Global Noncommutative Geometry Seminar (Americas)

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mathematical physics differential geometry functional analysis K-theory and homology number theory operator algebras quantum algebra representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Caterina Cansani, Guillermo Cortiñas, Nigel Higson, Masoud Khalkhali, Xiang Tang*, Guoliang Yu
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Past talks
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FriMar 1120:00Rufus WillettDecomposable C*-algebras and the UCT
FriJan 2820:00Yanli SongK-theory of the reduced C*-algebra of a real reductive Lie group
FriJan 1420:00Gilles PisierThe lifting property for C*-algebras
FriSep 2419:00Marc RieffelDirac Operators for Matrix Algebras Converging to Coadjoint Orbits
FriMay 1418:00Nikita SopenkoInvertible states of quantum lattice spin systems and their invariants
FriMay 0718:00Zhizhang XieA relative index theorem for incomplete manifolds and Gromov’s conjectures on positive scalar curvature
FriApr 3018:00Anna SkripkaApproximation of functions of unbounded operators
FriApr 2318:00Ieke MoerdijkAn Introduction to Dendroidal Topology
FriApr 1618:00Yang LiuHypergeometric Functions and Heat Coefficients on Noncommutative Tori
FriApr 0918:00Jean-Eric PinA noncommutative extension of Mahler’s interpolation theorem
FriApr 0218:00Henrique BursztynRelating Morita equivalence in algebra and geometry via deformation quantization
FriMar 2618:00Dan VoiculescuAround the Quasicentral Modulus
FriMar 1918:00Pere AraCrossed products and the Atiyah problem
FriMar 1219:00Asghar GhorbanpourScalar curvature of functional metrics on noncommutative tori
FriFeb 2619:00Alcides BussAmenable actions of groups on C*-algebras
FriFeb 1919:00Eckhard MeinrenkenDifferential Geometry of Weightings
FriFeb 1219:00Henry YuenTesting low-degree polynomials in the noncommutative setting
FriFeb 0519:00Jens HemelaerToposes in arithmetic noncommutative geometry
FriJan 2919:00Pierre AlbinThe sub-Riemannian limit of a contact manifold
FriJan 2219:00Emil ProdanNon-Commutative Geometry and Materials Science
WedDec 1619:00Zhaoting WeiDeterminant line bundles and cohesive modules
WedDec 0919:00Iakovos AndroulidakisThe Heisenberg calculus of a singular Lie filtration
WedDec 0219:00Sheagan JohnPairing of Secondary Higher Invariants and Cyclic Cohomology for Virtually Nilpotent Groups
WedNov 1119:00Nigel HigsonThe Oka principle and Novodvorskii’s theorem
WedNov 0419:00Rudy RodsphonA KK-theoretical perspective on quantization commutes with reduction
WedOct 2818:00Matthew LorentzThe Hochschild cohomology of uniform Roe algebras
WedOct 2118:00Jonathan BlockSingular foliations and characteristic classes
WedOct 1418:00Paolo PiazzaHigher genera and C*-indices on G-proper manifolds
WedOct 0718:00Bogdan NicaOn norms of averaging operators on geometric groups
WedSep 3018:00Simone CecchineA long neck principle for Riemannian spin manifolds with positive scalar curvature
WedSep 2318:00Rudolf ZeidlerScalar curvature comparison via the Dirac operator
WedSep 1618:00Kristin CourtneyC*-structure on images of completely positive order zero maps
WedJun 2418:00Carla FarsiProper Lie Groupoids and their structures
WedJun 1718:00Shintaro NishikawaSp(n,1) admits a proper 1-cocycle for a uniformly bounded representation
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