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algebraic topology category theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 10:30-11:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Cihan Okay*
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MonMay 2710:30Redi HaderiWhat is an infinity operad? (part 2)
MonMay 2010:30Redi HaderiWhat is an infinity operad? (part I)
MonMay 1310:30Ulrich BauerConnect the dots: from data through complexes to persistent homology
MonMay 0610:30Bob OliverTBA
MonApr 2213:00Philip HackneyPartial groups and symmetric simplicial sets
MonApr 1510:30Victor CastilloQuantum nonlocal games and the d-torsion commutative space
MonApr 0110:30Ozgun UnluZigzag Persistence in Topological Data Analysis
MonMar 2510:30Walker SternHC IV: Limits and colimits
MonMar 1810:30Walker SternHC III: $\text{Cat}_\infty$ and Grothendieck
MonMar 1110:30Kadri İlker BerktavHomotopy theory of stacks and higher structures
MonMar 0410:30Uzay CetinTDA II: Matrix Reduction Algorithm and Morozov's Worst Case Example
MonFeb 2610:30Walker SternHC II: First constructions
MonFeb 1910:30Marco PraderioSharpness for the Benson-Solomon fusion systems
MonFeb 1210:30Walker SternHC I: Quasi-categories and simplicially enriched categories
MonFeb 0510:30Ergun YalcinTDA I: An Introduction to Topological Data Analysis
MonDec 1810:30Imma Gálvez CarrilloCohomology of categories after Baues-Wirsching
MonDec 1113:30Baris CoskunuzerTopological Machine Learning and Applications in Drug Discovery and Cancer Detection
MonDec 1110:30Baris CoskunuzerFilling Radius and Persistent Homology
MonDec 0410:30Kevin Ivan PitermanAdvances on Quillen's conjecture
MonNov 2710:30Walker Stern$(\infty,2)$-categories and lax colimits
MonNov 2010:30Mehmet KirtisogluThomason's Homotopy Colimit Theorem
MonNov 1310:30Victor Torres CastilloPartial group cohomology
MonNov 0610:30Koray KarabinaSecure Boundary Matrix Reduction Algorithm Using Homomorphic Encryption
MonOct 3014:00Jose CantareroConfiguration spaces of commuting elements
MonOct 2310:30Igor SikoraEquivariant contextuality
MonOct 0910:30Redi HaderiColimits of categories, zig-zags and necklaces
MonOct 0210:30Aziz KharoofHomotopical characterization of strong contextuality (part II)
MonSep 2510:30Aziz KharoofHomotopical characterization of strong contextuality (part I)
WedMay 2415:30Haihan WuWebs and Clasps
TueMay 2313:30Walker SternA story about spans
MonMay 2215:30Victor Antonio Torres CastilloStable homotopy type of p-local finite groups via biset functors
TueMay 1613:00Julie BergnerComplete Segal spaces and generalizations to higher $(\infty,n)$-categories
TueMay 0210:30Redi HaderiHomotopy Coherent Nerve
MonApr 2410:30Igor SikoraSegal spaces II
MonApr 1710:30Bob OliverTBA
MonApr 1010:30Özgün ÜnlüSegal spaces I
MonApr 0310:30Aziz KharoofSimplicial categories II - Dwyer-Kan localizations
MonMar 2710:30Igor SikoraSimplicial Categories I
MonMar 2010:30Igor SikoraModel Categories II - Derived functors and Quillen adjunctions
MonMar 1310:30Mustafa AkkayaModel categories I - basic definitions
MonFeb 2710:30Igor SikoraBasic constructions in quasicategories
MonFeb 2010:30Aziz KharoofQuasicategories
MonFeb 1310:30Aziz KharoofSimplicial sets
MonFeb 0610:30David BlancAn introduction to infinity categories
MonApr 2512:00Ellen HenkeFusion systems, linking systems and punctured groups
MonApr 1814:00Enrique TorresSequential Motion Planning assisted by Group Actions
MonApr 1112:00Facundo MémoliThe Gromov-Hausdorff distance between spheres
MonApr 0410:30Bob OliverA Krull-Remak-Schmidt theorem for fusion systems
MonMar 2816:00Toni AnnalaTopologically protected vortex knots and links
MonMar 2113:30Rick JardineUMAP for the working mathematician
MonMar 1410:30Henry AdamsAn introduction to Vietoris-Rips complexes
MonFeb 2810:30Ergun YalcinHigher limits over the fusion orbit category
MonFeb 2110:30Antonio ViruelPath Partial Groups
MonDec 2014:30Ayse BoratSimplicial analogues of homotopic distance
MonDec 1310:30Natalia CastellanaThe normalizer decomposition for p-local compact groups
MonDec 0610:30Darrick LeeA topological approach to signatures
MonNov 2910:30Mustafa KorkmazInvolution generators of mapping class groups
MonNov 2210:30Nima RasekhTHH and Shadows of Bicategories
MonNov 1510:30Markus SzymikTrigraded spectral sequences for principal fibrations
MonNov 0814:30Baris CoskunuzerGeometric Approaches on Persistent Homology
MonNov 0113:30Mehmet Akif ErdalAn Elmendorf-Piacenza type Theorem for Actions of Monoids
MonOct 2512:30Osman Berat OkutanPersistent Homology and Injectivity
MonOct 1810:30Jie WuHypergraph homology and its applications
MonOct 1112:30Tane VergiliPersistence modules and the interleaving distance
MonOct 0410:30Igor Sikora$RO(C_2)$-graded coefficients of $C_2$-Eilenberg-MacLane spectra
MonMay 0310:30Ana RomeroEffective homology and perturbation theory for computations in algebraic topology
MonApr 2610:30Andrew BakerDuals of P-algebras and their comodules
MonApr 1912:30Luis ScoccolaApproximate and discrete vector bundles in theory and applications
MonApr 1210:30Rune HaugsengHigher Morita categories
MonApr 0510:30Atabey KaygunFrom filtered complexes to matroids to cobordisms: an unlikely story in three parts
MonMar 2910:30Pablo Sanchez OcalHochschild cohomology of general twisted tensor products
MonMar 2210:30Aziz KharoofHigher order Toda brackets
MonMar 1510:30Ho Yiu ChungBieberbach group and decomposing flat manifolds
MonMar 0810:30Calista BernardTwisted homology operations
MonMar 0113:30Julie BergnerVariants of the Waldhausen S-construction
MonFeb 2210:30Ozgun UnluFree Group Actions on Products of Two Equidimensional Spheres
MonFeb 1510:30Ran LeviAn application of neighbourhoods in directed graphs in the classification of binary dynamics
MonFeb 0810:30Ergun YalcinThe Dade group of a finite group and dimension functions
MonDec 2110:40Sumeyra SakalliExotic 4-Manifold Constructions via Pencils of Curves of Small Genus and Surgeries
MonDec 1415:40Akhil MathewDescent and vanishing in algebraic K-theory via group actions
MonDec 0715:40Ben WilliamsA1 homotopy groups of GL_n and a problem of Suslin's
MonNov 3014:00Bernardo VillarrealA Lie group analogue of the coset poset of abelian subgroups
MonNov 2310:40Ozgur BayindirAlgebraic $K$-theory of $THH(\mathbb{F}_p)$
MonNov 1615:00Alejandro AdemFree Finite Group Actions on Rational Homology Spheres
MonNov 0210:40Simon GritschacherOn the space of commuting $n$-tuples in a Lie group
MonOct 2610:40Antonio Díaz RamosOn Quillen’s conjecture
MonOct 1910:40Surojit GhoshHigher differentials in Adams spectral sequence
MonOct 1210:40Aslı GüçlükanSmall covers over a product of simplices
MonOct 0510:40Cihan OkayCommutative $d$-torsion $K$-theory and its applications
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