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University of North Texas

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Bunyamin Sari*
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Description: Research seminar on Banach spaces and related topics

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Past talks
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FriApr 0914:00Valentin FerencziThere is no largest proper operator ideal
FriMar 2614:00Yuval WigdersonNew perspectives on the uncertainty principle
FriMar 1914:00Paul MüllerComplex Convexity Estimates, Extensions to $R ^n$, and log-Sobolev Inequalities.
FriMar 1215:00Johann LangemetsA characterization of Banach spaces containing $\ell_1(\kappa)$ via ball-covering properties
FriMar 0515:00Antonio Avilés LópezSequential octahedrality and L-orthogonal elements
FriFeb 2615:00Ben WallisTBA
FriFeb 1915:00Sophie GrivauxTypical properties of contractions on $\ell_p$-spaces
FriFeb 1215:00Mikael de la SalleOn a duality between Banach spaces and operators
FriJan 2915:00Pavlos MotakisThe space $L_1(L_p)$ is primary
FriJan 2215:00Ramon AliagaThe Radon-Nikodým and Schur properties in Lipschitz-free spaces
FriJan 1515:00Richard LechnerRestriced invertibility, subsymmetric bases and factorization
FriJan 0815:00Bill JohnsonHomomorphisms from $L(\ell_p)$ and $L(L_p)$
TueDec 1516:30Keith BallRestricted Invertibility
FriDec 1115:00Jose Luis AnsorenaTBA
FriDec 0415:00Thomas SchlumprechtTBA
FriNov 2715:00Antonis ManoussakisA variant of the James tree space
FriNov 2015:00Jamal KawachApproximate Ramsey properties of Fréchet spaces
FriNov 1315:00Eva PerneckaLipschitz free spaces and their biduals
FriNov 0615:00Dirk WernerVector space structure in the set of norm attaining functionals
FriOct 3014:00Victor ReisAn Elementary Exposition of Pisier's Inequality
FriOct 2314:00Przemysław WojtaszczykQuasi-greedy bases in $p$-Banach spaces
FriOct 1614:00Mitchell TaylorFree Banach lattices: subspace structure and basic sequences
FriOct 0914:00Vladimir TemlyakovSampling discretization of integral norms
FriOct 0214:00Anna Pelczar-BarwaczSmall operator ideals on the Schlumprecht and Schreier spaces
FriSep 2514:00Paata IvanisviliSharpening the triangle inequality in $L_p$ spaces
FriSep 1814:00Chris PhillipsOperator algebras on $L_p$ spaces
FriSep 1114:00Bence HorváthWhen are surjective algebra homomorphisms of $\mathcal{B}(X)$ automatically injective?
FriSep 0414:00Mary Angelica Gramcko-TursiA separable universal homogeneous Banach lattice
FriAug 2814:00Tommaso RussoAsplund Banach spaces with norming Markuševič bases
FriAug 2114:00Khazhakanush NavoyanThe positive Schur property on spaces of regular multilinear operators
FriAug 1414:00Robert YoungMetric differentiation and Lipschitz embeddings in $L_p$ spaces
FriAug 0714:00Pete CasazzaTsirelson space, explicitly definable Banach space, implicitly definable Banach space
FriJul 3114:00Valentin FerencziOn envelopes and $L_p$ spaces
FriJul 2414:00Florent Baudier$L_1$-embeddability of lamplighter metrics
FriJul 1714:00Javier Alejandro Chávez-DomínguezCompletely coarse maps are real-linear
FriJul 1014:00Niels LaustsenA $C(K)$-space with few operators and few decompositions
FriJul 0314:00Gilles LancienKalton's interlacing graphs and embeddings into dual Banach spaces
FriJun 2614:00Bruno BragaTBA
FriJun 1914:00Christian RosendalTwo applications of Arens-Eells spaces to geometric group theory and abstract harmonic analysis
FriJun 1214:00Noé de RancourtLocal Banach-space dichotomies
FriJun 0514:00Denny LeungLocal convexity in $L^0$
FriMay 2914:00Miguel MartinOn Quasi norm attaining operators between Banach spaces
FriMay 2214:00Pedro TradaceteFree Banach lattices
FriMay 1514:00Gideon SchechtmanThe number of closed ideals in $L(L_p)$
FriMay 0814:00Chris GartlandLipschitz free spaces over locally compact metric spaces
FriMay 0114:00Daniel FreemanA Schauder basis for $L_2$​ consisting of non-negative functions
FriApr 2414:00Tomasz KaniaQuantifying Kottman's constant
FriApr 1714:00Mikhail OstrovskiiTransportation cost spaces, also known as Arens-Eells spaces, Lipschitz-free spaces, Wasserstein 1 spaces, etc.
FriApr 1014:00Pavlos MotakisCoarse Universality
FriApr 0314:00Kevin BeanlandClosed ideals of operators on the Tsirelson and Schreier spaces
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