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Audience: General audience
Seminar series time: Friday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Mehmet Akif Erdal*
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FriDec 1013:00Sefa Feza ArslanTBA
FriDec 1713:00Gülin ErcanTBA
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FriNov 1915:00Nadia RomeroOperations on the Frobenius-Wielandt morphism
FriNov 1215:00PostponedTBA
FriNov 0513:00Cihan OkayHomotopy classification of operator solutions of linear systems
FriOct 1513:00Sibel Şahinde Branges-Rovnyak spaces $H(b)$ from unit disc to unit ball of $\mathbb C^n$
FriOct 0813:00Oktay PashaevQuantum Calculus of Fibonacci Divisors applied to Classical Method of Images and Quantum Computational States
FriOct 0113:00Yusuf ÜnlüThe impossibility of the angle trisection by straightedge and compass revisited
FriJun 1113:00Ayhan GünaydinModel Theory of Beatty Sequences
FriJun 0413:00Fatma Altunbulak AksuGroup codes: an application of group algebras to coding theory
FriMay 2813:00Engin BüyükaşıkDual Baer Criterion and R-projectivity of injective modules
FriMay 2113:00Selçuk DemirOn Some Entropy Inequalities
FriMay 0710:00Alexander DegtyarevCounting lines, curves, planes… in algebraic varieties
FriApr 3013:00Berrin ŞentürkFree Group Actions on Product of 3 Spheres
FriApr 1610:00Müge Kanuni ErSocle of Incidence Rings
FriApr 0913:00Alp BassaRational points on curves over finite fields and their asymptotic
FriApr 0213:00Uğur Yiğit$C_2$-Equivariant EHP Sequences
FriMar 1915:00Benjamin MatschkeProofs by example
FriMar 1213:00Semra PamukRank conditions for finite group actions on $4$-manifolds
FriMar 0513:00Oğuz ŞavkClassical and New Plumbings Bounding Contractible Manifolds and Homology Balls
FriJan 0810:00Özgün ÜnlüFree Group Actions on Products of Two Equidimensional Spheres
FriDec 2510:00Noyan ErPure Things
FriDec 1810:00Fatih ErmanOn the Existence of a Self-Adjoint Hamiltonian for a Singular Interaction on Manifolds
FriDec 1114:00Özgür KişiselOn complex 4-nets
FriDec 0414:00Turgut ÖnderExistence of Almost Complex Foliations on Spheres
FriNov 0614:00Atabey KaygunGeneralized Weyl Algebras, Birational Equivalences and Gelfand Kirillov Conjecture
FriOct 3010:00Kazım İlhan İkedaOn the Langlands reciprocity and functoriality principles
FriOct 1610:00Aslı Güçlükan İlhan$\omega$-Weighted Digraphs and Local Complementations
FriOct 0910:00Ergün YalçınThe Dade Group of a Finite Group and Dimension Functions
FriMay 0810:00Serdar AyDilations of positive semidefinite kernels valued in operators of barrelled VH-spaces
FriApr 1710:00Tuna BayraktarMinimal surfaces and smooth autonomous dynamical systems in 2D
FriMar 0610:00Mehmet Akif ErdalBrown Fibration Categories and Enrichments in Monoidal Model Categories
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