Gothenburg statistics seminar

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machine learning probability statistics theory

Chalmers University of Technology / University of Gothenburg

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Wednesday 11:15-12:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Moritz Schauer*, Ottmar Cronie*
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Gothenburg statistics seminar is open to the interested public, everybody is welcome. It usually takes place in MVL14 (, see specific talk).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedAug 2111:15Helga OlafsdottirTBA
WedAug 2811:15Erik JanssonSampling non-stationary Gaussian random fields on hypersurfaces using surface finite element methods
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WedJun 2611:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedJun 1911:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedJun 1211:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedJun 0511:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedMay 2911:15Adrien CorenflosParticle-MALA and Particle-mGrad: Gradient-based MCMC methods for high-dimensional state-space models
WedMay 2211:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedMay 1511:15Umberto PicchiniFast, lightweight and semi-amortised simulation-based inference
WedMay 0811:15Robert BermanEmergent complex geometry
WedMay 0111:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedApr 2411:15Radu StoicaApproximated inference for marked Gibbs point process
WedApr 1711:15Sergei ZuyevTraining Bayesian neural networks with measure optimisation algorithms
WedApr 1711:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedApr 0311:15Nathan GillotModelling of the spread of a pathogen in coniferous forests and modelling for cosmological data characterization
WedMar 2712:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedMar 2012:15Akash SharmaSampling on manifolds via Langevin diffusion
WedMar 1312:15Selma TabakovicAI-driven sepsis care: early detection and personalized treatment
WedMar 0612:15Vincent SzolnokyOn the Interpretability of Regularisation for Neural Networks Through Model Gradient Similarity
FriMar 0112:15Christian HirschOn the topology of higher-order age-dependent random connection models
WedFeb 2812:15No seminarTBA
WedFeb 2112:15Pierre NyquistLarge deviations for Markov chain Monte Carlo methods: the surprisingly curious case of Metropolis-Hastings.
WedFeb 1412:15TBA/No seminarTBA
WedFeb 0712:15TBA/No seminarTBA
FriJan 1912:15Frédéric LavancierSpatial birth-death-move processes: basic properties and inference
FriNov 0312:15Serik SagitovTheta-positive branching processes in varying environment
ThuOct 2611:15Sara HamisSpatial cumulant models for mathematical cancer research
FriOct 2009:00Moritz SchauerCausal structure learning and sampling using Markov Monte Carlo with momentum
FriOct 0611:15Olle HäggströmPlaying with fire
ThuSep 2811:15Devdatt DubhashiBandits: Structured and Constrained
ThuSep 2109:15Hrvoje PlaninićExtremes of stationary heavy-tailed time series
ThuJun 0811:15Felix HeldSimultaneous gene clustering and regulatory program reconstruction reveals insight into the phenotypic plasticity of neural cancers
ThuJun 0111:15Lotta ErikssonA multitype Galton-Watson model of biological aging
ThuMay 2511:15Frank MillerParallel optimal pretesting of mixed-format questions for achievement tests
TueMay 1611:15Juan IndaConfidence-based Prediction of Antibiotic Resistance at the Patient-level Using Transformers
ThuMay 1111:15Oskar AllerboSolving Kernel Ridge Regression with Gradient Descent
ThuMay 0411:15Moa JohanssonMachine Learning Methods for texts from Political Science
ThuApr 2711:15David BolinGaussian Whittle-Matérn fields on metric graphs
ThuApr 2011:15Petar JovanovskiApproximate Bayesian Computation with Backward Simulation for Discretely Observed Diffusions
ThuApr 1311:15TBATBA
TueApr 0411:15Nicoletta D’AngeloSelf-exciting point process modelling of crimes on linear networks
ThuMar 3011:15TBATBA
ThuMar 2312:15TBATBA
ThuMar 1612:15Alan GelfandThree Spatial Data Fusion Vignettes
TueMar 1412:15Finn LindgrenStochastic adventures in space and time
ThuMar 0912:15Konstantinos KonstantinouGlobal tests for quantile regression with applications in modeling distributions.
ThuFeb 2312:15Mike PereiraGaussian fields on Riemannian manifolds: Application to Geostatistics.
ThuFeb 1612:15Martin Voigt VejlingApplications of point process models to wireless communication systems
ThuFeb 0912:15TBATBA
ThuFeb 0212:15Torgny LindvallOn coupling of renewal processes and random walks
ThuJan 1914:16Johan JonassonNoise sensitivity/stability for deep Boolean neural nets
ThuDec 1514:15Peter GuttorpVadan och varthän?
ThuDec 0814:15Karin Hårding and Daire CarrollPopulation dynamics and ecology of seal populations, empirical data and the search for theory to help our understanding. Stochastic growth models, image analysis, spatial distribution and telemetry data on migrations
ThuDec 0114:15Khalil Shafie HolighiA test for multiple signal detection from noisy images
ThuNov 2414:15David WidmannCalibration of probabilistic predictive models
ThuOct 2713:15Peter GuttorpComparing recent climate models to data
ThuOct 2013:15Moritz SchauerAutomatic differentiation of programs with discrete randomness
ThuOct 1313:15Olle HäggströmAnthropic reasoning and the hinge of history hypothesis
ThuOct 0613:15Anders Ståhlberg & Serik SagitovCounting molecular identifiers in sequencing using a multitype branching process with immigration
ThuSep 2913:15Christophe BiscioAsymptotic topological data analysis for point processes
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