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Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Thursday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Brendan Fong*, Paolo Perrone*
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The MIT Categories Seminar is an informal teaching seminar in category theory and its applications, with the occasional research talk. We presently meet online each Thursday, 12noon to 1pm Boston time (UTC-4). The talk is broadcast over Zoom and YouTube, with simultaneous discussion on the Category Theory Zulip channel. (To join the channel, click here.) Talks are recorded and remain available on our YouTube channel. Our Google Calendar is here.

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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuDec 1017:00Evan Patterson(Co)relational computing in Catlab: The operad of UWDs and its algebras
ThuDec 0317:00Arthur ParzygnatStinespring's construction as an adjunction
ThuNov 1917:00Eigil RischelInfinite products and zero-one law in categorical probability
ThuOct 0816:00Robert ParéRetro cells
ThuOct 0116:00David Jaz MyersParadigms of composition
ThuSep 2416:00Juan OrendainTBA
ThuSep 1716:00David SpivakCategories = polynomial comonads
ThuSep 1016:00Brandon ShapiroCompositional structure of partial evaluations
ThuSep 0316:00Prakash PanangadenProjective limits of Markov processes
ThuAug 2718:00Michael RobinsonAssignments to sheaves of pseudometric spaces
ThuAug 2016:00Maru SarazolaA 2Cat-inspired model structure for double categories
ThuAug 1316:00Toby St Clere SmitheActive inference and compositional cybernetics
ThuAug 0616:00Valeria de PaivaRelevant Dialectica Categories
ThuJul 3016:00Eugenia ChengDistributive laws for Lawvere theories
ThuJul 2316:00Evan PattersonThe algebra of statistical theories and m
ThuJul 1616:00Tobias FritzProbability theory with Markov categories
ThuJun 2516:00Remy TuyerasA category theoretical argument for causal inference
ThuJun 1816:00Christian WilliamsPredicate Calculus for Algebraic Type Theory
ThuJun 1116:00Paolo PerroneKan extensions are partial colimits
ThuJun 0416:00Carmen ConstantinTopos Theoretic Perspective on Entropy
ThuMay 2816:00David SpivakPolynomial functors II: Seven wonders of the composition product
ThuMay 2116:00Jade MasterThe Open Algebraic Path Problem
ThuMay 1416:00Mike ShulmanConservativity of duals
ThuMay 0716:00Bob CoeckeQuantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP)
ThuApr 3016:00Sophie LibkindUnifying Open Dynamical Systems: An Algebra of Resource Sharing Machines
ThuApr 1616:01Joachim KockThe incidence comodule bialgebra of the Baez--Dolan construction
ThuApr 0916:01John BaezStructured cospans
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