Mathematics of Planet Earth webinars: analysis and modelling

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Friday 13:30-14:15, 14:15-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Milo Viviani*, Giulia Carigi*, Gabriele Sbaiz, Francesca Elisa Leonelli
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Description: Research webinars

As early career scientists (ECRs) ourselves, for the coming months, starting on Friday 8th May at 15.30 CEST (Italy time), we propose a series of weekly webinars to give the opportunity to ECRs, PhD students and Post-Docs, working on topics related to Mathematics of Planet Earth, to share their work with researchers at ALL levels in the field. We plan to host (by Zoom) two contributions of 30 minutes + 10 minutes discussion each on the following topics:

1. PDEs and SPDEs in fluid-dynamics; 2. Numerical models for fluid-dynamics; 3. Dynamical systems: critical transitions and linear response in the Earth system; 4. Data analysis methods for climate records.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJul 2414:00Valerio LucariniA new mathematical framework for atmospheric blockings
FriJul 2413:00Darryl HolmStochastic Upper Ocean Dynamics (STUOD)
FriJul 1714:15Cristiano RicciNumerical experiments with Kolmogorov equation associated to SPDEs
FriJul 1713:30Leonardo KosloffAsymptotic behavior for the wind-driven ocean circulation model of surface temperature
FriJul 1014:15Tommaso AlbertiNonlinear decomposition of the Pleistocene climate record and the response to orbital forcing
FriJul 1013:30Oana LangAnalytical Properties for Nonlinear Stochastic Transport PDEs
FriJul 0314:15Marta LeocataOn the macroscopic limit of Brownian particles with local interaction
FriJul 0313:30Valerio LemboResponse Operators as a tool for selecting forcing scenarios in Coupled Global Climate Models
FriJun 2613:30Guglielmo LacorataA brief review of dynamical systems applied to geophysical problems
FriJun 1914:15Gözde ÖzdenVariational Model Reduction for Rotating Geophysical Flows with Full Coriolis Force
FriJun 1913:30Guillermo Olicón MéndezSome qualitative properties of bifurcations in random dynamical systems
FriJun 1214:15Marco BravinOn some properties for an incompressible, non-viscous in-out flow in a 2D domain
FriJun 1213:30Matthew NovackThe 3D quasi-geostrophic system on bounded domains
FriJun 0514:15Nóra JuhászThe polluted atmosphere as a shallow domain
FriJun 0513:30Mariana ClareUsing adjoint methods to assess uncertainty in hydro- morphodynamic models
FriMay 2913:30Michael GhilNonautonomous and random dynamical systems in the climate sciences
FriMay 2214:15Jiao HeModelling and simulation of fluid- structure interaction
FriMay 2213:30Roberta BianchiniHydrodynamic stability of stably stratified fluids
FriMay 1514:15Ricardo Grande IzquierdoOceanic rogue waves and the Dysthe equation
FriMay 1513:30David PoyatoEmergence of synchronization in a fluid-type PDE for coupled oscillators
FriMay 0814:15Claudia GarcíaTime periodic solutions for a 3D quasi-geostrophic model
FriMay 0813:30Farshid NazariDynamical core in climate models: numerical methods and test cases
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