Göttingen Seminar Noncommutative Geometry

operator algebras representation theory

University of Göttingen

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 10:15-11:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Ralf Meyer*
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This seminar will focus on C*-hulls of *-algebras with respect to a class of integrable representations, roughly following my 2017 paper Representations of *-algebras, C*-hulls, local-global principle, and induction. It takes place in a hybrid format during the winter term 2022-3. The lectures will usually be streamed and recorded. The streams are available at the URL streaming.math.uni-goettingen.de where you have to choose the right room (Sitzungszimmer) I plan that someone in the audience opens the big blue button room on some electronic device in the lecture room to relay questions and comments from outside speakers.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuFeb 1611:15Geoffrey Desmond-BuscheThe *-algebra of differential operators on a manifold
ThuFeb 0211:15Ralf MeyerMore examples of C*-hulls of *-algebras
ThuJan 2611:15Lennart JanshenHost algebras for infinite-dimensional Lie groups
ThuJan 1911:15Fabrizio ZanelloHost algebras for actions of topological groups
ThuJan 1211:15Ralf MeyerSome examples of C*-hulls: twisted Weyl algebras
ThuDec 2211:15Jonathan TaylorWhen the C*-hull is a (twisted) groupoid C*-algebra
ThuDec 1511:15Michelle GöbelGraded algebras and induction of representations and C*-hulls
ThuDec 0811:15Michelle GöbelGraded algebras and induction of representations and C*-hulls
ThuDec 0111:15Boris BilichNelson’s Theorem
ThuNov 2411:15David KernThe functional calculus and its converse for regular selfadjoint operators
ThuNov 1711:15Christos KitsiosRepresentations of *-algebras on Hilbert modules by unbounded operators
ThuNov 1011:15Taufik YusofHilbert modules and C*-correspondences
ThuNov 0311:15Michelle GöbelCovariance algebras for actions of locally compact groups on C*- algebras
ThuOct 2708:15Ralf MeyerRepresentations of *-algebras by unbounded operators: Plan of the semester
WedJul 2008:15Celso AntunesC*-Algebras of relatively proper groupoid correspondences
WedJul 1308:15Jan HeldBernstein's Second Adjunction Theorem
WedJun 0108:15Jonathan TaylorInductive limits of noncommutative aperiodic Cartan inclusions
WedMay 1108:15Ali Imad RaadConstructing Cartan Subalgebras in Inductive Limit C*-algebras
WedMay 0408:15Hao XuTBA
WedApr 2708:15Hao XuTBA
WedFeb 0909:15Taufik YusofCategory of modules and (classical) Morita theory
WedFeb 0209:15Mohammed AmirKMS states on the C*-algebra of a Fell bundle over an étale groupoid
WedJan 2609:15Collin Mark JosephGeometric Construction of Hamiltonians
WedJan 1909:15Apurva SethNonstable $K$-Theory for $C^*$-Algebras
WedJan 1209:15Markus ObendraufClassification of 2-groups using skeleta
WedDec 2209:15Becky ArmstrongTwisted C*-algebras of Deaconu–Renault groupoids
WedDec 1509:15Devarshi MukherjeeIsocohomological embeddings and Hochschild homology
WedDec 0809:15Guo Chuan ThiangGerbes, topological insulators, and quaternionic operator K-theory
WedDec 0109:15Ralf MeyerThe bicategory of groupoid correspondences
WedNov 2409:15Jonathan TaylorAn analogue of the local multiplier algebra for Hilbert modules
WedNov 1709:15Ralf MeyerClassification of non-simple graph C*-algebras
WedNov 1009:15Devarshi MukherjeeLocal cyclic cohomology
WedNov 0309:15Geoffrey-Desmond BuscheDimension, decomposability and nuclear C*-algebras
WedOct 2708:15Boris BilichNoncommutative holomorphic functional calculus for double coverings
WedSep 0810:15Taeyoung LeeA bicategorical view on group actions on rings
WedJun 1612:15Oren Ben-BassatHomotopy Epimorphisms and Banach Algebraic Geometry
WedMay 2612:15Jack KellyBornological Spectra
WedMay 1912:15Jonathan TaylorMorphisms between Cartan subalgebras and their underlying twisted groupoids
WedMay 1212:15Devarshi MukherjeeBornological Hochschild-Kostant-Rosenberg Theorem
WedMay 0512:15Geoffrey-Desmond BuscheAn algebraic view on differential operators and their adjoints
MonFeb 0813:15Camila Fabre SehnemToeplitz algebras of semigroups
MonFeb 0113:15Jan HeldSecond adjointness for reductive p-adic groups
MonJan 2513:15Yuezhao LiBulk indices of topological insulators modelled by Roe C*-algebras
MonJan 1813:15Jonas LuckhardtConvolution of measures on locally compact groupoids
MonJan 1113:15Celso AntunesTBA
MonDec 2113:15George NadareishviliApproximation of KK-theory of type I C*-algebras with finite group actions by Mackey functors for twists
MonNov 2313:15Jonathan TaylorWeak Cartan inclusions following Exel and Pitts
MonNov 0213:15Devarshi MukherjeeGeneralised Hochschild-Kostant-Rosenberg Theorems
WedJul 2208:15Alexander FreiGauge-invariant uniqueness theorems, revisited
WedJul 0808:15Li YuezhaoCoarse Mayer-Vietoris Sequence and Bulk-Edge Correspondence
WedJun 1708:15Celso AntunesKMS states on the groupoid model for a groupoid correspondence
WedJun 1008:15Christoph SielingK-theory of Cuntz-Pimsner Algebras
WedJun 0308:15Rohan Jotz-LeanBivariant K-theory as a stable ∞-category
WedMay 2708:15Eske EwertPseudodifferential calculi and generalised fixed point algebras
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