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quantum computing and information

University of Technology Sydney

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Robyn Barden*
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To request the zoom link, please send a message to: cqsiadmin@uts.edu.au using your business/organisation/institution email address. Watch previous seminars on YouTube: - QSI Seminar Series 2021 (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLux7B14QYkPbDDOpqKSWScHXHodiBwr48) - QSI Seminar Series 2020 (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLux7B14QYkPZREUXReOq01ewLl02QXBXa)

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedDec 0822:00Stefano PirandolaQuantum communications over the quantum internet
ThuNov 2500:00Elija PerrierQuantum Ethics
ThuOct 2800:00Anirudh KrishnaAbstract and physical constraints on quantum LDPC codes
ThuOct 1400:00Kunal SharmaTrainability of Parameterized Quantum Circuits
ThuSep 3006:00Kamil KorzekwaFundamental Constraints of Quantum Thermodynamics in the Markovian Regime
ThuSep 1601:00Zixin HuangSub-wavelength quantum imaging for astronomy and LIDAR detection
ThuAug 1901:00Zhicheng ZhangParallel Quantum Algorithm for Hamiltonian Simulation
ThuJul 0801:00Yihui QuekIntroduction to Quantum Singular Value Transform with applications to Petz map, Polar decomposition and Pretty-Good Measurements
ThuJun 2406:00Xin HongA Tensor Network based Decision Diagram for Representation of Quantum Circuits
ThuJun 1000:30Anurag AnshuAn area law for 2D frustration-free spin systems
ThuMay 2706:00Richard KuengThe classical shadow formalism and (some) implications for quantum machine learning
ThuMay 1306:00Martin PlávalaJordan products of quantum channels and their compatibility
ThuApr 2903:00Pedro CostaQuantum-to-Classical transition via Quantum Cellular Automata
ThuOct 2205:00Menno VeldhorstA four-qubit germanium quantum processor
TueOct 1300:00Kaumudibikash GoswamiIndefinite causal order
SatOct 0306:00Benjamin HuardMeasuring the number of photons in a microwave mode
TueSep 1500:00Vincent MourikCoherent electrical control of a high spin nucleus in silicon
ThuSep 1007:00Dominik HangleiterQuantum vs Classical Learnability of Discrete Distributions
TueSep 0800:00Sarah KaiserIntroduction to Q#: A quantum development language for everyone
ThuSep 0306:00Sahand MahmoodianQuantum many-body physics of photons in waveguide QED
TueJul 0701:00Adrian ChapmanCharacterization of free-fermion-solvable spin models via graph invariants
ThuJul 0223:30Ramis MovassaghCayley Path and Quantum Supremacy
TueJun 3002:00Rodney Van MeterEngineering the Quantum Internet
ThuJun 2506:00Lieven VandersypenSilicon spin qubits gain traction for large-scale quantum computation and simulation.
TueJun 2307:00Lana MinehStrategies for solving the Fermi-Hubbard model on near-term quantum computers
FriJun 1900:00Guillaume VerdonQuantum-probabilistic Generative Models and Variational Quantum Thermalization
TueJun 1601:00Daniel GrierInteractive Shallow Clifford Circuits: Quantum advantage against NC1 and beyond
FriJun 1200:30Erik NielsenHold the onion: using fewer circuits to characterize your quoits
FriJun 1200:00Robin Blume-KohoutUnderstanding crosstalk in quantum processors
TueJun 0901:00Marissa GiustinaBuilding Google’s quantum computer
FriJun 0504:00Maria SchuldEncoding Classical Data into Quantum States for Machine Learning
TueJun 0201:00Kai-Min ChungHow well can a classical client delegate quantum computation?
FriMay 2900:00Nathan WiebeTraining fully quantum Boltzmann machines
FriMay 2200:00Nana LiuIntroducing Adversarial Quantum Learning: Security and machine learning on the quantum internet
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