E-NLA - Online seminar series on numerical linear algebra

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computational engineering, finance, and science numerical analysis

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Melina Freitag, Stefan Güttel, Daniel Kressner, Jörg Liesen, Valeria Simoncini, Alex Townsend, Bart Vandereycken*
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E-NLA is an online seminar series dedicated to topics in Numerical Linear Algebra. Talks take place on Wednesdays at 4pm (Central European Time) via Zoom and are initially scheduled on a weekly basis.

To join the seminar, please complete the sign up form at the bottom of the webpage. Information about how to connect to the conference call will be circulated via email to all registered attendees.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedMar 2415:00Cameron MuscoHutch++: Optimal Stochastic Trace Estimation
WedMar 1015:00Gunnar MartinssonTBA
WedFeb 2415:00Erin CarsonWhat do we know about block Gram-Schmidt?
WedFeb 1015:00Jim NagyKrylov Subspace Regularization for Inverse Problems
WedJan 2715:00Nicolas GillisIdentifiability and Computation of Nonnegative Matrix Factorizations
WedJan 1315:00Anne GreenbaumSpectral Sets: Numerical Range and Beyond
WedDec 0915:00Chen GreifTBA
WedNov 2515:00Francoise TisseurTBA
WedNov 1115:00Des HighamConcepts and Algorithms for Higher Order Networks: Beyond Pairwise Interactions
WedOct 2815:00Yuji NakatsukasaFast and stable randomized low-rank matrix approximation
WedOct 1414:00Sherry LiAutotuning exascale applications with Gaussian process regression
WedSep 3014:00Howard ElmanMultigrid Methods for Computing Low-Rank Solutions to Parameter-Dependent Partial Differential Equations
WedSep 1614:00Elisabeth UllmannApproximation of parametric covariance matrices
WedSep 0914:00David KeyesData-sparse Linear Algebra Algorithms for Large-scale Applications on Emerging Architectures
WedJul 2214:00Michael NgNonnegative low rank matrix approximation and its applications
WedJul 1514:00Christian LubichDynamical low-rank approximation
WedJul 0814:00Laura GrigoriCommunication avoiding low rank matrix approximation, an unified perspective on deterministic and randomized approaches
WedJul 0114:00Tamara G. KoldaPractical Leverage-Based Sampling for Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition
WedJun 2414:00James DemmelCommunication-Avoiding Algorithms for Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, and Beyond
WedJun 1714:00Mark EmbreeContour Integral Methods for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems: A Systems Theory Perspective
WedJun 1014:00Martin GanderA Linear Algebra Approach to Time Parallelization: Parareal, ParaExp, ParaDiag, ParaOpt and ParaStieltjes
WedJun 0314:00Nick TrefethenVandermonde with Arnoldi
WedMay 2714:00Cleve MolerThe Evolution of "The Evolution of MATLAB"
WedMay 2014:00Ilse IpsenProbabilistic numerical linear solvers
WedMay 1314:00Volker MehrmannRobustness of linear algebra properties for Port-Hamiltonian systems
WedMay 0614:00Michele BenziNonlocal dynamics on networks via fractional graph Laplacians: theory and numerical methods
WedApr 2914:00Nicholas J. HighamAre Numerical Linear Algebra Algorithms Accurate at Extreme Scale and at Low Precisions?
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