Machine Learning Seminar

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machine learning mathematical physics commutative algebra algebraic geometry algebraic topology combinatorics differential geometry number theory representation theory

University of Nottingham

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Alexander Kasprzyk*, Lorenzo De Biase*, Tom Oliver, Sara Veneziale
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Online machine learning in pure mathematics seminar, typically held on Wednesday. This seminar takes place online via Zoom.

For recordings of past talks and copies of the speaker's slides, please visit the seminar homepage at:

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Past talks
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WedApr 1709:00Ellie HeyesGenerating Calabi–Yau Manifolds with Machine Learning
WedMar 2010:00Shailesh LalNeural Network solvers for the Yang-Baxter Equation
WedMar 1310:00Daniele AngellaConstructing and Machine Learning Calabi-Yau Five-Folds
WedDec 0615:00Kyu-Hwan LeeData-scientific study of Kronecker coefficients
WedNov 2210:00Agnese BarbensiPersistent homology, hypergraphs and geometric cycle matching
WedNov 0810:00Martina ScolamieroMachine Learning with Topological Data Analysis features
WedOct 1809:00Felix SchremmerMachine learning assisted exploration for affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties
WedSep 2714:00Rahul SarkarA framework for generating inequality conjectures
WedSep 2009:00Bruno GavranovićFundamental Components of Deep Learning: A category-theoretic approach
WedSep 0614:00Charlotte AtenDiscrete neural nets and polymorphic learning
WedAug 0209:00Honglu FanLocal uniformization, Hilbert scheme of points and reinforcement learning
WedJul 2609:00Le Quoc TungAlgorithmic and theoretical aspects of sparse deep neural networks
WedJul 1209:00Challenger MishraMathematical conjecture generation and Machine Intelligence
WedJul 0515:00Thomas GebhartSpecifying Local Constraints in Representation Learning with Cellular Sheaves
WedJun 2109:00Edward Pearce-CrumpExploring group equivariant neural networks using set partition diagrams
WedJun 1409:00Vasco BrattkaOn the Complexity of Computing Gödel Numbers
WedMay 3109:00Alvaro Torras CasasDataset comparison using persistent homology morphisms
WedMay 2409:00Taejin PaikIsometry-Invariant and Subdivision-Invariant Representations of Embedded Simplicial Complexes
WedMay 0309:00Daniel PlattGroup invariant machine learning by fundamental domain projections
WedApr 2609:00Bastian RieckCurvature for Graph Learning
WedApr 1915:00Christoph HertrichUnderstanding Neural Network Expressivity via Polyhedral Geometry
WedApr 1215:00Vasco PortilheiroBarriers to Learning Symmetries
WedApr 0509:00Yang-Hui HeUniverses as Bigdata: Physics, Geometry and Machine-Learning
WedMar 2914:00Eduardo Paluzo-HidalgoAn introduction to Simplicial-map Neural Networks
WedMar 2210:00Patrizio FrosiniSome recent results on the theory of GENEOs and its application to Machine Learning
WedMar 1515:00Julia LindbergEstimating Gaussian mixtures using sparse polynomial moment systems
WedMar 0810:00Nick VannieuwenhovenGroup-invariant tensor train networks for supervised learning
WedFeb 2216:00Guido MontufarGeometry and convergence of natural policy gradient methods
WedFeb 1510:00Kathlén KohnThe Geometry of Linear Convolutional Networks
WedFeb 0810:00Manolis TsakirisUnlabelled Principal Component Analysis
MonSep 1214:00Anindita MaitiNon-perturbative Non-Lagrangian Neural Network Field Theories
FriJul 0113:00Alexei VernitskiUsing machine learning to solve mathematical problems and to search for examples and counterexamples in pure maths research
WedSep 2912:00Tom OliverSupervised learning of arithmetic invariants
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