International Polyhedral Product Seminar

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algebraic topology combinatorics symplectic geometry

Princeton University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Thursday 14:30-15:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: William Browder, Anthony Bahri*, Martin Bendersky, Lisa Jeffrey, Taras Panov, Donald Stanley, Stephen Theriault
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuJun 0114:00Eunjeong LeeTBA
ThuApr 2014:30Jesus GonzalezTBA
ThuApr 0614:30Martin BenderskyTBA
ThuMar 0215:30Rade ZivaljevicTBA
ThuFeb 0215:30Ivan LimonchenkoTBA
ThuJan 2615:30Jelena GrbicHigher Whitehead maps in polyhedral products
ThuDec 0115:30Sergio ChavesEquivariant formality for cyclic group actions on real moment-angle complexes
ThuNov 1715:30Vikraman UmaK-theory of Springer varieties
ThuNov 0314:30Donghoon JangAlmost complex torus manifolds - graphs, Hirzebruch genera, and a problem of Petrie type
ThuOct 2014:30Volkmar WelkerSpaces of real polynomials with restricted root multiplicities
ThuOct 0614:30Daisuke KishimotoGolod and tight 3-manifolds
ThuJun 1617:00Megumi HaradaTBA
ThuJun 0214:30Jason McCulloughChow rings of matroids are Koszul
ThuMay 1914:30Zhi LuTBA
ThuMay 0514:30Nikolai ErokhovetsTBA
ThuApr 2114:30Jeffrey CarlsonThe topology of Gelfand-Zeitlin fibers
ThuApr 0714:30Julianna TymoczkoWhich Hessenberg varieties are GKM?
ThuMar 0315:30Askold KhovanskiiGeneralized virtual polyhedral and cohomology of torus manifolds
ThuFeb 1715:30Oliver GoertschesGKM actions on cohomogeneity one manifolds
SatFeb 0515:30Hiroaki IshidaTBA
ThuDec 1615:30Li CaiSome calculations of the homology of loop spaces of moment-angle complexes using Hall words
ThuDec 0215:30Peter KrophollerCondensed and solid maths in the study of cohomological finiteness conditions
ThuNov 1815:30Masahiro TakedaTorsion in the space of commuting elements in a Lie group
ThuOct 2114:30Suyoung ChoiOn the classification of real toric manifolds
ThuOct 0714:30Michael WiemelerPositive curvature, symmetries, and matroids
ThuJun 0314:00Seonjeong Parkc_1 cohomological rigidity on Fano generalized Bott manifolds
FriMay 2114:30Elizaveta ZhuravlevaTBA
ThuMay 0614:00Jongbaek SongTBA
ThuApr 1514:30Tseleung SoHomotopy types of 4-dimensional toric orbifolds
ThuApr 0114:30Daisuke KishimotoCohomology of the space of commuting elements in the classical groups
ThuMar 1814:00Xin FuOn the cohomology rings of quotients of moment-angle complexes: naturality
ThuMar 0415:30Andrzey KozlowskiSpaces of resultants and toric varieties
ThuFeb 1815:30Semyon AbramyanSubstitution complexes and nonrealizability examples
ThuFeb 0415:30Mikiya MasudaQuotients of toric orbifolds by reflections
ThuDec 1015:30Jelena GrbicUniversal simplicial complexes inspired by toric topology
ThuDec 0315:30Steven AmelotteCohomology operations for moment-angle complexes
ThuNov 1215:30Feifei FanToric spaces and face enumeration on simplicial manifolds
ThuNov 0515:30Victor Buchstaber + Svjetlana TerzicToric topology of torus actions of positive complexity II
ThuOct 2214:30Victor Buchstaber + Svjetlana TerzicToric topology of torus actions of positive complexity
ThuOct 0814:30Fred CohenOn symmetries of polyhedral products
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