Iowa State Geometric Analysis Seminar

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analysis of PDEs differential geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 16:00-16:50 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Gabe Khan*
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Past talks
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MonOct 1616:00Gabriella ClementeThe curvature of almost-hermitian structures
MonOct 0216:00Flavien LégerCross-curvature: new areas of applications
MonMar 0617:00Armin SchikorraDiv-Curl estimates and harmonic maps: Local and nonlocal
MonDec 0517:00Malik TuerkoenLog-Concavity and Fundamental Gaps on Surfaces of Positive Curvature
MonOct 1716:00Soumyajit SahaEffects of perturbation on low energy Laplace eigenfunctions
MonSep 2616:00Antonio de RosaMin-max construction of anisotropic CMC surfaces
MonSep 1916:00Reto BusanoNoncompact self-shrinkers for mean curvature flow with arbitrary genus
MonApr 0420:10Zhiqin LuTBA
MonMar 2820:10Gunhee ChoTBA
MonMar 2120:10Sebastien PicardTopological Transitions of Calabi-Yau Threefolds
MonMar 0721:10Hung TranOn the Morse Index with Constraints
MonFeb 2821:10Clayton ShonkwilerGeometric Approaches to Frame Theory
MonFeb 2121:10Jakob HultgrenSingular affine structures, Monge-Ampère equations and unit simplices
ThuNov 1118:40Sigurd AngenentNon-uniqueness in geometric flows
ThuNov 0417:40Damin WuKahler-Einstein metric on negatively pinched complete Kahler manifolds
ThuOct 2817:40Fangyang ZhengThe Hermitian geometry of Strominger connections
ThuOct 2117:40Jingrui ChengAnalytical aspect for the existence of constant scalar curvature Kahler metric
ThuOct 1417:40Connor MooneySolutions to the Monge-Ampere equation with polyhedral and Y-shaped singularities
ThuOct 0717:40Xuan Hien NguyenThe vanishing of the fundamental gap of convex domains in hyperbolic n-space
ThuSep 3017:40Xuan Hien NguyenThe fundamental gap of horoconvex domains in hyperbolic space
ThuSep 1617:40Yury UstinovskyGeometric Flows on Complex Manifolds and Generalized Kahler-Ricci Solitons
ThuSep 0917:40Pablo Raúl StingaRegularity for C1,alpha interface transmission problems
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