Algebra and Geometry Seminar @ HKUST

algebraic geometry representation theory

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 08:30-09:30, Wednesday 08:30-09:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Quoc Ho*, Qingyuan Jiang*
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Algebra and Geometry seminar at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedJan 3108:30Xiaowei WangMoment map and convex function
ThuJan 2507:00Yang ZhouWall-crossing formula V. Applications and generalizations
WedJan 2407:00Yang ZhouWall-crossing formula IV. Applications and generalizations
MonJan 2207:00Yang ZhouWall-crossing formula III. Entangled tails and the wall-crossing formula
WedJan 1708:00Yang ZhouWall-crossing formula II. The master space technique and its application to weighted pointed curves
MonJan 1507:00Yang ZhouWall-crossing formula I. Stable quasimaps and their wall-crossing formula
ThuJan 1107:30Ben DavisonOkounkov's conjecture via BPS Lie algebras
MonNov 2707:00Yibo GaoQuantum Bruhat graphs and tilted Richardson varieties
WedNov 1507:00Yaoxiang WenMirror symmetries for parabolic Hitchin systems, from classical to global, II
MonNov 1307:00Yaoxiang WenMirror symmetries for parabolic Hitchin systems, from classical to global, I
MonNov 0608:00Kamil RychlewiczCohomology theories and rings of functions
MonOct 3007:00Aron HeleodoroSemi-orthogonal decomposition of conjugation equivariant sheaves on the loop group
FriOct 2707:00Adeel Khan (colloquium)Derived Fourier analysis
WedOct 2507:00Adeel KhanMicrolocalization on derived moduli spaces
MonOct 1607:00Lucien HennecartCohomological integrality for 2-Calabi-Yau categories
WedOct 1107:00Kostiantyn TolmachovEquivariant derived category of a reductive group as a categorical center
MonOct 0907:00Dougal DavisUnitary representations of real groups and localisation theory for Hodge modules
WedSep 2707:00Penghui LiGraded character sheaves, HOMFLY-PT homology, and Hilbert schemes of points on $\mathbb{C}^2$
MonSep 2507:00Timothy CampionSmooth and proper algebras via stable $(\infty,2)$-categories
FriAug 1806:00Jens EberhardtMotives in Geometric Representation Theory V
ThuAug 1706:00Jens EberhardtMotives in Geometric Representation Theory IV
WedAug 1607:00Jethro van EkerenChiral homology, the Zhu algebra, and Rogers-Ramanujan
TueAug 1506:00Jens EberhardtMotives in Geometric Representation Theory III
MonAug 1406:00Jens EberhardtMotives in Geometric Representation Theory II
FriAug 1106:00Jens EberhardtMotives in Geometric Representation Theory I
WedMay 1003:00Sasha MinetsA proof of $P=W$ conjecture
WedApr 2608:30Qingyuan JiangDerived projectivizations and Grassmannians and their applications
WedApr 2607:00Gufang ZhaoQuasimaps to quivers with potentials
WedApr 1907:00Oscar KivinenOrbital L-functions and knot superpolynomials
WedApr 1207:00Igor FrenkelRepresentation Theory in Mathematics and Physics
WedApr 0507:00Jens EberhardtA K-theoretic Approach to Geometric Representation Theory
WedMar 2207:00Zhao YuHecke Correspondences on smooth surfaces and categorical commutators
WedMar 1507:00Ian LeCluster structures on braid varieties
FriMar 0307:00Ping XuDuflo-Kontsevich type theorem for dg manifolds
FriFeb 2407:00Harrison ChenCircle actions, coherent Springer theory and classical Springer theory
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