffeology as an extension of topology by geometry
ThuMay 1212:00Hiroshi Kihara$C^\infty$-manifolds with skeletal diffeology
ThuApr 0712:00Emilio MinichielloDiffeological principal bundles and principal infinity bundles
ThuMar 1712:00Serap GurerOrbifolds as stratified diffeologies
ThuFeb 1712:00Jean-Pierre MagnotTopics on (pseudo-)differential operators for diffeologists
ThuJan 1312:30Hong Van LeDiffeological statistical models and machine learning
ThuDec 0212:00Ralph TwumDiffeological categories and induced representations
ThuNov 0412:00Jordan WattsSheaves for diffeological spaces
ThuOct 0712:00Patrick Iglesias-ZemmourWhy irrational tori are so important
ThuSep 0212:00David MiyamotoThe basic forms of a singular foliation
ThuJul 0812:00Enxin WuDiffeological vector spaces
ThuJun 0312:00Katsuhiko KuribayashiA singular de Rham algebra and spectral sequences in diffeology
ThuMay 0612:00Norio IwaseWhitney approximation for smooth CW complexes
ThuApr 0113:00Patrick Iglesias-ZemmourOrbifolds, quasifolds as diffeologies and C*-algebras
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