New England Dynamics and Number Theory Seminar

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dynamical systems number theory

Audience: General audience
Seminar series time: Thursday 16:15-17:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Dmitry Kleinbock, Han Li*, Lam Pham, Felipe Ramirez
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Past talks
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ThuSep 2116:15Omri SolanBirkhoff generic points on curves
ThuSep 2816:15Zach SelkStochastic Calculus for the Theta Process
ThuOct 0516:15Yuval YifrachA variation on the p-adic Littlewood Conjecture
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ThuDec 0817:15Sam ChowCounting rationals and diophantine approximation on fractals
ThuDec 0117:15Tariq OsmanTail Asymptotics for Generalised Theta Sums with Rational Parameters
ThuNov 1717:15Nicolas de SaxceRational approximations to linear subspaces
ThuNov 1017:15Nikolay MoshchevitinOn inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation
ThuNov 0316:15Shreyasi Dattap-Adic Diophantine approximation with respect to fractal measures
ThuOct 2016:15Lam PhamShort closed geodesics in higher rank arithmetic locally symmetric spaces
ThuOct 1316:15Chris LutskoA Spectral Approach to Counting and Equidistribution
ThuOct 0616:15Juno SeongAn avoidance principle and Margulis functions for expanding translates of unipotent orbits
ThuSep 2216:15Simon BakerOverlapping iterated function systems from the perspective of Metric Number Theory
ThuMay 0516:15Jiajie ZhengDynamical Borel–Cantelli Lemma for Lipschitz Twists
ThuApr 2816:15Ian HooverEffective Equidistribution on Hilbert Modular Surfaces
ThuApr 1416:15Mikolaj FraczykThin part of the arithmetic orbifolds
ThuApr 0716:15Emilio CorsoAsymptotics of the equidistribution rate of expanding circles on compact hyperbolic quotients and applications
ThuMar 3116:15Johannes SchleischitzExact uniform approximation and Dirichlet spectrum
ThuMar 2416:15Simon MachadoSuperrigidity and arithmeticity for some aperiodic subsets in higher-rank simple Lie groups
ThuMar 1716:15Nate HughesEffective Counting and Spiralling of Lattice Approximates
ThuMar 1017:15Nattalie TamamClassification of divergence of trajectories
ThuMar 0317:15Irving CalderónS-adic quadratic forms and Homogeneous Dynamics
ThuFeb 1717:15Julien TrevisanLimit laws in the lattice counting problem. The case of ellipses.
ThuFeb 1017:15Jiyoung HanThe asymptotic distribution of the joint values of the integral lattice points for a system of a quadratic form and a linear form
ThuFeb 0317:15Akshat DasAn adelic version of the three gap theorem
ThuDec 0917:15Michael BersudskyOn the image in the torus of sparse points on expanding analytic curves
ThuDec 0217:15Ilya KhayutinTwo-step equidistribution for bi-quadratic torus packets
ThuNov 1117:15Chris LutskoPair correlation of monomial sequences modulo 1
ThuNov 0416:15Alexander GorodnikQuantitative equidistribution and Randomness
ThuOct 2816:15Demi AllenAn inhomogeneous Khintchine-Groshev Theorem without monotonicity
ThuOct 2116:15Dubi KelmerThe light cone Siegel transform, its moment formulas, and their applications
ThuOct 1416:15Pengyu YangEquidistribution of degenerate curves and Dirichlet improvability
ThuOct 0716:15Lei YangKhintchine’s theorem on manifolds
ThuSep 3016:15Sebastian HurtadoHeight Gap, an Arithmetic Margulis Lemma and Almost Laws
ThuSep 2316:15Jayadev AthreyaGeometric Structures and Point Processes
MonMay 1016:15Seungki KimCounting problems on a random lattice
MonMay 0316:15Pratyush SarkarGeneralization of Selberg’s 3⁄16 theorem for convex cocompact thin subgroups of SO(n, 1)
MonApr 2616:15Asaf KatzAn application of Margulis’ inequality to effective equidistribution
MonApr 1916:15Tushar DasUsing templates to study problems in dynamics and number theory
MonApr 1216:15Han YuRational numbers near self-similar sets
MonApr 0516:15Nicolas ChevallierMinimal vectors in $\C^2$ and best constant for Dirichlet theorem over $\C$
MonMar 2916:15No TalkTBA
MonMar 2216:15Peter VarjuOn the dimension of self-similar measures
MonMar 1516:15Maxim KirsebomTowards an extreme value law for the deepest cusp excursions of the unipotent flow
MonMar 0817:15Minju LeeOrbit closures of unipotent flows for hyperbolic manifolds with Fuchsian ends
MonFeb 2217:15Tsviqa LakrecEquidistribution of affine random walks on some nilmanifolds
MonFeb 0817:15Barak WeissClassification and statistics of cut-and-project sets
MonFeb 0117:15Cagri SertExpanding measures and random walks on homogeneous spaces
FriDec 1117:15Anthony SanchezGaps of saddle connection directions for some branched covers of tori
FriDec 0417:15Osama KhalilLarge centralizers and counting integral points on affine varieties
FriNov 2017:15Shahriar MirzadehOn the dimension drop conjecture for diagonal flows on the space of lattices
FriNov 1317:15Jacqueline WarrenJoining classification and factor rigidity in infinite volume
FriNov 0617:15Byungchul ChaIntrinsic Diophantine Approximation of circles
FriOct 3016:15Anthony SanchezGaps of saddle connection directions for some branched covers of tori
FriOct 2316:15Mishel SkenderiSmall values at integer points of generic subhomogeneous functions
FriOct 1616:15Douglas LindDecimation limits of algebraic actions
FriOct 0916:15Nattalie TamamEffective equidistribution of horospherical flows in infinite volume
FriOct 0216:15Samantha FairchildCounting social interactions for discrete subsets of the plane
FriSep 2516:15Yotam SmilanskyMultiscale substitution tilings
FriSep 1816:15Emmanuel BreuillardA subspace theorem for manifolds
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