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Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute / St. Petersburg State Univeristy / Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 14:30-15:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Fedor Bakharev*, Roman Bessonov
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To get the password please contact Fedor Bakharev (fbakharev@yandex.ru) or Roman Bessonov (bessonov@pdmi.ras.ru).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuNov 2514:00Rupert FrankEigenvalue bounds for Schrodinger operators with complex potentials
ThuNov 1814:30Ole BrevigIdempotent Fourier multipliers acting contractively on $L^p$ and $H^p$
ThuNov 1114:30Semyon DyatlovWhat is quantum chaos?
ThuOct 2814:30Ari LaptevOn a conjecture by Hundertmark and Simon
ThuOct 2114:30Yurii BelovOn the chain structure of de Branges spaces
ThuOct 1414:30Jake FillmanAlmost-Periodic Schr\"odinger Operators with Thin Spectra
ThuOct 0714:30Sergey DenisovSpectral theory of Jacobi matrices on trees whose coefficients are generated by multiple orthogonality
ThuSep 3014:30Roman BessonovThe logarithmic integral and Möller wave operators
ThuSep 2314:30Laurent BaratchartStability of periodic delay systems and harmonic transfer function
ThuSep 1614:30Brian SimanekUniversality Limits for Orthogonal Polynomials
WedJun 0214:15Karl-Mikael PerfektInfinitely many embedded eigenvalues for the Neumann-Poincaré operator in 3D
WedMay 2614:15David DamanikZero measure spectrum for multi-frequency Schrödinger operators
WedMay 1916:15Maxim ZinchenkoBounds and asymptotics for Chebyshev polynomials
WedMay 1214:15Andrew ComechVirtual levels and virtual states of Schrodinger operators
WedMay 0514:15Luis SilvaA functional model for symmetric operators and its applications to spectral theory
WedApr 2816:15Alexei PoltoratskiPointwise convergence of scattering data
WedApr 2114:15Sergey KhrushchevUniformly convergent Fourier series with universal power parts on closed subsets of measure zero
WedApr 1414:15Patrick GerardSpectral theory of first order operators with Toeplitz coefficients on the circle and applications to the Benjamin-Ono equation
WedApr 0714:15Peter KuchmentThe nodal mysteries
WedMar 3114:15Leonid ParnovskiFloating mats and sloping beaches: spectral asymptotics of the Steklov problem on polygons
WedMar 2414:15Jari TaskinenSpectra of the Robin-Laplace- and Steklov-problems in bounded, cuspidal domains
WedMar 1714:15Wencai LiuIrreducibility of the Fermi variety for discrete periodic Schr\"odinger operators
WedMar 1014:15Peter YuditskiiReflectionless canonical systems: almost periodicity and character-automorphic Fourier transforms
WedMar 0314:15Christophe HazardCuriosities about the spectrum of a cavity containing a negative material
WedFeb 2415:00Svetlana JitomirskayaSpectral properties of the unbounded GPS model
WedFeb 1714:30Alexander SobolevOn spectral properties of the one-particle density matrix
MonDec 2113:30Alexander LogunovNodal sets, quasiconformal mappings and how to apply them to Landis’ conjecture
TueDec 1514:30Frédéric KloppA new look at localization
TueDec 0814:30Andrii KhrabustovskyiHomogenization of the Robin Laplacian in a domain with small holes: operator estimates
TueDec 0114:30Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Ben DhiaA new complex frequency spectrum for the analysis of transmission efficiency in waveguide-like geometries
TueNov 2414:30Alexander FedotovOn Hierarchical Behavior of Solutions to the Maryland Equation in the Semiclassical Approximation
TueNov 1714:30Konstantin PankrashkinSome convergence results for Dirac operators with large parameters
TueNov 1013:30Denis BorisovAccumulation of resonances and eigenvalues for operators with distant perturbations
TueNov 0314:30Pavel ExnerSpectral properties of spiral quantum waveguides
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