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Audience: Researchers in the topic
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Organizer: Daniel Spector*
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WedMay 2906:00Dr. Cody StockdaleOn the Calderón-Zygmund theory of singular integrals
WedMay 2206:00Dr. Chiun-Chuan ChenPropagating direction in the two species Lotka-Volterra competition-diffusion system
WedMay 1506:00Dr. Hao-Wei HuangHadamard product of random matrices and their limiting spectral distributions
WedMay 0806:00Dr. Nobuo SatoIterated beta integrals
WedMay 0106:00Dr. Hui-Yu HsuCharacteristics of students' cognitive behaviors during mathematics problem solving: An ERP perspective
WedApr 2406:00Dr. Juang JongA Novel Discrete Time and Discrete State Cucker-Smale Model
WedApr 1706:00Dr. Sean McCurdyCantor Sets: a brief survey
WedApr 1006:00Dr. John LinAutomated prediction of problem solving performance using eye movement: Can AI help?
WedApr 0306:00Dr. Oscar Dominguez BonillaEnergy conservation of Euler solutions via sparseness
WedMar 2706:00Dr. Chun-Yen ShenDiscretized Sum-Product and Geometric Measure Theory
WedMar 2006:00Dr. Anastasia MolchanovaLavrentiev Phenomenon in Nonlinear Elasticity
WedMar 1306:00Dr. Yi-Hsuan LinNonlocality helps
WedMar 0606:00Dr. Mei-Heng YuehTheoretical Foundation of the Stretch Energy Minimization for Area-Preserving Simplicial Mappings
TueFeb 2706:00Dr. Jan Harold AlcantaraTheoretical smoothing frameworks for nonsmooth bilevel optimization problems
WedFeb 2106:00Dr. Feng-Bin WangA nonlocal reaction diffusion model of West Nile virus with vertical transmission
WedDec 1306:00David Cruz-UribeNorm inequalities for linear and multilinear singular integrals on weighted and variable exponent Hardy spaces
WedDec 0606:00Melaine SaillenfestCoevolution of moons and the spin axis of their host planet
WedNov 2906:00Michael FuchsGene-tree statistics: moments and limit laws for ancestral configurations
WedNov 2206:00Chi-Tai Fang防疫的數學–基礎再生數 R0
WedNov 1506:00Nguyễn Lê TrâmInterval Valued Optimization Problems on Hadamard Manifolds
WedNov 0806:00Adeel KhanThe derived Bézout theorem
WedNov 0106:00Kyung-Youn KimPotential theory of anisotropic Markov processes
WedOct 2506:00Yuh-Jye LeeFederated Learning for Sparse Principal Component Analysis
WedOct 1806:00Stephen PayneMulti-scale, multi-compartment modelling of the human brain
WedOct 1106:00Shagnik DasCovering grids with multiplicity
WedOct 0406:00John DuncanA Guide to Moonshine
WedSep 2706:00TBATBA
WedSep 2006:00Shu-Cheng ChangFrom Thurston Geometrization Conjecture to Mori Minimal Model Program
WedSep 1306:00Zhen-Chun Chen數學力學與計算-邊界元走過四十年
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