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algebraic geometry

Boston College

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Dawei Chen*, Qile Chen
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SatApr 2315:15Eric JovinellyExtreme Divisors on M_{0,7} and Differences over Characteristic 2
SatApr 2314:00Carl LianTevelev degrees of hypersurfaces
SatMar 2614:00Wern Yeen YeongAlgebraic hyperbolicity of very general hypersurfaces in products of projective spaces
SatFeb 2616:15Song YuOpen/closed correspondence via relative/local correspondence
SatFeb 2615:00Max WeinreichModuli spaces of linear maps with marked points
SatJan 2916:15Raymond ChengGeometry of q-bic Hypersurfaces
SatJan 2915:00Angelina ZhengStable cohomology of the moduli space of trigonal curves
SatNov 2016:15Heather LeeCounting special Lagrangian classes and semistable Mukai vectors for K3 surfaces
SatNov 2015:00Shengxuan LiuStability condition on Calabi-Yau threefold of complete intersection of quadratic and quartic hypersurfaces
SatSep 1815:15Yixian WuSplitting of Gromov-Witten Invariants with Toric Gluing Strata
SatSep 1814:00Dori BejleriWall crossing for moduli of stable log varieties
SatMay 2215:15Rosa SchwarzThe universal and log double ramification cycle
SatMay 2214:00Rohini RamadasSpecial loci in the moduli space of self-maps of projective space
SatApr 2415:45Samir CanningThe Chow rings of the moduli space of curves of genus 7, 8, and 9
SatApr 2414:30Shiyue LiTopology of tropical moduli spaces of weighted stable curves in higher genus
SatMar 2715:15Sam MolchoThe logarithmic tautological ring
SatMar 2714:00Rob SilversmithStratifications of Hilbert schemes from tropical geometry
SatFeb 2716:15Mandy CheungCompactifications of cluster varieties and convexity
SatFeb 2715:00Irene SchwarzOn the Kodaira dimension of the moduli space of hyperelliptic curves with marked points
SatJan 2316:15Michel van GarrelStable maps to Looijenga pairs
SatJan 2315:00Fatemeh RezaeeMinimal Model Program via wall-crossing in higher dimensions?
SatNov 2116:15Francesca CarocciA modular smooth compactification of genus 2 curves in projective spaces
SatNov 2115:00Sebastian BozleeContractions of logarithmic curves and alternate compactifications of the space of pointed elliptic curves
SatOct 3115:15Hülya ArgüzEnumerating punctured log Gromov-Witten invariants from wall-crossing
SatOct 3114:00Frederik BenirschkeCompactification of linear subvarieties
SatSep 2615:15Hannah LarsonBrill--Noether theory over the Hurwitz space
SatSep 2614:00Dennis TsengAlgebraic Geometry and the Log-Concavity of Matroid Invariants
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