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astrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology instrumentation and detectors

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 13:30-14:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Justin Feng*
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Past talks
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ThuOct 1513:30Alexey BobrickBinary White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars in the Transient Sky
ThuOct 0113:30Jorge H. C. MartinsA Nobel Prize for the discovery of other worlds
ThuSep 2413:30Marcus ReitzApproximate Killing symmetries in non-perturbative quantum gravity
ThuSep 1713:30Edgar GasperinZero rest-mass fields in Minkowski spacetime close to spatial infinity
ThuSep 1013:30Tessa CarverFully-Coherent Gravitational Wave Searches for Binary Neutron Star Mergers and Inferring Astrophysical Signal Probabilities
ThuSep 0313:30Sante CarloniDiscrete Relativistic Positioning Systems
ThuJul 2313:30Erik LentzBreaking the Warp Barrier: Hyper-fast Solitons in Einstein-Maxwell-Plasma Theory
WedJul 2210:00Alejandro Torres-OrjuelaPhase Shift of Gravitational Waves induced by Aberration
ThuJul 1613:30Sarp AkcayPrecession in Stellar-mass Compact Binary Inspirals
ThuJul 0913:30Lorenzo AnnulliStirred and shaken: dynamical behavior of boson stars and dark matter cores
ThuJul 0213:30Taishi IkedaMassive scalar field around black hole binary and gravitational molecules
ThuJun 2513:30Sumanta ChakrabortySearching for theories beyond General Relativity through various observational avenues
ThuJun 1813:30Eric EmsellemEarly-type galaxies: climbing to the top of the mass ladder
ThuJun 0413:30Bruno RibeiroThe evolving shapes of star-forming galaxies in the young Universe
ThuMay 2813:30Hans BantilanReal-time Dynamics of Plasma Balls
ThuMay 2113:30Alberto SalvioInflation and Ultracompact Objects in Quadratic Gravity
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