Michigan Tech Specialty Seminar in Partition Theory, q-Series and Related Topics

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classical analysis and ODEs combinatorics number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Curator: Frank Garvan*
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Past talks
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ThuFeb 1519:00Karlee WestremTBA
ThuFeb 0819:00Leah SturmanApplying Asymptotics Methods to Kang and Park's Generalization of the Alder-Andrews Theorem
ThuFeb 0119:00Aajit SinghPartition Hook Lengths
ThuJan 1816:00Alimzhan AmanovSome unimodal sequences of Kronecker coefficients
ThuJan 1119:00Ken OnoMacMahon's sums-of-divisors and allied q-series
ThuDec 0719:00James SellersArithmetic Properties of d-fold Partition Diamonds
ThuNov 3019:00Dalen Dockeryd-Fold Partition Diamonds: Generating Functions and Partition Analysis
ThuNov 0919:00Zafer Selcuk AyginN-colored generalized Frobenius partitions: Generalized Kolitsch identities
ThuNov 0214:00Kathrin BringmannAsymptotic and exact formulas in the theory of partitions
ThuOct 2618:00Pooneh AfsharijooNeighborly partitions, hypergraphs and Gordon's identities
FriOct 2002:00Kathy K. Q. JiBressoud's Conjecture on the Rogers-Ramanujan Identities
ThuOct 1218:00Walter BridgesMethods in asymptotic statistics for partitions
ThuOct 0518:00Ali UncuNew Infinite Hierarchies Of Polynomial Identities Related To The Capparelli Partition Theorems
ThuSep 2818:00James SellersInfinite families of congruences modulo powers of 2 for partitions into odd parts with designated summands
ThuSep 2118:00Frank GarvanCultivating Maple and Sage in Ramanujan's Garden
ThuSep 1418:00Kağan KurşungözA Decomposition of Cylindric Partitions and Cylindric Partitions into Distinct Parts
ThuSep 0718:00Brian HopkinsPartition Fixed Points: Connections, Generalizations, and Refinements
ThuApr 0618:00Shishuo FuCombinatorial proofs and refinements of three partition theorems of Andrews
ThuMar 2318:00Hasan SaadCounting matrix points on curves and surfaces with partitions
ThuMar 1618:00Nicolas SmootLocalization Applied to a Genus 1 Congruence Family
ThuMar 0219:00Shashank KanadeOn some new "multi-sum = product" identities
ThuFeb 2319:00Ali K. UncuA Unified Approach to Unimodality of Gaussian Polynomials
ThuFeb 0919:00Darlison NyirendaTBA
ThuFeb 0219:00William J. KeithRamanujan-Kolberg identities, regular partitions, and multipartitions
ThuJan 2619:00Joshua MalesForgotten conjectures of Andrews for Nahm-type sums
ThuJan 1919:00Marie JamesonSelf-conjugate 6-cores and quadratic forms
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