Stochastics and Statistics Seminar Series

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 15:00-16:12 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Philippe Rigollet*, Sasha Rakhlin
*contact for this listing

Description: MIT seminar on statistics, data science and related topics

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMay 1415:00Ann LeeLikelihood-Free Frequentist Inference
FriApr 2315:00Hilary FinucanePrioritizing genes from genome-wide association studies
FriApr 1615:00Eric LaberSample size considerations in precision medicine
FriApr 0915:00Suriya GunasekarFunctions space view of linear multi-channel convolution networks with bounded weight norm
FriApr 0215:00Thibaut Le GouicSampler for the Wasserstein barycenter
FriMar 2615:00Vladimir VovkTBA
FriMar 1915:00Daniel RoyRelaxing the I.I.D. Assumption: Adaptively Minimax Optimal Regret via Root-Entropic Regularization
FriMar 1216:00James RobinsOn nearly assumption-free tests of nominal confidence interval coverage for causal parameters estimated by machine learning
FriMar 0516:00Bhaswar B. BhattacharyaDetection Thresholds for Distribution-Free Non-Parametric Tests: The Curious Case of Dimension 8
FriFeb 2616:00Yury PolyanskiySelf-regularizing Property of Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Mixture Models
FriFeb 1916:00Jerri LiFaster and Simpler Algorithms for List Learning
FriDec 0416:05Rong GeA Local Convergence Theory for Mildly Over-Parameterized Two-Layer Neural Net
FriNov 2016:05Arnaud DoucetPerfect Simulation for Feynman-Kac Models using Ensemble Rejection Sampling
FriNov 1316:05Mary WoottersSharp Thresholds for Random Subspaces, and Applications
FriNov 0616:05Daniela WittenValid hypothesis testing after hierarchical clustering
FriOct 2315:05Jose BlanchetStatistical Aspects of Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Optimization Estimators
FriOct 1615:05Carola-Bibiane SchönliebData driven variational models for solving inverse problems
FriOct 0915:05Gábor LugosiOn Estimating the Mean of a Random Vector
FriOct 0215:05Richard NicklBayesian inverse problems, Gaussian processes, and partial differential equations
FriSep 2515:05Dylan FosterSeparating Estimation from Decision Making in Contextual Bandits
FriSep 1815:05Caroline UhlerCausal Inference and Overparameterized Autoencoders in the Light of Drug Repurposing for SARS-CoV-2
FriSep 1115:00Gesine ReinertStein’s method for multivariate continuous distributions and applications
FriMay 0115:00Alexandre d'AspremontNaive feature selection: Sparsity in naive Bayes
FriApr 2415:00Sébastien BubeckHow to Trap a Gradient Flow
FriApr 1715:00Ery Arias-CastroOn using graph distances to estimate Euclidean and related distances
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