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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jose Mourao*, Rosa Sena Dias, Sílvia Anjos*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueJun 1815:00Kiumars KavehA spherical logarithm map
TueMay 2815:00Pazit Haim-KislevOn the existence of symplectic barriers
TueMay 2115:00Mingyang LiClassification results for Hermitian non-Kähler gravitational instantons
TueMay 0715:00Marco RobaloGluing Invariants of Donaldson-Thomas Type
TueApr 3015:00Leander SteckerCanonical Submersions and 3-$(\alpha, \delta)$-Sasaki geometry*
TueApr 0215:00Joé BrendelLocal constructions of exotic Lagrangian tori
ThuMar 2116:00Naichung Conan LeungQuantization of Kähler manifolds
TueMar 1216:00Cristiano SpottiAlgebro geometric aspects of bubbling of Kähler-Einstein metrics
TueMar 0516:00Shira TannyFrom Gromov-Witten invariants to dynamics
TueFeb 2716:00Sheila SandonContact non-squeezing at large scale via generating functions
TueFeb 2714:30Frol ZapolskyBig fiber theorems and symplectic rigidity
TueFeb 2016:00Rita PardiniExploring the boundary of the moduli space of stable surfaces: some explicit examples
TueFeb 0616:00Levi LimaRigidity of non-compact static domains in hyperbolic space via positive mass theorems
TueJan 3016:00Giordano CottiGromov-Witten theory, quantum differential equations, and derived categories
TueJan 2316:00Yang LiOn the Thomas-Yau conjecture
TueJan 1616:00Liat KesslerExtending cyclic actions to circle actions
TueJan 0916:00Jason LotayTranslators in Lagrangian mean curvature flow
TueDec 1916:00Rémi LeclercqEssential loops of Hamiltonian homeomorphisms
TueDec 1216:00Filip ŽivanovićFiltrations on cohomology from Floer theory of contracting $\mathbb C^*$-actions
TueNov 2116:00Maarten MolKähler manifolds with a high degree of torus bundle symmetry
TueNov 0716:00Cinzia CasagrandeFano $4$-folds with large Picard number are products of surfaces
TueNov 0714:30Benoit CharbonneauSymmetric instantons
TueOct 3116:00Eleonora Di NezzaSingular Kähler-Einstein metrics
TueOct 1715:00Martin PinsonnaultEmbeddings of symplectic balls in $\mathbb{C}P^2$ and configuration spaces
TueOct 1015:00Manuel KrannichExotic tori, actions by $\mathrm{SL}_d(\mathbb Z)$, and mapping class groups
TueOct 0315:00Brayan FerreiraSymplectic embeddings into disk cotangent bundles of spheres
TueSep 2615:00Carlos FlorentinoSymplectic resolutions of moduli spaces of G-Higgs bundles over abelian varieties
TueJun 2015:00Bruno de OliveiraOn the geography of surfaces with big cotangent bundle
TueJun 0615:00Alex WaldronStrong gap theorems via Yang-Mills flow
TueMay 1615:00Jörg TeschnerSeparation of variables and analytic Langlands correspondence
TueMay 1613:30Valery AlexeevCompact moduli of K3 surfaces and tropical spheres with 24 singular points
TueMay 0915:00Žan GradLie categories
TueApr 1815:00Joé BrendelSymmetric probes and classification of toric fibres
TueApr 1115:00Vestislav ApostolovA Calabi type problem in generalized Kahler geometry
TueMar 2815:00Song SunComplete Calabi-Yau metrics asymptotic to cones
TueMar 2113:00Weiwei WuSymplectic Torelli groups for positive rational surfaces
ThuMar 1615:30Claude LeBrunEinstein Manifolds, Self-Dual Weyl Curvature, and Conformally Kähler Geometry
TueMar 1416:00Umut VarolgunesHeaviness and SH-visibility
TueMar 0716:00Ruobing ZhangDegenerations and metric geometry of collapsing Calabi-Yau manifolds
TueFeb 2816:00Tiago GuerreiroOn the birational geometry of Fano threefold complete intersections
TueFeb 1416:00Gonçalo OliveiraFrom electrostatics to geodesics in K3 surfaces
TueFeb 0716:00Stéphanie Cupit-FoutouThe Gromov width of compact toric manifolds
ThuJan 1916:00Yunhyung ChoMonotone Lagrangian tori and Mirror symmetry of Fano varieties
TueJan 1716:00Yaiza CanzaniCounting closed geodesics and improving Weyl’s law for predominant sets of metrics
TueJan 1016:00Emilio FrancoLagrangians of Hecke cycles in the moduli space of Higgs bundles
TueJan 0316:00Leonardo MacariniSymmetric periodic Reeb orbits on the sphere
TueDec 2016:00Luis DiogoLagrangian tori in the cotangent bundle of the 2-sphere
TueDec 1316:00Nicki MagillSymplectic embeddings of Hirzebruch surfaces
TueDec 0616:00Sofia TirabassiCharacterization of quasi-abelian surfaces
TueNov 2916:00Sobhan SeyfaddiniOn the algebraic structure of groups of area-preserving homeomorphisms
TueNov 2216:00João Pimentel NunesThe geometric interpretation of the Peter-Weyl theorem
TueNov 1516:00Matias del HoyoCompleteness of metrics and linearization of Lie groupoids
TueNov 0816:00Simon JubertA Yau-Tian-Donaldson correspondence on a class of toric fibration
TueOct 1815:00Miguel MoreiraVirasoro constraints in sheaf theory
TueOct 1115:00Antonella GrassiA family of threefolds with several unusual features
TueOct 0415:00Gustavo GranjaTopology of almost complex structures
TueSep 2715:00Lino AmorimFrom categories to Gromov-Witten invariants
FriSep 1615:00Alexander GiventalK-theoretic Gromov-Witten invariants and their adelic characterization
TueJul 0515:00Bruno de Oliveira$A_n$ singularities and bigness of the cotangent bundle
TueJun 2115:00Aleksandar MilivojevicHolomorphic notions of formality and Massey products
TueJun 1415:00Michael AlbaneseThe Yamabe Invariant of Complex Surfaces
TueJun 0715:00Vinicius RamosThe Toda lattice and the Viterbo conjecture
TueMay 3115:00Inder KaurBirational geometry of blow-ups of projective spaces
TueMay 2415:00Gleb SmirnovSymplectic mapping class groups of K3 surfaces and gauge theory
TueMay 1715:00Vincent HumilièreGroups of area preserving homeomorphisms and their simplicity
TueMay 1015:00Miguel AbreuContact invariants of Q-Gorenstein toric contact manifolds and the Ehrhart (quasi-) polynomials of their toric diagrams
TueApr 2615:00Lucas AmbrozioAnalogues of Zoll surfaces in minimal surface theory
TueApr 1915:00Miguel PereiraThe Lagrangian capacity of toric domains
TueApr 1215:00Michael R. DouglasHolomorphic feedforward networks
TueApr 0515:00Christian PaulyOn very stable bundles
TueMar 2915:00Jun LiStability and isotopy of symplectomorphism groups of ruled surfaces
TueMar 2210:00Yang ZhouQuasimap wall-crossing in enumerative geometry
TueMar 1516:30Joel FineKnots, minimal surfaces and J-holomorphic curves
TueMar 0816:00Ana Peón-NietoHigher wobbly bundles
TueFeb 2216:30Louis IoosBerezin-Toeplitz quantization in the Yau-Tian-Donaldson program
TueFeb 1516:30Richard HindThe Gromov width of Lagrangian complements
TueFeb 0816:30Jonny EvansSymplectic cohomology of compound Du Val singularities
TueFeb 0116:30Johannes HornResolving the rank 2 Hitchin system by compactified Jacobians of semi-stable curves
TueJan 2516:30Giancarlo UrzuaWhat is the right combinatorics for spheres in K3 surfaces?
TueJan 1816:30Hossein MovasatiA quest for new theories of automorphic forms: Gauss-Manin connection in disguise
TueJan 1116:30Lars SketnanBlowing up extremal Kähler manifolds
TueDec 2116:30Eva MirandaLooking at the Euler flows through a contact mirror
TueDec 0716:30Ciprian ManolescuKhovanov homology and the search for exotic 4-spheres
TueNov 3016:30Alfonso ZamoraE-polynomials and geometry of character varieties
TueNov 2316:30Ely KermanOn symplectic capacities and their blind spots
TueNov 1616:30Henrique BursztynRevisiting and extending Poisson-Nijenhuis structures
TueNov 0916:30Carlos FlorentinoThe geometry of commuting varieties of reductive groups
TueNov 0216:30Pranav ChakravarthyHomotopy type of equivariant symplectomorphisms of rational ruled surfaces
TueOct 2615:30André NevesMinimal surfaces in hyperbolic manifolds
TueOct 1915:30Luca AsselleA Morse complex for the Hamiltonian action in cotangent bundles
TueOct 1215:30Felix SchlenkOn the group of symplectomorphisms of starshaped domains
TueSep 2815:30Barbara FantechiSmoothability of non normal stable Gorenstein Godeaux surfaces
TueSep 1415:00Christine BreinerHarmonic branched coverings and uniformization of CAT(k) spheres
TueSep 0715:30Daniele AlessandriniThe nilpotent cone in rank one and minimal surfaces
TueJul 2716:00Umberto HryniewiczContact three-manifolds with exactly two simple Reeb orbits
TueJul 2016:00Olivia DumitrescuOn stratifications and moduli
TueJul 0616:00Siu-Cheong LauKaehler geometry of quiver moduli in application to machine learning
TueJun 2216:00Yael KarshonBott canonical basis?
TueJun 1516:00Antoine SongThe essential minimal volume of manifolds
TueJun 0816:00Mirko MauriOn the geometric P=W conjecture
TueJun 0116:00Carolina AraujoHigher Fano Manifolds
TueMay 2516:00Alberto AbbondandoloSystolic questions in metric and symplectic geometry
TueMay 1816:00Camilla FelisettiP=W conjectures for character varieties with a symplectic resolution
TueMay 1116:00Marcos JardimWalls and asymptotics for Bridgeland stability conditions on 3-folds
TueMay 0416:00Yu-Shen LinCorrespondence theorem between holomorphic discs and tropical discs on (Log)-Calabi-Yau Surfaces
TueApr 2716:00Laura SchaposnikOn generalized hyperpolygons
TueApr 2016:00Tomasso PaciniMinimal Lagrangian submanifolds, totally real geometry and the anti-canonical line bundle
TueApr 1316:00Brian CollierGlobal Slodowy slices for moduli spaces of λ-connections
TueApr 0616:00Marco MazzuchelliWhat does a Besse contact sphere look like?
TueMar 2317:00Lorenzo FoscoloTwistor constructions of non-compact hyperkähler manifolds
TueMar 1617:00Giulia SaccàCompact Hyper-Kählers and Fano Manifolds
TueMar 0917:00Leonor GodinhoOn the number of fixed points of periodic flows
TueMar 0217:00Andrew NeitzkeTBA
TueFeb 2317:00Alexandru OanceaDuality and coproducts in Rabinowitz-Floer homology
TueFeb 1617:00Jonathan WeitsmanTBA
TueFeb 0917:00Vicente MuñozA Smale-Barden manifold admitting K-contact but not Sasakian structure
TueFeb 0217:00Paul BiranPersistence and Triangulation in Lagrangian Topology
TueJan 2617:00Cristiano SpottiTBA
TueJan 1917:00Justin SawonLagrangian fibrations by Prym varieties
TueJan 1217:00Dusa McDuffCounting curves and stabilized symplectic embedding conjecture
TueJan 0517:00Thibaut DelcroixOn the Yau-Tian-Donaldson conjecture for spherical varieties
TueDec 1517:00Simon K. DonaldsonCo-associative fibrations of $G_{2}$-manifolds and deformations of singular sets
TueNov 2417:00Leonardo MacariniDynamical implications of convexity beyond dynamical convexity
TueNov 1717:00Sílvia AnjosLoops in the fundamental group of $\mathrm{Symp}(M,\omega)$ which are not represented by circle actions
TueNov 1017:00Emilio FrancoTorsion line bundles and branes on the Hitchin system
TueNov 0317:00Andrew LobbThe rectangular peg problem
TueOct 2717:00Yaron OstroverOn symplectic inner and outer radii of some convex domains
TueOct 2016:00Tristan C. CollinsSYZ mirror symmetry for del Pezzo surfaces and rational elliptic surfaces
TueOct 1316:00Xiuxiong ChenOn the space of Kähler metrics
TueOct 0616:00Éveline LegendreLocalizing the Donaldson-Futaki invariant
TueSep 2916:00Gonçalo Oliveira$G_2$-monopoles (a summary)
TueSep 2216:00Yang LiWeak SYZ conjecture for hypersurfaces in the Fermat family
TueSep 1510:00Robert BermanKähler-Einstein metrics, Archimedean Zeta functions and phase transitions
TueSep 0816:00Nick SheridanLagrangian cobordism and Chow groups
TueJul 2816:00Mark GrossIntrinsic Mirror Symmetry
TueJul 2116:00Colin GuillarmouOn the marked length spectrum and geodesic stretch in negative curvature
TueJul 1416:00Tian-Jun LiSymplectic rational G-surfaces and the plane Cremona group
TueJul 0716:00Rahul PandharipandeModuli spaces of differentials on curves
TueJun 3016:00Tara HolmSymplectic embeddings and infinite staircases
TueJun 2316:00Mario Garcia-FernandezGauge theory for string algebroids
TueJun 1616:00Alessia MandiniQuasi-parabolic Higgs bundles and null hyperpolygon spaces
TueJun 0916:00Kai CieliebakPartial orders on contactomorphism groups and their Lie algebras
TueJun 0216:00Steve ZelditchProbabilistic aspects of toric Kähler geometry
TueMay 2616:00Xavier RoulleauOn a special configuration of 12 conics and a related K3 surface
TueMay 1915:30Michael SingerA construction of $D_k$ asymptotically locally flat gravitational instantons from Atiyah-Hitchin and Taub-NUT geometries
TueMay 1216:00Rui Loja FernandesNon-commutative integrable systems and their singularities
SunFeb 0217:00Ana Rita PiresMany more infinite staircases in symplectic embedding functions
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